Love in full bloom

Chapter 279 His Father Comes.

Mo Xiaowu put the hemostatic medicine for Qin Yichen and took hydrogen peroxide to clean his

He didn't have enough things to sew for Qin Yichen. Mo Qinyu called the doctor of Qin Yichen and
asked him to sew up.

After bandaging the wound, waiting for the doctor to leave, Mo Xiaowu stroked the sweat on his
forehead. "Fortunately, it didn't pierce his heart. Sister, you overreacted."

"Not me." Mo Qinyu was in disorder.

Qin Yichen waved his hand. "Your sister doesn't have the courage. I made it myself."

"Are you going to self harm or commit suicide?" Mo Xiaowu was shocked.

Qin Yichen laughed at himself, "your sister is angry with me and wants to leave home. If I don't prick
myself, can I make her disarming?"

Mo Xiaowu took a breath. "Brother in law, who was that girl yesterday? Is it not your lover? "

"I even can’t deal with your. I don’t have energy to find a lover." Qin Yichen smiled bitterly.

Mo Xiaowu pouted. "It's good. You and my sister have made up with each other so hard. Don't make
any troubles."

After changing the medicine for the baby, he left.

Mo Qinyu's face was cold. "Qin Yichen, you should go. Tomorrow I will let Xiaowu put the medicine for
you." This was really straightforward.

Qin Yichen frowned. "Stupid woman, didn't you say you forgave me?"

"I'm afraid you're going to die before I say that. There are my fingerprints on the knife. If you die,
everyone would think that I kill you. I must be misunderstood."

She made eyes at him. She was not a woman who could let him trick.

He sighed bitterly, "let you calm down for two days. I'll pick you up on Monday." Finish saying, he
walked out disappointedly.

Soon after he left, Xu Ruochen came.

"How is the child? Is the injury serious?"

"He was sewed up. It's all right." Mo Qinyu said and went upstairs with him.

Xiao Naibao sat on the chair and read a book. He was a bit bored. When he saw him coming, his eyes
was bright. "Daddy -"

"My dear, do you have any pain in your legs?" Xu Ruochen was so distressed.

"Sometimes it hurts, but I'm not afraid. I didn't cry." He grinned at him, looking strong and sensible.

Xu Ruochen kissed his son's little face. "Our Xiaojun is the bravest."

He sat down beside him and told the story to the child. Soon the little one fell asleep.

Picking him up gently, he put him on the bed and told the nanny to look after him. Xu Ruochen and Mo
Qinyu walked out.

"How do you live here? Did you quarrel with Qin Yichen? "

"Just want to have a quiet environment." She shrugged her shoulders, and said lightly, and then
changed the subject. "Xiaojun wants to learn military chess. When he wakes up, you can teach him

and play with him."

"OK." Xu Ruochen nodded. He knew that Mo Qinyu was deliberately avoiding the question. If she didn't
want to say it, he didn't ask. But he knew that there must be a conflict between her and Qin Yichen.

He held Mo Qinyu's shoulder. "Qinyu, you should remember that no matter what happens, I will always
be with you and child. I can give you all the support that Qin Yichen can't give you."

"A Chen, thank you." Mo Qinyu was about to cry and her heart ached.

In this world, only Xu Ruochen was the one who cared about her most and deserved her trust most.

Qin Yichen was a liar!

He said that An’an was not his lover. In fact, they stayed with each other secretly sometimes.

As soon as An’an had something to do, he was so nervous. He disappeared and left her alone.

For him, she was just an inflatable doll, and An’an was the woman he really loved.

How can such a man become a husband and a lifelong dependence?

Xu Ruochen's long fingers caressed her face and wiped away tears.

"Little fool, we don't need to say thank you. Even if we can't get married legally, you will always be my
wife in my heart."

His voice was so gentle. The tenderness in his eyes was dense, which made her frozen heart warm
from inside to outside.

In the afternoon, Xiao Naibao woke up.

Mo Qinyu went into the kitchen and cooked soup. Xu Ruochen taught the child military chess in the

"Tell Daddy, honey, did mummy quarrel with Uncle demon?"

Xiao Naibao blinked his beautiful big eyes twice, showing a little dark color, "Uncle demon seems to
have a bad woman named An'an beside him. She always refuses to let Demon go home. Mommy is
very angry."

Although Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu deliberately avoided child when they had a dispute, Xiao Naibao
would hide in the corner to eavesdrop quietly.

He was smart enough to know what they were arguing about.

Xu Ruochen's eyes flashed a sharp look. It was because of An'an.

Everyone in the celebrity circle knew that An'an was Qin Yichen's secret lover. Unexpectedly, after Mo
Qinyu came back, he still connected with An'an. He really valued this woman.

There was a silence for a while. Xiao Naibao looked up at him, "Daddy, is that bad woman still be with

Xu Ruochen shook, "Daddy will not leave bad women around."

He would not let Mo Qinyu and his child be with Qin Yichen, and would take them away one day.

He knew Mo Qinyu. She would rather be single that find a man casually.

So even if Yi Ran came back, he gave up her resolutely. If he hesitated between her and Mo Qinyu, he
would lose Mo Qinyu's trust.

And Qin Yichen was still with An’an. He touched Mo Qinyu's bottom line so that he would not get her

Mo Qinyu cooked pigeon soup. Pigeons can promote wound healing, and she then fried a few dishes.

Xu Ruochen took the child down from the upstairs, and the "three members of the family" ate at the
dinner table, just like before.

"I haven't eaten your cooking for a long time. I miss being in America. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have
brought you back." Xu Ruochen sighed bitterly.

Originally, everything was in his plan. The chess game went well. Unexpectedly, Yi Ran "revived" and
disrupted everything.

What's more, the ridiculous thing was that the meaning of that game was no more important than Mo

To recapture Mo Qinyu was his most important goal now.

Mo Qinyu ate the soup. When she thought of Qin Yichen's intimate scene with An'an, her heart was
filled with anger and resentment.

She hated to be Mo Qinyu and Qin Yichen's wife.

Their marriage was just like chicken ribs. It was tasteless. No, it was not as good as chicken ribs. Even
if she gave up, she won't feel pity.

She hated the man who had two minds.