Love in full bloom

Chapter 259: The Secret of the Year

Qin Yichen put his arm around Mo Qinyu's shoulder, and curved his mouth corner coldly with ridicule,
"The men of honor always pursue fascinating gentlewomen. She is unlike your daughter who failed to
be well educated and no one dares to pursue her."

This was like an invisible slap that hit in mother Qin's face hard, which distorted her facial features.

"Yiman is your sister. How can you say that?"

Qin Yichen's eyes were cold, and his face became extremely indifferent, "From the time she tried to kill
my child, there was no brotherhood between us."

"Yiman was agitated by Mo Mengshan, and that bitch always stirred up discord beside her, so she did
those stupid things." Mother Qin quickly explained for her daughter.

Both of them were her favorites. She couldn't watch the brother and the sister become enemies
because of a cheap bitch.

Qin Yichen looked at her and his eyes were full of ridicule and disappointment. She defended Qin
Yiman to the point that she couldn't distinguish right from wrong. "You don't need to explain for Qin
Yiman. She is guilty forever. Never expect me to forgive her."

Mother Qin fulminated with anger. She felt that his son was bewitched by Mo Qinyu and has already
lost his senses. "Do you know what is blood is thicker than water? Mo Qinyu is just an outsider. She
cheated on you and cuckolded you. You can forgive her. Yiman just did a petty thing wrong, then she is
unforgiveable in your eyes?"

A sinister anger flashed through Qin Yichen's eyes. "A human life is just a petty thing in your eyes?"

Mother Qin took a deep breath. Although she didn't think she has said something wrong, seeing the
gloomy faces of grandma Qin and Qin Yuhan, she quickly explained, "I don't mean that. I mean, these

are old things. You shouldn't let it affect the relationship between you and Yiman."

"All right." Qin Yuhan waved his hand. "Since you love that black sheep so much, you should make
good preparations for her marriage and get her married quickly. Then you don't have to worry about
other things."

Mother Qin took several deep breaths and tried very hard to contain her anger.

At the moment, the situation was very clear. Three to one. The three generations of the family were all
on the same front.

They had made up their mind to let the inferior bitch go back to the Qin family.

Moreover, seeing the attitude of grandma Qin and Qin Yuhan, she was afraid that they have had the
idea of changing the hostess of the family.

She couldn't confront the tough with toughness.

If she was replaced by Mo Qinyu, then Yiman may have a hard time in the future.

"If Yichen determines to let Mo Qinyu come back, I will not disagree. I just hope that she can respect
Yiman in the future. No matter what she has done, she is their elder sister."

Grandma Qin took a quiet look at her. "In the afternoon, you go to the Liu family and discuss with them.
The wedding of Yiman will be at the end of next month."

Mother Qin was shocked, "Will it be too urgent if the wedding is in next month? Yiman's injury hasn't
recovered yet. The doctor said that there may be scars. I planned to send her to the United States to
have skin grafts, and then let her come back after the scar is removed."

"I asked the doctor. It's not that serious. It can recover in two or three weeks. Even if there will be scars,
they will be on her back, not on her face, it won't affect her wedding. If you're going to send her to
America to have skin grafts, you should wait until the wedding finishes." Qin Yuhan's tone was a little
harsh and cold. It was a matter of certainty. No one could change it.

A nerve twitched on mother Qin's face. What she really worried about was not Qin Yiman's injury, but
that she wouldn't agree to marry in the Liu family at all. She was obsessed with Qin Ruchen and it was
not so easy for her to give up.

"Yuhan, you should know that Qin Ruchen is the man Yiman wants to marry. If we suddenly tell her that
she will marry into the Liu family. She may not accept it for a while."

Before she could finish speaking, Qin Yuhan interrupted, "That's your business. If you can't even do
this little thing well, you don't have to manage our Qin family's business."

Mother Qin's look was bad. There was no room for discussion. Qin Yuhan didn't like Yiman at all. The
pearl in his palm was Qin Chuxia that little girl. How could he think about Yiman's feelings?

Grandma Qin no longer paid attention to her. She waved to Mo Qinyu. Mo Qinyu came and sat beside
her. "Grandma, I'm sorry, I didn't live up to your expectations."

Although she has been sitting silently without speaking, her feelings were like a huge wave, which
couldn't calm down for a long time.

Grandma Qin took her hand and sighed softly, "let bygones be bygones. It's the test of God. When you
had an accident, I was thinking, did I do something wrong? If I didn't ask someone to send that
information, and just let Mo Mengshan married into our family. Would the result be better?"

As soon as she said this, Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu shook violently and were shocked at the same

"Granny, you sent that express delivery that smeared me severely?" Qin Yichen stroked his forehead
and was speechless.

Grandma Qin said with a smile, "Your wife, who is going to be hostess of the Qin family, how can we be
perfunctory? Naturally, we need to choose the most excellent daughter of the Mo family. When your
grandfather was alive, he not only sent people to inspect the two children secretly, but also went to test
them personally."

"Personally?" Qin Yichen turned to look at Mo Qinyu, "You have seen my grandfather?"

"No." Mo Qinyu was stupefied and confused.

Grandma Qin patted her hand. "Qinyu, do you remember that when you were in middle school, you
helped an old man who fell to the ground?"

Mo Qinyu recalled carefully and nodded. "I remember that afternoon when I was out of school, I saw an
old man fall to the ground. Everyone was watching. No one dared to help him. I went up to help him up
and sent him to the hospital."

Grandma Qin said with a loving smile, "At that time, all people were worried about being blackmailed,
so you are advised to ignore it. But you were righteous and said that there were only few people would
blackmail. You cannot let these people have the upper hand and corrupt the general mood of the
society, and let the needy get no help. At that time, I stood in the crowd and watched. And then, your
grandfather and I decided that you are the granddaughter-in-law of our Qin family."

Mo Qinyu was stunned. She never expected that the person she helped was grandpa Qin!

Qin Yichen came over and put his arm around grandma Qin's shoulder. "In order not to let Mo
Mengshan marry me, you spared no effort to smear your grandson?"

"Do you think I did it right or wrong?" asked grandma Qin.

"Right, of course." Qin Yichen nodded without hesitation, "You should have said it earlier, so Mo Qinyu
doesn't have to carry the burden of replacing her to marry me all the time."

"I just want you and Qinyu to cultivate your affection, so that you won't think that we force you to marry
her." Grandma Qin said in a low voice.

Mother Qin glanced at them quietly and unconsciously thought of the will.