Love in full bloom

Chapter 278 A Deep Cut

Qin Yichen didn’t close his eyes at all that night. He was very upset.

The next morning, he had a meeting in the company. He was still so upset that he didn’t have the mood
to listen to any report. He left right in the middle of the meeting.

He arrived home and found that Mo Qinyu and the child were not there.

The maid hurriedly ran over, “Sir, after you left this morning, the lady left with her child. She brought a
suitcase and the nanny along with her.

His heart sank.

Mo Qinyu asked her assistant to find an apartment in Ziyuntian area.

After moving in, she asked Mo Xiaowu to come over to change the child’s band aids.

“Mommy, did you fight with Uncle Demon?” asked Xiao Naibao. He didn’t want to move out. He wanted
to live with his Uncle Demon.

Mo Qinyu pursed her lips. She felt bitter, “It’s not our home.”

“Why? Aren’t you married to Uncle Demon?” Xiao Naibao was confused.

She stroked his head gently, “You’re still very young. You don’t understand adult things yet. I called
Daddy. He will come to see you in the afternoon.”

“Great! If only daddy lives in Jincheng so I can see him every day.”

The doorbell outside rang. Mo Qinyu thought it was Mo Xiaowu, but when she opened the door she
found Qin Yichen standing there.

Her trauma was triggered. She thought that wherever she went, Qin Yichen could always find her.

She knew that Kai Luo was his subordinate slash spy, but she didn’t tell Kai Luo about moving out. So,
it must be Qin Yichen himself that find out.

“Have you been watching me?”

Qin Yichen didn’t reply. He asked the nanny to bring the child upstairs.

“It was my fault last night. What should I do for you to forgive me?”

“Take a good care of your An An. Don’t come looking for me anymore. I better off without you.” she said
coldly. Sadness was more painful than death and she had been through a lot.

He twitched. He knew that she didn’t need nor care about him. For her, he was replaceable.

She had been struggling. She wanted to leave but he refused to let her go, or dared not let her go.

He needed her. He couldn’t live without her.

“I told you, didn’t I? An An was nothing to me. I promise you such thing will never happen again.”

She sneered, “Qin Yichen, the only thing I need right now is to calm down somewhere I cannot see
you. I f you want me back, you have to kill me first, put me in a coffin and take me home with you.”

She was cold. She sounded desperate, but her eyes were burning with anger.

He sighed heavily. He was at loss and helpless. He said quietly, “I’ll give you a few days to calm down.
I’ll pick you up next week.”

“No. that home is yours, not mine.” She said mercilessly. Her words created a gap in their relationship
and it hurt him.

“I’m your husband. My home is your home.”

She sneered twice. There were disappointments, anger, and ridicule surging from her heart.

“Yesterday, Xiao Jun was waiting for you to come back. He said you promised to teach him chess. The
maid opened the door, he thought it was you. He jumped off his chair excitedly and fell down. He shed
a lot of blood. i was hoping that you could stay with me, but you weren’t. You were there with your other
lover in the hospital. Now, I don’t need you anymore. You can come back as late as you want, you can
stay with anyone you want. I don’t care.”

Qin Yichen felt like he was being stabbed. His shoulder was shaking violently and his heart too,
pounding painfully.

Qin Yichen walked past her and took a knife from the tea table. He grabbed her arm and put the knife
on her hand.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

Qin Yichen didn’t reply. He hold her hand and stabbed the knife into his chest.

The blood dyed his white t-shirt red.

She widened her eyes and screamed in horror, “Qin Yichen, are you crazy?!”

There was a strange smile on his face. He looked like a wounded beast.

“Does it make you feel better?” her hands were with blood. She struggled desperately to pull it out, but
he held them tightly in place so she couldn’t get rid of it.

“No! Not at all! You’re a devil. You torture us both!”

He stared at her deeply.

There was a ferocious look coming from his eyes. He grasped her hand and with sudden effort, he
pushed the dagger deeper and the blood spattered.

She screamed and shuddered, “Qin Yichen, are you insane? This is your heart. You will die!”

He hooked a sad and cruel smile, “Wouldn’t it be better if I die? You can really leave and never see me

She desperately shook her head and cried.

She was scared, “Let go! Let go of the knife. I forgive you…”

Even if the dagger didn’t reach his heart, but he was stabbed to deep, he’d lose too much blood and

She couldn’t think of anything. She just nodded, “Let go of this. Let go!”

Qin Yichen let go of her hand. She was paralyzed.

Mo Xiaowu came in just in time. He brought medicine box along. The scene was horrifying. He thought
that his sister and his brother-in-law fought and she stabbed him with a knife.

“Brother-in-law, don’t move. I’ll call an ambulance.”

“No. It only hurts a little.” Qin Yichen pulled out the knife himself. He knew that he wouldn’t die.

Mo Qinyu saw the blood pouring out. Her knees were weak and her body was shaking. She couldn’t
even stand up, “Xiaowu, help him stop the bleeding! Quickly!”