Love in full bloom

Chapter 273: Doubt It Finally

Qin Yiman was speechless. "I'm just telling a fact. If you feel bad, I'm sorry for that."

Qin Chuxian showed her white eyes to her, "Sister, brother and the sister-in-law are the victims
because of you. You can even kill your own nephew, it is extremely vicious."

"My nephew? Of course not!" Qin Yiman was angry. "I have her paternity test report on my mobile
phone, she is pregnant with a bastard, not Yichen's child. I want to kill him, it ’s just for the sake of
Yichen. I don’t want him to be cheated and to be others' child's father. ”

Qin Chuxian glared at her fiercely with her hands on her hips. "Everybody can fake a paternity test.
We must do the paternity test at the three designated hospitals at the same time to prevent people with
ulterior motives from doing fake tests. The paternity test done by the hospital is not recognized. You
come up with a paternity test done by the hospital without knowing what it is, and who do you want to
fool? "

Qin Yiman's expression was angry, and she said to everyone in the Qin family that no one believed
her, but thought it was forged by her. She wanted to frame Mo Qinyu and cleaned herself.

Qin Yichen stood next to him, listening to their words, and a thrilling electric light flashed in his mind,
which also made him shake a bit.

He suddenly realized that he had overlooked one thing: the source of the paternity test!

At that time, he was in a state of out of control. His head was like a fire, and he could not think clearly
and calmly about the problem. He even thought that the child was a bastard in his heart.

But what if there was a problem with the paternity test?

He let the babysitter look at the children and took Mo Qinyu to the room.

Closed doors and windows to prevent to be heard by anyone else.

"Stupid woman, where did you get the paternity test four years ago?"

Mo Qinyu gave a stern moment, and her heart stunned, "Why did you suddenly ask this?"

"Don't talk nonsense, tell me quickly." He grabbed her shoulders, his face was solemn.

She pursed her lips and hesitated for a while before whispering, "Xuan ... Xuanhe Hospital."

"Who did it for you?" A muscle fluttered slightly on his handsome face, and an ominous hunch
spread across his heart.

"I ... I found it myself. The hospital that did the paternity test, I searched a lot information on the
Internet, and I just chose one."

She was perfunctory. When she spoke, her thick long eyelashes were pulled down, covering her
twinkling eyes, lest she accidentally leak her little secret.

Qin Yichen was messy and a little speechless, "Choose one casually? How can you choose such an
important matter casually? Didn't you take your mind at that time?"

Mo Qinyu's eyes were blank and confused, and she didn't know what he wanted to say.

"Don't you know? As soon as you become pregnant and become stupid, a woman's brain will not
work well when she is pregnant." She muttered, as if to argue for herself.

Qin Yichen walked to the bar, poured a glass of mineral water, added a few pieces of ice, took a sip,
and tried to keep himself calm and calm.

"Does Xu Ruochen know this?"

She secretly took a breath and tried to keep the tone calm. "How can I tell him this kind of thing? I
didn't say anything to anyone, and I couldn't tell anyone that I secretly did it."

"Where did you steal my genes?" He frowned, always feeling something was wrong, but couldn't tell.

She licked her dry lips and murmured quietly, "Just while you were asleep, secretly pulled out a few

He froze fiercely, covering his mouth and coughing several times, this woman was really bold.

"Apart from you, is anyone else aware of this, has anyone seen that paternity test?"

"No." She shook her head, and she must not confess Xu Ruochen.

Qin Yichen hated him in his heart.

The reason why he didn't deal with Xu Ruochen was because he had spread the news to the outside
world. They secretly divorced four years ago. Without moving Xu Ruochen, it meant that the news was
true, and the celebrities would not doubt it.

The second reason was because of the little boy, he didn't want the child to be sad.

If at this time she also said that the paternity test was arranged by Xu Ruochen, he would surely
count the new and old accounts together, and not let Xu Ruochen have a calm life

An extremely sharp cold light flashed in Qin Yichen's deep ice eyes.

If no one knew, how could that paternity test be sent to his email anonymously?

There must be something wrong here. The paternity test must have been known by others , but she
never noticed it.

He took two deep breaths and wanted to say something, but he moved his lips twice, and didn't say
anything. He just raised his glass and drank a few mouthfuls of ice water.

As soon as she raised her hand, she snatched her ice cup. "You have a bad stomach, so you should
drink less icy thing." This remark seemed to be intentional, and it seemed to change the subject

Qin Yichen showed a weird expression, "Never make a decision against me in the future."

There was a bitterness in her heart, "If I told you, the result was that you would force me to do the

He seemed to be pierced severely, his lips twitching.

The child was like a thorn stuck in her heart. It was okay not to move, and a little touch would cause

He quickly stopped the topic and put on a soft tone. "It's all over, It's turned the page."

She was unhappy, said, "I've turned the page, but haven't you turned it? Why else would you close
the door and interrogate me?"

"I just ask it, we won't mention it again." He touched her head as if comforting.

Just ask?

She blinked. Why didn't she look left, right, up, and down and didn't see where he was casual.

Out of the room, she went to the garden again to find the children. Qin Yichen shut up and went in
his studying room, he had to investigate the matter.

As soon as he hung up, Qin Yiman knocked on the door.

"Qin Yichen, you should be very clear, that paternity test is real, not forged by me, and I still store it
in my mobile phone now, just to be used as evidence to testify against Mo Qinyu. What she had in her
belly was a bastard, he's not your child at all. "

Her voice didn't fall, and Qin Yichen suddenly swept over like a tornado, holding her neck. "How did
you get that paternity test? Who sent it to you?"

Qin Yiman wanted to open his hand, but her little strength was nothing but a tickle for him, "You ...
Do you want to kill me to cover the truth?"

Qin Yichen's eyes blew a blast of killing sorrow, "Of course I won't kill you, but I will sculpt a king on
your face, so that you don't even want to go out and meet people from now on. So you'd better to be
honest, tell me that obediently. "