Love in full bloom

Chapter 258 Angelic bitch.

Qin Yichen turned his head to his mother. "Do you remember the oolong incident when Mo Qinyu got
pregnant? In fact, she was really pregnant, but your good daughter bribed a doctor and lied to us all,
saying she is infertile. Qin Yiman never went into the kitchen before, but at that time, she was very
positive. She went to the kitchen every day. She cooked abortion soup and made abortion meals. She
wanted to kill her own nephew."

He drank tea and continued, "Mo Qinyu secretly went to the pharmacy to buy a lot of medicine in order
to treat her infertility. However, the child was surprisingly strong. He was tossed by various kinds
medicine but he didn’t dead. But I asked the doctor that although the child can be born, he would be
not healthy, so he could only be killed. Mo Qinyu was reluctant to kill her baby. She said that even
though the child was not healthy. She wanted to give birth to the child. How can I allow myself to have
an unhealthy child? I forced her to the hospital and had an abortion."

Old Mrs. Qin held her forehead. "Yichen, why are you so stupid? It happened such a big thing. How
can you handle it in private?"

Qin Yichen smiled bitterly, "What can be changed if I said it out? The best result is to punish Qin Yiman
severely. Mother has defended Qin Yiman indiscriminately. By that time, she will fight hard to prevent
punishment to Qin Yiman. There is no fair elder in the family. It is only my wife who suffers.”

These words not only helped Mo Qinyu, but also transformed her from a "slut" who made a mistake
into good woman who had suffered more.

Mo Qinyu couldn't help but admire Qin Yichen in her heart. What an amazing acting! What smart! She
had seen it all today.

The old lady was very distressed. Her poor great grandson was tossed away in this way. She didn't
even know his existence.

"It's my fault. I should be back sooner. I won't let your mother and sister do these things at home."

A muscle on Mrs. Qin's face was twitching fiercely. Her daughter had previously told her that Mo Qinyu
was pregnant with other man’s child. It dealt with by Qin Yichen in private. She had been doubtful.

Unexpectedly, there was indeed an abortion.

But that child ...

"Yichen, is that child really yours? Wasn't other man’s? Don't forget. She has already dated with Xu
Ruochen for a long time."

Qin Yichen frowned, "Mother, you are not only slandering my wife, but you are also humiliating me. Is
Xu Ruochen’s charm better than me? If it wasn't her resentment against me, how could Xu Ruochen
take advantage of the chance to date with her?"

The corners of Mrs. Qin's mouth trembled. She wanted to say something, but froze again.

Even if the child was really others’, Qin Yichen was willing to accept it. No matter what she said, she
would make the old lady and Qin Yuhan think that she was framing on Mo Qinyu.

"It was Mo Mengshan who bewitched Yiman. Yiman is simple and naive. It is easy for her to agitate by
others. She was impulsive. In addition, Ru Chen kept stimulate Yiman because of Mo Qinyu. She will
inevitably lose control and do ridiculous things. "

Before her words ended, Qin Yuhan slammed the table suddenly and screamed angrily: "She was
spoiled by you. After she was discharged from the hospital, there was no need to return to home. Qin
family did not have such a cruel daughter."

Mrs. Qin jumped up from the sofa, full of resentment and anger, "Every time Yiman does something
wrong, you scold her, but have you ever thought about her suffering? Mo Qinyu is a scourge. Yiman

and Ru Chen were so good before. They were about to get married. If it weren't Mo Qinyu, they
wouldn't have separated at all. Yiman wouldn't still be married until now. "

"So she can kill her own nephew?" Old Mrs. Qin hit her cane hard on the ground. "I'm so glad that Qin
Yuhan sent Yichen abroad. He didn't follow you, otherwise he will be ruined by you."

Mrs. Qin was so angry and embarrassment. "Even if the child's death was related to Yiman, but Mo
Qinyu stabbed Yiman. The grievance between them was over. Liu family and Yiman's marriage has
been set. If you want to kick Yiman out, what will the Liu family think of Yiman? Can she marry in a
good way?"

In any case, she had to excuse her daughter. Her daughter had suffered a lot and was still lying in the
hospital. These people not only did not care about her life and death, but punish her. They’ve gone too

How could Old Mrs. Qin swallow this anger in her heart? If it wasn't Qin Yiman to make troubles, she
would have her great grandson. Her grandson and Mo Qinyu would not be like this.

"After Yiman was discharged from the hospital, she would live in the Greenview Villa. If you feel sorry
for her, move to live with her and take care of her until she gets married."

Mrs. Qin was startled. This meant to drive her away. The old lady was too cruel.

She clenched her fists and took several deep breaths, forcing herself to remain calm.

She knew very well that she could not be against the old lady, or she would be unlucky.

"Mother, what we are going to discuss today is the case of Mo Qinyu. Yiman's case can be slowed
down. Even if Mo Qinyu had run away from home for some reason, she had already married others

and gave birth to a child. If she were to return to Qin family, the entire celebrity circle would laugh at us.
How can we be dignified in the future?"

Mo Qinyu was a scourge.

Mo Qinyu hurt her daughter, seduced her son, and now came to hurt her again.

If Mo Qinyu returned to Qin family, neither she nor Yiman would have a good life. She couldn’t let this

The old lady turned her eyes to Qin Yichen, "Yichen can decide whether Mo Qinyu will return to Qin
family or not. What I said and Qin Yuhan said can’t decide it."

The nerves of Mrs. Qin's whole body were convulsing. This was obviously to make Mo Qinyu return to
Qin Family. "You let him decide? He is charmed by Mo Qinyu. He has lost all sense. I am his mother. I
can decide for him. Unless I die, or all of you don’t expect that Mo Qinyu can return Qin family.”

Qin Yuhan snorted coldly: "You don't even educate a daughter well. What qualifications do you have to
take care of your son? Honestly, Yichen is not only your son, but also the heir to Qin family. You don’t
need to ask him about his future affairs."

Mrs. Qin was furious and took a deep breath to keep herself from getting out of control. "The reason
why Yiman has become this way is Mo Qinyu. Mo Qinyu was born with no sense of shame. She
seduced other men. Yiman said that Mo Qinyu had seduced Ru Chen. I still don’t believe it. I didn’t
expect it to be true. Do you know what Ru Chen said when he broke off the marriage to Yiman? He
said that he likes Mo Qinyu. He will get married with no one except Mo Qinyu.”

After she said, she pointed angrily at Mo Qinyu. She was so anxious that she wanted to kill her, "This
woman is angelic bitch. Ru Chen, Xu Ruochen, and Yichen are all deceived by her. If she were allowed
to enter Qin family again, she would make Qin family be a chaos.”