Love in full bloom

Chapter 266: She Was Jealous

She disguised well without any abnormality, "Chen, let's let bygones be bygones and begin again. Mo
Qinyu has returned to the Qin family. It's impossible for you to be together. Come back to me. I will be a
good wife."

Xu Ruochen's feelings seemed to be hurt by her words. He looked painful.

"Yi Ran, why didn't you tell me in advance that you have come back. Why did you have to ruin my
wedding? Did you mean it?"

Yi Ran's brown eyes flickered, "I arrived in Yan City in the morning of your wedding. I went to the Xu
family and heard that that day is your wedding day. I was in a panic. Hearing that you were going to
marry me, I thought you met a fraud, and I didn't think too much before I hurried to the church."

Xu Ruochen looked at her silently with sharp and dark eyes. If she didn't show up, he would have a
happy honeymoon with Mo Qinyu in Europe.

"Whether you mean it or not, your behavior has got me into a great deal of trouble. I don't know what
you've experienced in the past few years. If you were Yi Ran before, you would not have done such a

A muscle on Yi Ran's face twitched. "I haven't changed. You changed. If you think I shouldn't live or
come back, I'll kill myself. In this world, you are my dearest and favorite person. Without being with you,
what's the point of my life?"

Xu Ruochen kept silent.

It was not that he had no feelings for Yi Ran. It was just what she did annoyed him, caught him off
guard and destroyed everything.

Yi Ran, who he knew, would never do this.

She changed so much that he didn't know her at all.

"Go back to Yan City first. I have something to deal with here."

Yi Ran pouted and said, "Except being with Mo Qinyu, what will you do here? Your mom let me keep
an eye on you and stop you from being with Mo Qinyu and damaging the interests of the Xu family."

Xu Ruochen frowned, and a displeased look was in his eyebrows, "You would never say such words

A indescribable look flashed across Yi Ran's face, "I just love you too much."

Mo Qinyu picked up the child, "It's time for us to leave."

She didn't want to be involved in this triangle.

Xu Ruochen was so upset, because he wanted to spend a good day with them.

Every time Yi Ran appeared, she would be like a dark cloud in a sunny day, destroying all the good

After Mo Qinyu left, Yi Ran stepped forward and hugged him, "Chen, it may be destiny that you let Mo
Qinyu replace me. Our fate has not ended. Shall we start again?"

Xu Ruochen shook off her hand, "I'll go out for a walk." He finished saying and went straight out before
she responded.

Mo Qinyu didn't go back to the lakeside villa, but took his son to Di Jue to have lunch with Qin Yichen.

Instead of calling Qin Yichen's cell phone, she called the president's office and asked the Secretary to
switch her to him to give him a surprise.

The voice in the microphone was a little familiar. It seemed that she heard it somewhere, but she didn't
think much about it. Many people's voices were quite similar.

When she came to the president's office, before she went in, she ran into a woman, An'an, who had
just come out of Qin Yichen's office.

Mo Qinyu didn't expect that An'an worked in Di Jue, and she was even Qin Yichen's secretary.

Sure enough, there were all kinds of secrets between the secretary and the boss!

Seeing her, An'an hurriedly straightened her clothes, as if she was worried about that she would find

But her action was like a very poor lie which revealed the truth.

Mo Qinyu's heart thumped.

In the office just now, maybe she and Qin Yichen...

She did not dare to continue to think about it. When she was in daze, she heard An'an's voice, "Mrs.
Qin, long time no see."

She laughed so innocently that Mo Qinyu couldn't even question her something. She could only open
her mouth and smile stiffly: "Long time no see, An'an."

"Mr. Qin is waiting for you." She pressed her lower lip. The pale red lip gloss made her delicate red lips
look more charming.

Mo Qinyu nodded slightly and led the child towards the inside.

Qin Yichen has been waiting for them for a long time.

As soon as they came in, he picked up the little boy, "What would you like to eat today?"

"Pizza." The little boy said lovely.

"OK, let's go for pizza." Qin Yichen kissed his little face. He was in a good mood, and he couldn't help
showing a smile on his lips.

He thought that Mo Qinyu would stay at Xu Ruochen's place all day. Unexpectedly, she came back so
soon and asked him to have lunch together. Thus, he was a little overjoyed.

Mo Qinyu accidentally glanced at the light red on his lapel from the corner of her eye.

It looks like woman's lipstick, and the color seemed to be the same as that of An 'an.

Her heart twitched.

She knew that An'an had been following Qin Yichen for many years. Even if she came back, it didn't
mean that he would break up with An'an, right?

She kept her countenance and smiled faintly: "Honey, your coat is a little dirty. Would you like to
change it?" She asked in a casual tone, as if she just asked at random.

Qin Yichen had a morbid fear of getting dirty, which had not changed much as before.

Looking down, she saw a touch of red on his lapel. He frowned, put down the little boy and walked into
the dressing room.

Soon, he came out with a calm expression. Moreover, he didn't seem to be guilty at all.

Maybe, it was not a big deal for him, so he didn't care about it.

Mo Qinyu's lips moved, and she choked when she wanted to say something. Then she bit back all her
feelings and words.

"Come on, I'm hungry."

"OK, let's go for pizza." Qin Yichen picked up the little boy again and took him outside.

An'an hided in the corner, secretly stared at the view of their backs, and a mysterious cold light flashed
quietly at the bottom of her eyes.

When Mo Qinyu called, she answered. She couldn't watch Mo Qinyu snatch Qin Yichen away. She had
to do something to stop her.


Entering the Italian restaurant, Qin Yichen ordered the little boy's favorite seafood pizza.

Mo Qinyu was a little absent-minded. She took a sip of juice and felt it was very sour, just like she was
drinking lemon juice.

She thought that she should be very calm, and would not care if he had a mistress outside or had an
affair with other women. But why was she so uncomfortable? She was jealousy, as if there were
countless insects crawling on her heart.

She thought that she knew Qin Yichen a little, but at the time, she found that he was still a mystery. She
didn't even know how many mistresses he had behind her.

Qin Yichen keenly discovered her abnormality. She was too quiet.

He didn't know it was because of An'an. However, he thought it was because of Xu Ruochen.

"What's wrong? Why are you so quiet today?"