Love in full bloom

Chapter 269: Be Driven Crazy

Her heart was about to explode, and a fire was burning in her chest and almost torn apart her chest
and rushed out.

She buried her head in the pillow which was so smooth and soft, just like her will.

A kind of bitterness rushed into her forehead. Her eyes were suddenly hot, and her pillow was wet.

At about 11 pm, her phone rang again. It was Qin Yichen who called.

What did he want?

Did he still think he hadn't stimulated her enough?

She didn't want to answer, but the phone kept ringing. She turned it to silent mode, so as not to wake
the little boy who was sleeping.

He called her again and again with the same caller ID. She finally clicked the answer button.

In the microphone, Qin Yichen's worried voice came, "Where did you take the child? Why are you not
at home?"

He seemed to have go back home.

She uttered a snorting laugh: "I won't come back today, don't worry." Then she hung up the phone and
turned it off.

In the villa, Qin Yichen frowned.

Hearing her voice, he knew something was wrong.

Was it because he came back late? Or...

He turned on the computer. In order to prevent her from running away again, he secretly installed a
GPS tracker in her mobile phone. After checking, he found that she lived in the Venice Hotel.

With a slight sigh, he hurried out.

When he walked into the room, Mo Qinyu had drunk several glasses of wine and was a little drunk.

She didn't expect him to come and was surprised, "How do you know I'm here?"

Qin Yichen didn't answer. He smelled the wine fumes on her body and frowned more tightly. "What's
the matter?"

"Nothing. I suddenly know a person clearly and saw through him seriously. I'm very happy." She
laughed like she was drunk.

Qin Yichen carried her in his arms and put her on the sofa, "Did you drink a lot of wine?"

"It's none of your business." She sat up and gave him a hard push with all her strength. "Don't stand
here. Get out. I don't want to see you."

Qin Yichen took a breath, went to the table and poured a glass of water for her, "Are you angry with
me?" He tried to keep his tone calm.

She took the cup, took a sip, found that it was water and spat out. She stood up and stumbled to pick
up the wine bottle.

She only wanted to drink. Only alcohol could numb her pain and despair.

She wouldn't have any more illusions about this man.

Qin Yichen grabbed the wine bottle, "No more drinking."

She stared at him for a long time, and suddenly she laughed. Her laughter was full of sorrow and
desolation, "Qin Yichen, let's get a divorce. Don't torture each other anymore. I'm not the woman you
want, and you're not the man I want. It's not meaningful to make do with each other."

Qin Yichen's shoulders shook, like was hit by a stick, and his face turned pale, "Who do you want? Xu
Ruochen? "

"Yes, Xu Ruochen." She said firmly without hesitation, "He loves me. He loves me with all his heart. He
only loves me. Unlike like you, you want to enjoy the happiness of being loved by many women, right?
I'm sorry. I can't cooperate with you. I can't, forever."

The corners of his mouth twitched, and his handsome features twisted, "Mo Qinyu, I have no other
woman but you."

"Do you?" She sneered and laughed so sarcastically, "Where have you been tonight, and where were
you last night?"

"I......" Qin Yichen wanted to say something, but he choked again. An inexpressible and contradictory
expression appeared on his face.

In her eyes, his response was indicating that he was guilty and confessed without being pressed.

"Qin Yichen, you are hypocritical. You are the most hypocritical person I have ever met."

He kept silent with some helplessness, some bitterness and some struggle. After a long time, he
sighed heavily, "An'an is injured. I went to see her. That's it."

"Ha ha." She had been smiling, but there was no smile in her eyes, only tears. She did not believe a
word of his words. He had been on her blacklist, henceforth, no matter what he said, she would not
believe foolishly.

"Qin Yichen, you used to say that I'm a liar, a habitual liar. In fact, you are the same, but your lying skills
are so poor that you have to practice more frequently."

A wounded look appeared in his eyes, "Don't you have any trust in me?"

"Trust, ha ha ha..." She laughed and rolled with laughter, as if hearing the biggest joke in the world,
"You stayed with your old lover until midnight every day, and you let me trust you? Don't you blush at

"Mo Qinyu." He grabbed her by the shoulder, and his viscera twisted, "The relationship between An'an
and me are not what you think."

She shook off his hands with a look of fury and ferocity, "Four years ago, you strutted in and out of the
public with that woman, unbridled and touchy-feely, which made me a big joke in the whole celebrity
circle. All the people laughed at me and humiliated me behind my back. Now you're still like this. You
haven't changed at all. Is that what you said to start over? Do you think I'm a fool, an idiot who is
especially easy to be cheated? A few sweet words can coax me to be confused and ignore

His handsome facial features were distorted and twisted ferociously. He was surrounded by anguish
and contradiction.

Knowing that she was drunk, he took a deep breath, kept his tone calm and did not stimulate her.
"There is something complex between me and An'an. I will explain it to you in the future. Please have a
little confidence in me, OK?"

In Mo Qinyu's view, what he said was like a very poor lie which revealed the truth.

"I don't want you to explain. I hate the man of two minds most. If you love her, divorce me and marry
her. Otherwise, you break up with her and never see her again."

Qin Yichen did not speak. The dead silence filled the living room and submerged both of them.

To explode in silence, or to die in it.

She and Qin Yichen had always chosen the latter.

She sneered, rushed to the table, grabbed the wine bottle on it and poured a few mouthfuls of wine into
her throat. Qin Yichen stepped forward and snatched it.

She was so angry that she reached to snatch it back. The wine bottle fell to the ground and broke into

The full-bodied wine fumes filled the living room.

She was completely drunk and stared at the debris on the ground. Suddenly, she squatted down like
she had lost her mind, picked up a piece of the debris and held it tightly in her palm.

She moved too fast without any sign. Qin Yichen had no time to stop her.

The blood flowed out from the palm of her hand and splashed on the carpet drop by drop.