Love in full bloom

Chapter 280 Settle Accounts

In her silence, Xu Ruochen's voice came again, "in this period, I will stay in Jin Cheng, and go back
after the child's injury is cured."

"Wow." Xiao Naibao clapped, "When I miss Daddy, Daddy can come and play with me."

Xu Ruochen doted on him and patted his head, "wherever daddy is, as long as you want daddy, daddy
will fly by plane."

Mo Qinyu looked at the father and son. She knew that children can grow up healthily and happily when
they lived with their own father.

However, as long as the marriage relationship between her and Qin Yichen existed, there was no way
to go back to the past with Xu Ruochen.

Qin Yichen never regarded her as his wife. Four years ago, she was a puppet and now she was an
inflatable doll.

Every time he and An’an "cheated". It was a shame to her.

How can she divorce?

The next day, she made a bold decision. She was intended to go to Ban Shan villa to find An'an.

As long as Qin Yichen was completely enraged and she let him know that it was impossible for her to
be an inflatable doll, maybe he would agree to divorce.

She came Ban Shan villa four years ago, and she still remembered the way.

But instead of driving herself, she let Kai Luo drive.

She knew that Kai Luo would give Qin Yichen a tip off. She just wanted to let Qin Yichen know that she
came to find An'an to settle accounts.

Kai Luo was surprised. "What are you doing there, ma'am?"

"You know what you're asking." She shrugged.

Kai Luo swallowed fiercely. "You're not going to fight woman, are you?"

"Yes, I'm going to hit her. This woman has been flirting with my husband all day. Isn't it normal for me to
teach her a lesson?"

Mo Qinyu's arms were around her chest, and her legs were across. She looked fierce.

Kai Luo was shocked. She was like a little rabbit with a gentle nature. But once she was in a terrible
situation, she would show her sharp claws and become a tiger.

"Madam, calm down. It must not be what you think. Although I don't know what kind of relationship is
between boss and An'an, it's not like a lover relationship. "

Mo Qinyu took a quiet look at him. "Four years ago, Qin Yichen took her to every where and slapped
my face. I was a a joke in the whole celebrity circle. Everyone talked about me behind and laughed at
me. Four years later, he still has related relationship with this woman and doesn't come home at night.
Do you think I can bear?"

Kai Luo was silent. As soon as Mo Qinyu got off the car, he called Qin Yichen.

Seeing Mo Qinyu, An'an was surprised, "are you looking for A Chen? He didn't come today. " She said
it on purpose. It was a hint. Qin Yichen often came to her.

Mo Qinyu understood the meaning. Her mouth twisted into a sarcastic sneer, "I'm not looking for him.
I'm looking for you."

"Me? What can I do for you? " An'an specially showed a little timid look, which made Mo Qinyu thought
she was afraid.

Mo Qinyu came in and sat down on the sofa without expression. "An'an, I knew you four years ago. I
always thought you were a very quiet, simple, harmless girl. But it never occurred to me that you are a
scheming girl. Your innocence is fake. "

An'an was very calm, with a kind of aggrieved look,"I don't understand what you mean."

Mo Qinyu glanced at her face and said in a flat and indifferent voice. "On Tuesday, you called me using
Qin Yichen's cell phone to let me know that you were flirting with Qin Yichen. You wanted to stimulate
me. You wanted to provoke me. Unfortunately, you have exposed yourself. "

An'an took the cup on the tea table, took a sip of tea, and hid a spasm on her mouth behind the cup.
"Are you mistaken? I haven't called you, never."

Mo Qinyu sneered: "there is a call record in my mobile phone, but Qin Yichen's call record has
disappeared. It can only be explained that someone deleted it. If Qin Yichen accidentally presses the
call key, it is impossible to delete the record. "

An'an swallowed fiercely and tried to keep calm. "I don't know what happened, but it has nothing to do
with me. I'm not as bold and courageous as you, and I don't know how to fight for myself. I am a
submissive woman. No matter what happened, I will obey A Chen's arrangement. I only do what he
wants me to do. I will never do what he doesn't want me to do. "

This was to tell Mo Qinyu that Qin Yichen's all kinds of love for her were his own initiative. She didn't
need to fight or play tricks at all.

Mo Qinyu's heart was severely pierced, but her face was still calm, without a trace of emotion. "You
mean this phone call is Qin Yichen who asked you to call, and delete?"

"I don't mean that." An'an waved her hand. "I mean, I won't threaten your position. You are always his
wife and the mistress of Qin family."

Mo Qinyu's eyes narrowed slightly, and a little cold color flashed, "OK, you disappear from Di Jue and
my husband."

An'an's head has been lowered, but now she raised her head, with a provocative look, looking at her,
"I'm sorry. I can't do it. Even if I want to leave, Yichen won't agree." Her tone was so determined and
confident that Mo Qinyu was surprised.

If it was her, she would not have such confidence.

"You are not so important in Qin Yichen's heart."

"It doesn't matter. You can’t decide it, neither do I. He can decide that. If you can persuade him to let
me go, you won't come to me." An’an's words were clear and powerful. Each word was like a bullet,
hitting Mo Qinyu.

"Are you so confident?"

An'an had a full view of her delicate expression. She was very confident because she knew the
importance of her own to Qin Yichen.

But the woman in front of her seemed to have no confidence. Her eyes were confused, shocked, sad
and lost.

She grasped this point, and gave her a hard blow occasionally, pushing her into the abyss of despair
and smashing her to pieces.

She sat facing the window, and Mo Qinyu was the opposite.

Through the window, she saw Qin Yichen's car coming in.

A strange color flashed in her eyes, and she suddenly jumped up from the sofa and grabbed Mo
Qinyu's arm. "Aren't we two be our own positions? You are his wife, while I am his lover. We can get
along peacefully and have nothing to do with each other. Yichen will be very angry if you drive me away
so aggressively. "

"I just like to see his anger." Mo Qinyu sneered. She was here to make him angry. The more angry he
was, the better for her.

She stood up and shook An'an off.

She didn't use much strength, but An'an stumbled and fell near to the tea table, and it hit her forehead.
The blood slipped down.