Love in full bloom

Chapter 270 A Deafening Noise

Qin Yichen felt his nerves twitched all over his body, “Let go, Qinyu! Let go!” he said in an extreme
tension while grabbing her wrist and fingers.

Mo Qinyu did not calm down at all. She grabbed even more tightly as if she was numb, failing to feel
her own pain.

The blood was dripping on the carpet.

She was twisted. Her eyes were fixed on him. She was full of hatred, anger, and despair.

She knew that the rich did not mess at home, but fooled around outside.

But, she couldn’t do it. She would rather live alone than to share her man with other women.

His face was pale, like there was no trace of blood. He was in pain. He was hurt.

“Mo Qinyu, let go. I want you to let go. Do you hear me?” he said in a hoarse voice.

“Qin Yichen, you cannot have both of us. You cannot expect to embrace many women at once. You can
either divorce me or stop seeing An An. If you won’t, I won’t let you live a peaceful life.”

Mo Qinyu shouted loudly. She was in pain. She was angry. Her voice sounded like firecracker on his
ears. He was both dizzy and dazed listening to that. His every nerve was writhing.

He had no choice but to hold back. He was sieged by depression and suffering.

He and An An were complicated. He couldn’t explain it in short words. Now, he couldn’t explain
anything to her.

“Stupid woman, I only love you. There’s nobody else. One day, you will understand.”

She refused to let go. The more he tried to back away, the tighter she grabbed.

He had no choice but to jab her.

She fainted.

He picked her up and put her on the sofa.

She was still grabbing while she’s faint. She was unwilling to loose her hand. She was born stubborn
and rebellious. She had not changed a bit. She was still wild and untamed.

Qin Yichen was frightened. He was afraid that he might hurt her vital organ. He called the doctor.

When Mo Qinyu woke up, she found out that her wounds were bandaged.

Qin Yichen sat beside her. He did not sleep. He just stared at her for a while. His eyes were deep and
dark. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Why don’t you leave?” Mo Qinyu sat up. She did not want to stay with him. She wanted to stay away
from him.

“Are you awake?” asked Qin Yichen.

“My eyes are open. If I’m not awake then what is it? Sleepwalking?”

“I mean, are you sober?”

Mo Qinyu gave him a vicious look, “I’m not drunk. I remember what I’ve done. I’d still do that without

“Stupid.” He sighed heavily. His heart was a mess filled with nothing but sorrow.

“Believe it or not, me and An An are not like what you think we are.”

“I don’t believe it.” she replied without hesitation.

He was stunned.

“What did I do so wrong that you don’t trust me anymore?”

Mo Qinyu raised her brows and looked at him with some determinations, “If you and An An break up
and never see each other again, I will believe you.”

Qin Yichen was silent.

She stared at him coldly and hatefully. Her gaze was like a never-ending criticism to him, “Qin Yichen, I
will leave you, for sure. Do you expect to enjoy the company of some women at once? Maybe in your
next life!” she said while gritting her teeth.

He felt that her words broke him into pieces. He could not put himself together again.

He knew that she was stubborn, bold, and unbridled.

It was necessary for him to shake that idea off of her head, otherwise, she would surely di some
reckless actions.

“Mo Qinyu!” Qin Yichen grabbed her shoulders, “It’s been four years and I have not touched nay other
woman other than you. Do you understand?”

For Mo Qinyu, it was the biggest joke of the century.


It’s funny.

Leave Mo Mengshan alone. She wanted to talk about An An.

If An An was nothing for him, why wouldn’t her part with her? Why did he come over for two nights
when she was hurt?

She began to laugh.

At the same time, she choked and heat rushed into her eyes.

“Qin Yichen, do you remember you once call me to Mo Mengshan’s room only to watch you two rolled
inside the sheet? I still remember her scream. It was deafening. That time, you said to me I was the
only woman. Who are you kidding now?”

“It was only a play. If we were really to do it, why covered in sheet?”

He said hoarsely, as if he was trying to explain it will his strength.

He was not a good interpreter. He lacked patience too. He never explained what he did.

But, today, he had to make her believe.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t convince her enough.

“What about An An? Do you dare to say that you never touched her?”

“No!” he said firmly. What happened in the Hilton Hotel was his first. That woman was his second and
probably the last.

Mo Qinyu stared at him deeply. She tried to redefine him again.

It turned out that he was not only domineering, he was also good at lying.

His poker face, which had not changed for years, was a great tool to cover his true feelings. Once he
lied, his face would appear flat.

If Mo Qinyu didn’t find out things by herself, she would have been fooled for years.