Love in full bloom

Chapter 268 Lover’s Provocation

After playing baseball, he went to the bathroom to shower then sat in the dining room for breakfast.

“Uncle Devil, your baseball skill is as good as my Dad’s.”

Qin Yichen stroked his head lovingly, “I’ll teach you how to play baseball every morning, okay?”

“Okay!” said Xiao Naibao while smiling widely, revealing his row of little white teeth.

Mo Qinyu ate her breakfast in silence.

She was in a bad mood. She was depressed that she didn’t want to say anything.

Qin Yichen saw it. He was about to say something but swallowed it back again. After a long silence, he
said a low voice, “I may come back late today.”

Even such simple words felt like salt sprinkled on her open wound. She felt the pain.

She knew where he was going.

An An was obviously more important than her.

She lowered her face without saying anything. She grabbed the bread on the plate and bit it hard as if it
was Qin Yichen.

After Qin Yichen left, Xu Ruochen called her, “Qinyu, are you free today? I want to take the child to the

She pursed her lips. “I’m going to the company. I don’t have free time. I heard that the lantern in Hai’an
Mall is beautiful at night. Do you want to go there together this evening?”

“Very well.” Xu Ruochen answered happily and hung up his phone.

That evening, Mo Qinyu went to the Hai’an Mall with Xiao Naibao and Xu Ruochen. They entered they
show after eating steak for dinner.

Before the performance started, they were sitting side by side, talking.

“Is Yi Ran still in Jincheng?”

“I hired a lawyer to take care of the divorce. It doesn’t matter whether she’s here or not.” He shrugged.

“She’s your first lover. She’s always been sentimental for years. You’re lucky to have her.” Mo Qinyu

Xu Ruochen reached out and held her hand, “I’m not a player. The only woman I love right now is you.
She is my past. If we go on like this, it will only hurt you. Qinyu, I love you. I will never do anything to
hurt you.”

Xu Ruochen sounded so sincere that his words landed right in her heart.

Qin Yichen was the same. He said that he wanted to start over with her, but at the same time, he
reconnected with An An.

He wanted both of them.

But, this was not what she wanted. She wanted to be a couple for life. She would not share her
husband with anyone.

“If only I was Yi Ran.”

She smiled bitterly. Qin Yichen hurt her again and locked her inside a failed marriage.

Xu Ruochen put his arms over her shoulder, “As long as you’re willing to come back with me, I’ll make
it up to you. It just takes time. You have to wait for me.”

Again, she smiled bitterly. She felt like swallowing a bitter pill, “That’s it. I dare not think about it
anymore. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment will be.”

Maybe, she was not worthy of happiness and hope.

Every time there was a flame of hope in her heart, an ocean of ice would put it out, without a trace of

Every time she felt that happiness was near, she would be pulled down into the abyss.

Xu Ruochen clenched his fingers, “Qinyu, have some confidence in me. I will not let you down. I will

“No. I’m afraid I will let you down.” she sighed.

His nerves twitched violently, “Qin Yichen was jealous that I took you back and that I wanted to take
you back. He can never love you the way I do.”

His words were like bullet, piercing through her heart.

His words seemed to be convincing. This was exactly what Qin Yichen said, but he continued to mingle
with that woman, An An without considering her feelings.

She was about to say something when the light on the stage was turned on.

She closed her mouth and swallowed all her words, but, her face remained the same.

Xu Ruochen took Xiao Naibao to his lap.

Xu Ruochen would explain him each detail of the play.

Mo Qinyu did not care about it all. Her mind was busy thinking what Qin Yichen was doing with An An.

When she thought of them doing something intimate, she was so depressed that she felt like exploding.
She felt a scalding iron peeling the skin clean.

After the pain, the hatred emerged.

The hatred was so real that she could not ignore it.

Why did she hate Qin Yichen?

If there was love, then there would be hate.

She did not love Qin Yichen. So, why did she hate him?

She had a headache thinking about that. She shook the thoughts off of her head. She couldn’t think
about it anymore. Or else, she’d die.

After the show, Xu Ruochen took them out for dinner.

Mo Qinyu did not plan to go back. She took her child to the hotel with her.

“Mommy, why aren’t we going home? I’m going to play baseball with Uncle Demon tomorrow.”

Mo Qinyu stroked his head, “Uncle won’t come back tonight, so we stay here.”

“Oh.” Xiao Naibao was sad.

After he fell asleep, Mo Qinyu lay down on the bed and played games.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Qin Yichen called her, but she did not hear his voice. There was a woman
voice, instead, “You’re amazing, Yichen…”

She seemed to be thundered. Mo Qinyu felt some pain in her ears. Her head was buzzing.

She knew that it was An An‘s voice. She didn’t know whether Qin Yichen accidentally pressed the key
or that he wanted to challenge her.

Mo Qinyu hung up the phone directly.

She knew what Qin Yichen was doing, but it was still hard for her to hear it directly.