Love in full bloom

Chapter 277 The Child Was Injured

Qin Yichen pretended to be frank and sincere. He managed to fool the woman.

She suddenly woke up and felt that she had never been this wake.

He might have a cold nature. He couldn’t react naturally.

He could’ve just taken his medicine.

He made sure to take it that night.

It was almost forecasted that the two people might tangle again.

That thought twisted her up. That thought injected a poison to her mind. Now, she felt uncomfortable.

“Mommy, when will Uncle Demon come back?” asked Xiao Naibao who was standing before the
window, looking out.

She took a deep breath while trying to calm herself, “Uncle has something to do. He may not come
back for dinner. Let’s eat first.”

Xiao Naibao was disappointed. He lowered his head, “Will he come back late? He told me that he
would teach me chess when he came back.”

“It’s better to play games on the internet than to wait for him after dinner.” she said while stroking his

Qin Yichen might have forgotten such small things. The child was after all, not his. He probably didn’t
care that much.

The only person who care was Xu Ruochen.

During dinnertime, they heard someone knocked the door. Xiao Naibao jumped from his chair. His eyes
suddenly brightened, “It must be Uncle Demon. He promised me. He told me he would teach me how
to play chess!”

Every time Qin Yichen came back, he would rush to the door and greet him.

It was the same today.

He was too excited. He accidentally pushed his bowl to the ground. The bowl broke apart.

Mo Qinyu hurried over to help him and saw that the ground was tainted red. The glass pieces had hurt
his little feet.

“Mommy, it hurts…”

“It’s okay, baby. Don’t be afraid. It’s just a piece of glass. Mommy will call the doctor right away.” Mo
Qinyu was shocked but she managed to calm down. She couldn’t panic. If she did, she would only
scare him more.

She called 120 while trembling.

The nanny brought the hemostatic over.

The cut was deep. She couldn’t pull it out at will. She could only wait for the ambulance to come, but
she needed to stop the bleeding first.

The person pushing the door open was not Qin Yichen. It was the maid. She went to the garden to
water the flowers just now.

The maid saw the child injured. She grabbed the phone and was about to call Qin Yichen but Mo Qinyu
stopped her, “No. I don’t want to make him worry.”


At the People’s Hospital of Jincheng.

An An was sitting on a chair. She had waited for a long time, but she didn’t call. Qin Yichen came. She
saw him and gave the nurse her medical card.

The Qin family had its own medical institution, but An An chose this hospital on purpose.

She knew that Mo Xiaowu was an intern here and today he was on duty.

Qin Yichen came and stroked her forehead. It was hot.

“The wound must not be infected. Why are you so careless?”

“I’m sorry.” said An An. She lowered her eyes and looked pitiful.

In the emergency room, Mo Xiaowu saw his brother-in-law bringing a strange woman. He was

Qin Yichen didn’t expect to meet Mo Xiaowu.

But, it was not the time to explain. An An had an infection and a high fever. She must be treated

Mo Xiaowu asked An An to clean the wound first. He opened a bottle of anti-inflammatory medicine
and hung the water for her.

An An saw someone coming out of an ambulance. It was Mo Qinyu.

She was secretly happy. She didn’t expect her to come, so, it must be fate. She didn’t need to let Mo
Xiaowu to stir up trouble for her anymore.

She held her forehead and pretended having headache. She fell into Qin Yichen’s arm and said, “I
don’t feel well, Yichen.”

“Sit down. Have a rest.” Qin Yichen took her to the chair. She leaned her head on the man’s shoulder.

Mo Qinyu walked inside the emergency room and saw both of them.

Her heart was cold.

They were very close, like a real couple.

She trembled as if a dagger just stabbed her. Her heart was bleeding.

However, she knew that the pain was only temporary, but still it was painful that it made her numb.

She didn’t feel anything after that.

Qin Yichen lowered his head and looked at his phone. He was looking at the time. he didn’t want to go
back too late and made Mo Qinyu unhappy. He didn’t notice people coming inside the emergency

But, the nanny saw him. She ran over and shouted, “Mr. Qin! You are also here! The child is injured
and your wife is scared. You should hurry and take a look.”

Qin Yichen jumped off his chair. His nerves suddenly tightened.

Inside the emergency room, the glass pieces were pulled out. Mo Xiaowu was disinfecting the child’s

Fortunately, the glass pieces didn’t hurt his aorta. Otherwise, the consequences would be

Xiao Naibao was a strong child. He only clenched his fists, but he didn’t cry out loud. It was just that the
wound was very painful, he couldn’t help shedding a tear.

Mo Qinyu’e heart was aching. She secretly wiped her tears.

Xiao Naibao saw it. He shook his head and comforted her, “Mommy, don’t cry. Xiaojun is okay.”

Qin Yichen stormed inside. Mo Qinyu didn’t bat an eye on him.

Qin Yichen was hurt as well. He felt as if dagger stabbed his heart.

Seeing him coming in, the tearful light in the child’s eyes flickered, “Uncle Demon, you’re back!”

“I’m sorry. Uncle comes late.” Qin Yichen caressed his little head. His heart was heavy.

Xiao Naibao raised his little hand and wiped tears from the corner of his eyes, “Uncle Demon, I didn’t
cry. The tears came out by itself. Daddy said a man cannot cry.”

“Xiaojun is a gentleman. You’re very strong.” said Qin Yichen.

After stitching the wound, Mo Xiaowu bandaged it with gauze, “The bandage must be change
tomorrow.” he said to his sister.

Qin Yichen was about to hold the child, but Mo Qinyu pushed his hands away, “Don’t bother.” He heard
her tone was strange. She talked as if he was a stranger.

Qin Yichen was stunned. He was stiff for a while.

Mo Xiaowu sighed, “Sister, let brother-in-law pick him. I know you’re tired. If you accidentally touch the
wound, it will be bad.”

Mo Qinyu had no choice but to retreat.

When they came out of the emergency room, Luo Yi came over running. An An had gone to the
injection room.

“Boss, you can go back. Take a good care of the child. Don’t worry about An An. Leave it to me.”

Qin Yichen slightly nodded and continue to walk.

Mo Qinyu didn’t say a word. No matter how Qin Yichen explained it, she ignored it, like he was