Love in full bloom

Chapter 275 He Is a One-woman and Macho Boss

If his child were still alive, he would be as old as this.

He then would give him prenatal education, witness his birth, teach him to walk and teach him how to

He and Mo Qinyu would not be separated.

Everything,in fact, was his fault.

As he was thinking, the voice of Little Naibao came from the side, "Uncle Demon, let's play baseball in
the yard, and then eat."

"Good." From the corner of his stiff mouth, he laboriously squeezed out a smile. He took the hand of
Little Naibao, and walked towards the backyard.

Mo Qinyu found his abnormality at night.

He was so silent and he locked himself in his study after eating. When he came out, he fell into bed
and didn't move. He seemed very tired and exhausted.

He had been always full of energy and power, and such a scene had never happened.

Most of all, when she woke up in the middle of the night, she found that he was not around, but walking
around the yard alone, like a night wanderer.

After the stroll, he lay on the grass, motionless, as if his soul had been taken away and he had turned
into a puppet.

Such a thing kept happening in the next 3 days.

Mo Qinyu thought that she could no longer just sit and wait like this, so she asked Finn out.

As Qin Yichen's chief personal assistant, he should know what was going on.

"Finn, has your boss met any problems with his work or relationship recently?"

Finn coughed and looked at Mo Qinyu with a very strange look, "It doesn't exist for boss that the work
is not satisfactory. As for the relationship, shouldn't you know better than me? "

Mo Qinyu pouted, "I'm very good with him recently, no problem. However, how can I know if he has any
kept woman outside and quarrels with her, which makes him unhappy? "

At this moment she strongly suspected that this matter was probably related to Anan. Maybe he just
quarreled with Anan, which made him so restless.

Finn coughed twice and made a grimace, "Madam, just rest assured. Even if men all over the world are
looking for fancy women, our boss won't do so. He's a pure and macho boss."

Mo Qinyu's long, thick lashes blinked and she lowered her voice, "But he's really a little abnormal

"For example? " Finn raised his eyebrows.

Mo Qinyu, half covering her mouth, said, "He doesn't sleep at night but strolls around the yard. He must
be worried about something. Something must have happened. You can't know nothing since you are
his chief special assistant. "

Finn sighed in his heart. It is normal that his boss would not accept such cruel truth for a while.

In fact, Qin Yichen was secretly tracing the doctor's whereabouts. He definitely would trace this matter
to the end. He would never let go of the leader behind the scenes.

He wanted revenge for his child.

But this must be kept a secret to Mo Qinyu.

"He may be worried for the wedding ring." Finn soon came up with an excuse.

"Wedding ring?" Mo Qinyu felt shocked slightly.

"Yes, Mr. Qin wants to design a wedding ring for you by himself. You are a jewelry designer, so he
certainly needs to design the most special, beautiful and tasteful wedding ring to match you. Most
importantly, he can't let you know because he wants to surprise you. He must be looking for inspiration
when he goes out at night. " Finn said seriously.

Mo Qinyu breathed a sigh of relief and did not doubt his words, "That's good. I hope so. "

As soon as she left, Finn called Qin Yichen and told his wife's "concerns". He had to let boss be careful
and not arouse Mo Qinyu's doubts. It would be bad if Mo Qinyu made blind and disorderly conjectures.

Mo Qinyu returned to her office in a very good mood. She couldn't help but smile at the thought that
Qin Yichen was secretly designing the wedding ring for her.

She was really curious about what kind of wedding ring Mr. Demon would design.

After remorse, Qin Yichen's mood turned to rage. He wanted to find out the asshole who was making
trouble behind the scenes.

In the evening, when he went back, Mo Qinyu had already come back.

She showed him her new design for next year specially.

"This time, Floweer's design is no longer flowers, but flowers and birds. Birds are always the most loyal
to love. Many of them are monogamous, much better than mammals. Having flowers and birds will
make an ordinary ring have its own story, which will make it more vivid and three-dimensional. "

Qin Yichen caressed her head. This girl always a quick mind and has many fresh ideas. She is always
different and very suitable for being a designer.

"Hey girl, do you think our child is already in your stomach?" He put his hand gently on her abdomen.

"Mr. Demon, I don't want to beat you, but I don't think so. I have had menstruation this month." She
made a look of regret.

He sighed dejectedly, and a clear and undisguised loss rose to his face.

She smiled and put her arms around his neck, "I've calculated that these two days are my ovulation
period. Maybe..."

Before she could speak, he picked her up and strode upstairs.

"Why are you so hurried? It's not dark yet."

He wanted the child to be back.

He would protect him well. No one could hurt him any more.


Mo Qinyu planned to buy two properties in Longcheng real estate company, one for her parents and
younger brother, and the other as her own "secret base".

If she one day quarreled with Qin Yichen one day, she would take her child to live in her "secret base"
so as not to stay in the hotel, where he could easily find her.

She asked her brother Mo Xiaofeng to see the house together. "Since we are all staying in Longcheng,
we will move to Longcheng after our parents retire. The house here is a large duplex with a private

garden, but I haven't decided whether to buy a duplex or a villa. "

Mo Xiaofeng scratched his head, "Either is OK for me. You can decide by yourself."

Mo Qinyu smiled, "I'm thinking that after you get married, you two can live on the second floor, and our
parents will live on the first floor, which is convenient to take care of each other without affecting each
other's lives."

They first strolled around and looked at the surrounding environment. They didn't expect to meet a
relative at the intersection. Yes, this relative is Mo Mengshan.

Holding an old man in his 50s, Mo Mengshan behaved in a spoiled manner, "I just like the house here. I
want to buy it here. Honey, just buy one for me, please."

The old man's rough big hand touched her fart, "OK, we will then buy a smaller one. 100 square metres
is enough."

This old man is Mr. Ji, the boss of Yonghui group.

Four years ago, Ji Yonglun, who had been pushed down the cliff by Mo Mengshan and died, was Mr.
Ji's son.

Ji Yonglun was ruled an accidental death by the police.

In order to inquire about the news, she pretended to be a good friend of Ji Yonglun and mourned. She
cried so bitterly that Mr. Ji noticed her and was attracted by her.