Love in full bloom

Chapter 276 the conversation with family

Originally Mo Mengshan was still doing the dream of being the Mrs. Qin of the Qin family, when she
learned that Mo Qinyu was not dead, she knew her dream was broken.

She had tried to find another family, but none of the rich men wanted to marry her.

It was hard to choose a better one, finally she only marries Mr. Ji who was a old man.

Mo Qinyu and Mo Xiaowu were surprised, they never expected that Mo Mengshan would find an old

At the sight of Mo Qinyu, the corners of Mo Mengshan's mouth twitched.

The reason why she became this way, to be with an old man, was that this bitch Mo Qinyu, she was
her Nemesis, she took away everything that should have belonged to her.

There should be no place of Mo Qinyu.

Why was Mo Qinyu born?

If only she were the only daughter in the Mo family!

"Why, you're here to buy house too?" She asked in a strange way.

"We're just here to have a look. We haven't decided yet." Xiao Wu shrugged. "cousin, is this your

Mo Mengshan did not answer, but opened her mouth and smiled at Mr. Ji. "you go back first. I'll catch
up with my Cousins."

Mr. Ji nodded, kissed her face and headed for the garage.

Before he left, he took a peep at Mo Qinyu and swallowed heavily.

The look made Mo Qinyu uncomfortable.

They went to the Starbucks across the street.

Mo Mengshan stirred her cup of coffee, her face was dark. “Are you feeling on top of the world right
now? Do such a bad thing, but also can marry to the Qin family!"

When she was pregnant with someone else, he gave her up.

What about Mo Qinyu? Not only did she run off with another man, but also she gave birth.

He can forget past grudge actually, and accept her afresh, he was drugged by her, took her enchanted
medicine, lose consciousness, he was crazy for her.

Before Mo Qinyu could answer, Xiao Wu took the lead and said, "even if my sister didn't get back
together with Qin Yichen, she still has the young master of Xu family by her side. But what about you?
You abandon yourself after being hurt by Qin Yichen and devalue yourself, and stay with an old guy"

A muscle twitched in Mo Mengshan's face. She had stronge desires to find a rich man of a rich family.

But they all just wanted to have fun, and none of them really wanted to marry her.

The Qin family did entrust a lawyer to come over and took 5 million betrothal gifts back.

Her family had always been spendthrift, and without the aid of the Qin family, they would return to be

How could she bear to be poor?

Although Mr. Ji was old, he was rich. The most important thing was that Ji Yonglun was his only son.
After his death, he didn’t have a son.

As soon as she gave birth to a son, the whole Ji family property will be hers.

"What's wrong with marrying an old man? Although he is old. I don't have to worry he'll kick me out
when I'm old. Mo Qinyu is different. The beauties around Qin Yichen are like clouds. Once she gets old
and ugly, he will be bored to her."

Xiao Wu was angry, "my brother-in-law is not such a shallow person. You're jealous of my sister."

Mo Qinyu was very calm and took a sip of the coffee.

She had been afraid that Qin Yichen would date other woman outside, but now she could rest assured
that his body would be faithful and clean at least.

"Anyway, on your terms, even if you can't marry into a rich family, you can find a good marriage partner.
Why waste your youth on an old man?"

Mo Mengshan's fists were clenched, her features were twisted, and her eyes were filled with wild
anger. "Mo Qinyu, if you hadn't done me in, forged those false information to frighten me, I wouldn't
have lost Qin Yichen, lost the position of Qin family.”

Mo Qinyu looked at her calmly. "those fake documents have nothing to do with me. They were sent to
you by the Qin family. As early as when we were in middle school, the old Mr. Qin decided the person
who would be the granddaughter-in-law in the future between the two of us. Because my grandmother
was still alive at that time, and she had designated you with the Qin family, it was inconvenient for the
Qin family to intervene directly. All these years' assistance to you is a kind of compensation."

Mo Mengshan started, almost jumping out of her chair. "you're talking nonsense. It's impossible."

Mo Qinyu shrugged. "I've just learned that too. If you don't believe me, you can go to Qin's house and
ask. You think you're being pushy and obnoxious and you can rob what good things to own home,
however, Qin family's eyes have been staring at us.”

Mo Mengshan was shocked, she was shaking violently, she cannot believe and she dare not to believe,
all this was the trap of the Qin family!

"How could they do this to me, how could they!”

Xiao Wu looked at her with sympathy and mockery. "cousin, it's better to be kind. If your family had not
fought and quarreled with each other, you would not have missed the position of Qin's young lady."

Mo Mengshan jumped up from her chair. 'they're all blind. They'll be sorry they chose you not me, and
I'll make them sorry.' She screamed hysterically and ran out like mad.

Mo Qinyu sighed. That's what makes poor people so hateful.

The other side of the Ji city.

A villa halfway up the hill.

An An tore the gauze off her arm and soaked the wound in water.

She can't let it heal so quick. When it was fine, Qin Yichen won't be here.

In the evening, Qin Yichen came out of his office and was about to get on the car when she called.

These days, she was at home to rest, did not come to the company.

Qin Yichen hesitated for a moment and called over his assistant, Luo Yi.

Mo Qinyu cook crispy duck today.

The duck was good to eat while it was hot.

She telephoned Qin Yichen to ask when he would be back.

Qin Yichen's voice was very low.' I'll be back late. You can eat first.”

"Oh." She was about to hang up the phone, then heard a voice faintly, "Boss, you go back first, I’ll deal
with An An?”

Mo Qinyu heard the words ‘An An’ clearly.

Her heart thumped, holding the receiver tightly, her hand unconsciously tightened.

He was going to accompany with An An again.

After only two days, he couldn't bear it.

After all, she was his soul mate.

It's not enough to see each other every day in the office during the day.

That night on the phone, even if it was an intentional action, they must have happened something.