Love in full bloom

Chapter 274 The child is mine!

Qin Yiman's face turned purple and she coughed twice, she was almost suffocating. "Yeah...Mo
Mengshan gave it to me."

Qin Yichen let go of his hand, and narrowed his eyes which showed a cold light, “it was a fake made by
this mouse.”

"Fake?" Qin Yiman shook violently. "no way, she said someone sent it to her."

"If you like the damn thing, I can forge one for you and get you a bastard." Qin Yichen went out with a
low snort.

He said it on purpose, and Qin Yiman was trapped by him, she was completely bewildered.

Back at the lakeside villa, Finn called. He had interrogated Mo Mengshan, and it was actually sent to
her email. He looked up the IP address. It came from an internet bar.

A cold sweat ran down Qin Yichen's brow.

He suddenly felt cold. His hands and feet were shaking, and his heart began to panic.

If this was all a conspiracy.

If that child was …

His fists clenched slowly, and he could think no more.

The next afternoon, in the CEO's office.

Finn came in.

"all the systematic records and files of the paternity test were deleted and destroyed in the hospital.
However, the man who deleted the date didn’t notice that the hospital did the system upgrade that day,
and the people in the computer room worried about the loss of data, backup all the data in advance, so
I was lucky to find the lady's record. As for the doctor who did the examination, he left four years ago
and is nowhere to be found."

Qin Yichen's heart was beating heavily, his fingers trembled, and as soon as he saw the report, a
thunderbolt struck him, making him dizzy.

Gene similarity rate 99.9999%, was the parent-child relationship!

He fell back on his chair, he was terribly shock by the report.

What the paternity test Mo Qinyu got was fake. It had been tampered by someone

The one he saw was also a fake!

The baby was his!

He killed his own child himself!

His heart was strangled by a rope, it was so tight that he could not breathe properly. Every muscle,
every nerve, every cell was convulsing violently.

Mo Qinyu's heart-rending cries echoed in his eyes, reverberated in his mind, and then the sounds
slowly floated in midair, filling the whole space and enveloping him.

"I did a paternity test, and the doctor said he wasn't sure if it was, which means he could still be your
child. He told me to wait until he was six months old and do it again, so you can give the kid a chance
to wait six months, okay?"

"Please, please give him one more chance. Do you know how hard he was for him to live to this day?
Mo Mengshan and Qin Yiman knew I was pregnant. They tricked me into eating drugs and putting
Mifepristone in a pancake... He had a narrow escape. For the sake of trying so hard to survive, give
him a chance. Just wait three more months. If it's not yours, I'll knock him off, all right?"

"Please, Qin Yichen, don't kill my boy, give him another chance, please."

"No, I'm not going to the hospital. I'm not going to kill my baby. What if there's a mistake? He's not a
bug, he's not a blade of grass, he's a man, he's a life, you can't be so cruel!"

"You leave my baby alone, ok? Don't operate on me."


Slowly the voice disappeared, suddenly it rang again, but it was no longer his voice, but the baby's
crying voice, so sad, so tragic, so loud, his eardrum was nearly numb, his brain cells were nearly

This was an indictment of him!

This child, so tenacious and strong, he escaped the persecution of Qin Yiman, escaped the hands of
Mo Mengshan, escaped the drugs, escaped the Mifepristone, but finally died in the hands of his own

He seemed to smell blood in the air, stronger and more pungent, as if it filled the air.

With every breath he breathed, he could feel blood coming into his nose, into his veins, into his heart.

Trembling, he raised his hand.

They're no longer clean. They're bleeding. Every finger was bleeding.

It's baby blood!

The blood of that innocent, poor child!

He stood up tremblingly and stumbled toward the bar.

He needed some wine to numb his nerves, or he would fall down and vomit blood and die.

But there was no wine in the bar, only water.

"Where's my wine?" His voice was hoarse, his throat burned with the heat of remorse and pain.

"Boss, you can't touch a drop of wine." Finn came over.

The veins on his forehead were rolling violently, and his beautiful features were twisted into a mass.
"bring me a bottle of wine, right away."

Finn sighed. "what should I say if you go to the hospital with a stomach problem after drinking?"

"She must not know a word about it."

The child was the knot in her heart, a wound that could not be healed.

If she knew the baby was his, he killed him by mistake

She must not forgive him, not for life!

Finn poured him a glass of water. 'you've got to calm down. It's not your fault.

"Get out. I want to be alone." He waved his hand.

Finn left consciously.

As the door closed, his knees gave a jolt, he could stand no longer, and he fell to the ground.

The man correctly grasped his weakness and sent him to the hell, expecting that he would lose his
mind after seeing the paternity test and force Mo Qinyu to have an abortion.

This was an irretrievable and unforgivable mistake.

He could not forgive himself.

All his life he must live in this shadow, this guilt, this sin.

In the evening, he drove alone and wandered aimlessly on the road for a long time before returning.

He had to stay calm, and he must not let Mo Qinyu know anything.

He had lost their child and he could not lose her.

Once home, the little fellow ran over and embraced his leg, "devil uncle, you came back!"

The aching nerve in Qin Yichen's heart was torn again, as if a machete were cutting him hard, cutting
him badly and bleeding.