Love in full bloom

Chapter 267: Midnight Tryst

"I... I'm just hungry. I want to spend more time in eating, not speaking." She shrugged, with a stiff smile
on her face.

She even felt that her own smile was forced, let alone Qin Yichen.

Pretending not to notice that, he turned to the little boy.

"Did you have a good time with your Dad today?"

"I was very happy, but after the bad guy came and quarreled with Dad, Mommy brought me back." The
little boy pouted.

At the time, Qin Yichen suddenly understood, and his face was slightly overcast.

No wonder the stupid woman came back so early and looked absent-minded and depressed. It turned
out that Yi Ran interrupted them again.

She still cared about Xu Ruochen, right?

He reached out his hand and gently raised Mo Qinyu's chin, "Whatever happened between Xu
Ruochen and Yi Ran, it has nothing to do with you, understand?"

She sneered with a mocking expression, "I know what I need to do is to keep an eye on my husband.
But I can't stop him from meeting his secret mistress in private."

Qin Yichen fiercely choked, "The husband you talked about is me?"

Mo Qinyu rolled her eyes at him sulkily with a complaining look, "You tell me?"

He blinked with his dark ice-cold eyes and crossed his arms in front of his chest. He looked at her
thoughtfully, "Who is the secret mistress?"

"How do I know? You are the only one who knows best." She took a bite of pizza hard as if to vent her

Qin Yichen sipped a sip of wine and slightly curved his mouth corner, "You are depressed because you
suspect that I have a secret mistress?"

She was seen through by him and immediately looked down. She covered the guilt in her eyes with
thick long eyelashes and said in an indistinct voice while chewing pizza, "Do I? I'm busy dealing with
the matter of the relocation of Floweerz's headquarters now, so I don't have so much time to care about
other things."

Her look and tone were like a very poor lie which revealed the truth.

Qin Yichen's heart was originally covered with a layer of haze. At the time, the clouds parted and the
moon came out in his heart.

"If you hear any rumor outside, you can't believe it. Your husband is clearer than pure water."

A sip of wine she had just drunk was almost spitted out.

Clearer than pure water?

It was the biggest joke of the century she had ever heard.

His underground mistress was recruited to his company. Could he still be clear?

Maybe it was more like a pool of muddy water!

Qin Yichen was always like this. He hid himself so deep that she could never understand.

But she believed in her own eyes. If they were not ambiguous, how can his lapel is stained by the

An'an has been with him for such a long time. He must have a deep feeling for her, so they would
never break up easily.

"Come on, the pizza will not be delicious if it's cold." She changed the topic. If they continued talking
about it, it could only hurt their feelings and hurt herself.

After lunch, she took the little boy home.

Qin Yichen had a meeting in the evening. He came back late.

She was bathing.

He pushed the door open, walked in, undressed and showed his strong muscles.

He strode into the bathtub with long legs and was going to take a mandarin duck bath with her...

On the other side of Jincheng.

An'an sat on the sofa and stared at the glass fragments on the tea table.

A cold, dark light flickered in her eyes. She clenched her teeth and rested her arm on the broken glass.


At this time, Qin Yichen came out of the bathroom with the woman in his arms and walked into the

His cell phone suddenly rang.

Mo Qinyu glanced at the caller ID. It was An'an.

Qin Yichen declined her call. His desire aroused, so he had no time to answer the phone.

But the phone rang again, and the other side persevered. If he didn't answer, she wouldn't stop.

Qin Yichen frowned and pressed the speaking key.

"Yichen, can you come over? I'm hurt and I've shed a lot of blood..."

Qin Yichen's look changed slightly, and he suddenly jumped out of bed.

Because when he answered the phone, Mo Qinyu was very near. She vaguely heard the words inside
the phone and felt Qin Yichen's tension more clearly and deeply.

"I'll be right over." He hung up the phone and put on his clothes quickly.

Mo Qinyu's heart was like being severely pierced. She deliberately pretended to have heard nothing
and see nothing. She asked in a casual tone, "Where are you going?"

Qin Yichen didn't seem to want to explain, and just answered her, "I'll be back soon." Then he left in a

When he closed the door, a cold wind came over, and the heat in her body suddenly condensed into
ice crystals.

He was so worried about An'an. She must be very important in his heart, right?

What was she then?

She was no longer sleepy at all, so she kept looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

Point by point, the pointer moved very slowly, just like a snail. The night was much longer, suffering and
lonely than expected.

There seemed to be a viper in her heart, biting her heart constantly, which made her uncomfortable.

Several times, she wanted to call Qin Yichen and ask him what he was doing, but at last she managed
to hold back.

It was taking a superfluous action.

What could he do?

He was probably flirting with his secret mistress!

She kept pricking up her ears and listened to the movement of the outside.

But it was as quiet as if she was alone in the world.

When the footsteps finally came out of the door, it was more than three o'clock in the morning.

She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Qin Yichen didn't disturb her. He lay beside her, silent and quiet.

She thought he would explain something to her the next morning, but he didn't say anything. He took
the little boy to play baseball in the yard, as if nothing had happened last night.

She felt a deep chill, as if she had been kicked into a hole in the ice and frozen to death.

She thought everything was different. She thought they could really start over.

At this moment, she suddenly woke up to reality.

In fact, nothing had changed.

Four years ago, he was the same. He left if he wanted to and regarded her as a transparent person.

She never knew where he had been or what he had done.

She was very clear that he didn't explain because he didn't care about her feelings at all. She was just
a knick-knack, a puppet.

Although he said he would treat her as his real wife, he still did whatever he wanted.

It could only prove that in his heart, she was still a dispensable existence, and he didn't really care
about her at all.

An'an, his old sweetheart, was more important than her.