Love in full bloom

Chapter 271 Plato?

"Qin Yichen, in fact, if you admit your relationship with her and you like her, it would not hurt me, but
make me feel that you are an honest person and a real man. It's only funny and ironic for me that you
try so hard to confuse right and wrong. "

Qin Yichen was upset, using the fist hit the wall. He felt speechless. No matter what he said, she didn't
believe it!

"If you don't believe me, I have no choice but to let time prove everything."

She sneered. In her time, she would only do one thing, divorce. And then she could completely get rid
of him, and never meet him again!

"Qin Yichen, I will not let you ruin my life, absolutely not!"

Qin Yichen trembled violently, went to the window and pushed it open.

He felt so stuffy that he could hardly breathe.

He frowned and he almost twisted brows together. His closed thin lips covered up the unspeakable,
heavy and contradictory suffering. He felt at a loss. The burden on his shoulders and the anguish in his
heart were deeper and more intense than the night outside the window.

Mo Qinyu walked in the suite and didn't want to pay any more attention to him.

The next day, when Xiao Naibao woke up. He was very happy to see that Qin Yichen was there. "Uncle
demon, you are back. It's very nice. Last night Mommy said you won't come back, so we're going to
stay in a hotel. I don't like staying in a hotel very much. I prefer staying at home. "

Qin Yichen stroked his head. "Yesterday, uncle did something wrong. I shouldn't go home so late.
Later, uncle will come back on time every day to accompany you and Mommy." This was not only to

him, but also to Mo Qinyu.

He was seeking peace, but Mo Qinyu was not going to give him this chance.

She can't bear the humiliating life of being cheated in the marriage , just like other rich women.

Xiao Naibao can't understand adult's business, grinning: "yesterday, my father came, and took me and
mommy to see the light show. It was especially good-looking."

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes slightly, and his eyes gradually became dark.

They back to the lakeside villa, the servant took the Xiao Naibao to the garden to play. Mo Qinyu went
into the room and packed all her things.

She wanted to sleep in another room. He had the taste of other woman, which made her sick!

Qin Yichen was a little grumpy. He hurried up and took her things. "Mo Qinyu, tell me honestly, are you
so excited? Is there any reason for Xu Ruochen?"

She sneered and said angrily: "suddenly I found a very interesting thing. Last night, I went to see my ex
husband and you went to see the old lover, which is quite tacit. I have decided to keep this tacit
understanding all the time. If you did firstly, I would follow. I will not let you down. "

There was a look of coldness in her eyes, like ice freezing from the eyes to the bottom of her heart.

Qin Yichen was like being hit by a bullet. His handsome facial features were twisted painfully. "In your
heart, can I never compare with Xu Ruochen?"

"Yes." She said firmly and without hesitation, "A Chen loves me, just like A Cong, and he only loves me
alone. A man of two minds like you can never compare with him."

Qin Yichen was so depressed that he felt a thunderbolt in his brain.

She nailed the label that Xu Ruochen was really a lover, while he was a playboy!

During this period of time, they got along well. He thought that she was willing to accept him at last, but
he didn't expect that because of one thing, he went back to the origin overnight.

There was an invisible distance between them. A vast fog blocked them. She was in the fog, and he
was outside.

This thick fog was constantly expanding, diffuse and deep, trying to submerge them completely and let
her disappear in front of him.

He went to the bar, poured a zero degree cocktail. It was no alcohol not hurt the stomach, but can still
have anesthesia ingredients.

He drank up, and then sighed bitterly, "I... I can't touch another woman. " His voice was low as a

She was shocked severely. She could find her mind for a while. "What do you mean?" She didn't
understand at all. What was the meaning of not touching other women?

Qin Yichen's voice was even lower, like breathing.

"I have Frigidity. "

She choked fiercely. She was was frightened that coughed several times.

Her eyes were bigger than a bronze bell. Looking at him, she was like looking at an alien she had
never known before.

It was like Bill Gates saying he was the poorest person in the world!

Funny, amusing!

Is he mad or confused?

"It's a cold joke!"

Qin Yichen grabbed her shoulder, and his face was red with anger or embarrassment. "Stupid woman, I
told you my most private and secret thing. Do you think I was joking? Is there anything I'm joking
about? "

His face was grim. Beside anger, there was a disappointment, and no jest.

She was stunned, and the sudden "blow" made her in a daze"Who has slept with me?”

Qin Yichen held her shocked face. "I only respond to you."

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath. The plot changed so suddenly that she needed time to digest it.

"Didn't you have a woman before? It's the woman in the hotel who has a relationship with you and is
suspected to be Mo Mengshan. "

"I was roofied It's different." He shrugged.

She lowered her head, and was in a state of great contradiction. She didn't know whether to believe it
or not.

But it didn't look like he was lying.

He was Qin Yichen. He was so proud and powerful that he looked down on the world. How can he
make this story to ruin himself?

Even ordinary men would be ashamed to talk about that.

"You didn't have physical reaction to An’an either?"


"So you've always been Plato, in love?"

Qin Yichen choked. "My relationship with An’an is a little complicated, but it's definitely not the
relationship that you think. Can I explain it later?"

She pouted. Any relationship that cannot be said must be an abnormal one.

She believed firmly that they were Plato and Aa’an was his so-called confidante!

"That's why you refused to divorce me and let me go?"