Love in full bloom

Chapter 272: The Top One In Jincheng

He was helpless, feeling speechless, "Mo Qinyu, you are my wife!"

"Why do you only have reactions to me?" She muttered, feeling incredible.

He lowered his eyebrow and smiled bitterly, "You're the goblin who is only torturing me!"

She stared at him angrily, "It's clear that you are torturing me, why did it become I torture you?"

He grabbed her hand and put it on his chest. "I guard myself for you, but you've wronged me, and
I'm mad to death."

She pursed her lips. "Seriously? It is clear that your spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."

"Let's try it out immediately and see that if I am weak or not?" He pulled her gently into his arms and
kissed her deeply.

After a long time, everything calmed down, she lay on his solid chest and slept heavily.

When she woke up, it was already afternoon. She went to the yard and saw Qin Yichen playing
baseball with the little boy.

She poured a glass of juice and sat on the chair watching them, suddenly thinking of Anan's phone
call last night.

If Qin Yichen didn't lie, if he really didn't touch An'an, what happened to the scene last night?

There was a sharp shimmer in her eyes.

"Yichen, my phone is out of battery. Can I use your phone?"

"On the coffee table." Qin Yichen said without hesitation.

Mo Qinyu walked into the living room and picked up his mobile phone from the coffee table.

She glanced at the call log, and her outgoing phone number was not on her phone.

If it was dialed by mistake, there must be a call log in the phone, otherwise it was not unintentional,
but intentional.

An'an looked harmless and simple. Did she pretend to be this?

Later, Mrs. Qin called and asked her son to go home for dinner.

Today, the Liu family was coming over to discuss Qin Yiman's marriage.

The Liu Group was a leader in the electronics business and had since developed into the film and
television media industry.

Mrs. Qin knew that Qin Yiman didn't want to see Mo Qinyu, and wanted to tell her son not to bring
her together, but without saying anything, she heard the voice coming from the side. " Let Yichen bring
Qinyu and baby here together. "

She had the urge to hit the wall. Because of the situation of Mo Qinyu, Qin Yuhan was very
dissatisfied with her and did not enter her room for several days. If she opposed Mo Qinyu's coming
over, it would definitely make their relationship worse, she could only choke all the words into it.

In the evening, Qin Yichen took Mo Qinyu and his child to the Qin family.

The Liu family had arrived.

The Qin family was the first family in the East, with powerful powers and rich, they can climb
relatives with the Qin family. The Liu family naturally wanted it.

The wealthy family paid attention to marriage and mutual benefit. Political marriage was a common
thing. As for affection, it was not so important.

Liu Jingbao was also handsome, a talent, or a PhD from Stanford University. He wore a pair of gold-
framed glasses and looked gentle and elegant.

The Qin family was satisfied with the son-in-law.

But Qin Yiman was not satisfied. She only loved Qin Junran, and the only person she wanted to
marry was Qin Junran.

When she heard that the family had set the wedding date, she cried for several days and made her
throat dumb.

Qin Yuhan locked her in the villa and took away all her cosmetics, as well as her clothes and bags.
She had to stay at home every day and wear cheap clothes.

If she didn't want to get married, she can only do so in her life. The Qin family would not provide her
with any penny. All the things bought with Qin family money would be took back.

She broke down.

After persisting for a week, she finally yielded.

The Qin family had everything in this world, and there was no need for them to bring a relative with

The reason why they wanted to marry Qin Yiman was because she had nothing to do at home all the
time, she can only cause troubles for others.

As soon as she saw Mo Qinyu, Qin Yiman was furious. If it was not for this inferior embryo, she and
Ru Chen would have been married long ago, how could she have fallen into having the marriage with
Liu Jingbao.

Even if she married, she wouldn't let go of her, she can't expect to be at ease in the Qin family.

Mo Qinyu knew it well and did not want to face Mrs. Qin's face.

After greeting to the elders, she brought Qin Chuxia and her son to the garden to feed koi, and Qin
Yichen came over together.

Qin Chuxia blinked her big eyes and smiled slyly: "Boss, after the elder sister gets married, the
family will be quiet, shouldn't you and sister-in-law be moved back to live? Then I can play with Xiaojun
every day."

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand and rubbed her head. "I'll be outside for a couple of months, we
need to enjoy our sweet time." He had to wait for their relationship to stabilize before moving back.

Qin Chuxia covered her mouth and grinned, "Boss, how did you change from being a wife abuser to
becoming a husband who spoils his wife?"

Qin Yichen gave her a vicious glance, "When did I become this?"

Qin Chuxia stuck her tongue out at him, and smiled very naughtily, "It's okay, boss, a prodigal who
returns is more precious than gold."

Not far away, Qin Yiman came over, with a vulva and vicious face.

"You fell in love, and but your wife has her own lover. Yichen was the first cold master in Jincheng.
Now you have become the first disgraced master in Jincheng. Your reputation has been damaged and
our family also lost our reputation because of you. "

Qin Yichen showed unhappiness on his face. "You don't speak, nobody will think that you are a
dumb person."