Love in full bloom

Chapter 255: Having no bottom line

He was hinting that Mo Qinyu should not quarrel with Qin Yichen to make him angry. Apart from her, no
one could influence Qin Yichen's mood, making him lose control.

Qin Yichen looked at him coldly and scared him away, not as a third wheel, shining on them and
darkening himself.

Xiao Naibao reached out his hand, touching Qin Yichen's stomach.

Qin Yichen kissed his little face lovingly.

He had to admit that the child had been really good, and had stirred up all the love he had ever felt as a

But for Xiao Naibao's sake, he would never forgive Xu Ruochen.

"I'm going to make a snack." Mo Qinyu getting up, went to the kitchen to cook bird's nest porridge,
because Qin Yichen's stomach was not good, and now he could eat nothing but porridge.

After eating the porridge, the child went back to his room to sleep.

Mo Qinyu going to the bathroom, lay in the bathtub.

Too many things happened today for her to accept.

All her life was turned upside down in one day.

The change was not what she wanted.

She closing her eyes, the warm bath washed away all her weariness and scars.

Suddenly a large hand reached out.

With a shudder, she opening her eyes, saw Qin Yichen's charming mahogany eyes.

She shied away unconsciously. "As you're not well yet, you should go to bed early."

He stared at her seductive body rudely, a flame seeming to burn in his dark eyes. "With you here, if I go
to bed too early, isn't it a waste of time?"

"The most important thing for you now is to keep your body healthy and not overwork it."

"Proper exercise can help the body recover." He raised his thin lips charmingly, stepped in the bathtub,
reached out, and pulled her into his arms.

She nudged him, wanting to refuse, but not daring to make her intentions clear.

For one thing, he was still ill, so she could not make him angry.

For another thing, he was her lifeline, as no one but him had the power to take the child away from the
Xu's, making the child live with her.

Qin Yichen frowned, raised the tip of her chin, and forced her to look at him. "From now on, you have to
be with me wholeheartedly, and don't have unrealistic expectations of anyone."

A sad smile slowly appeared on her face. "According to the rules of the Qin's, I will be whipped 40
times and then expelled from the Qin's, so I have no right to be your wife."

Qin Yichen's fingers slowly moved down. "It is up to me whether you are worthy to be my wife."

She looked down, her long, thick lashes casting a melancholy shadow on her white skin.

"Since I humiliated you, and I had a child with someone else, are you sure you don't mind?"

"As long as you stay by my side, I will forgive you." He said without hesitation.

She had taken his heart and his soul.

As long as he could keep her around, nothing else mattered, and he could let go of it.

“Qin Yichen……”A tear fell from her eyes, making ripples on the water.

Jesus Christ, this was a big joke on her, since after all she had been through, she finally returned to Qin

Perhaps no matter how Sun Wukong struggled, Sun Wukong was doomed to be trapped in the
Buddha's five fingers mountain.

Qin Yichen kissed her deeply.

She no longer resisted him, but closed her eyes, obeying him to his will.

At last she coming back, belonged to him again.


Yan city

Xu Ruochen woke up.

He was locked up in the brig.

Xu Ruofang, taking advantage of the opportunity to bring him food, slipped in quietly.

"Brother, do you feel all right?"

"Can I look good like this? Where are Mo Qinyu and the child?"

Xu Ruochen frowning, what worried him most now was Mo Qinyu and her son.

"They were taken by Qin Yichen." Xu Ruofang told him exactly what happened after he was taken

Xu Ruochen punched the wall in anger. "Why should my mother interfere in my affairs?"

Xu Ruofang sighed. "The impact was so great that they had to do it because they were worried about
the family's reputation and interests."

“Xu Ruofang.” Xu Ruochen grabbed her hand. "You try to put me out at once, since I will go to Jin city
to find Mo Qinyu and the child."

"They live with Qin Yichen now, so it's no use if you go, and you will have a conflict with Qin Yichen.
How about settling the matter between you and Yi Ran? She was now your nominal wife after all." Xu
Ruofang dissuaded.

Xu Ruochen's mouth twitching, she had a point.

"Where is Yi Ran now?"

"She rents an apartment in West Street."

Xu Ruochen's eyes flashed with gloom. "I always felt something was wrong, since according to Yi
Ran's temperament, if she came back, she would come to me first and she can't come to my wedding,
making trouble."

Xu Ruofang was silent for a moment, as if thinking. "Because people change, and we don't know what
happened to her after all these years."

Xu Ruochen patted her on the shoulder. "So you keep in touch with her, and with your keen sense,
you'll be sure to find out if there's anything wrong with her."

Xu Ruofang nodded.

There was no impervious wall, and Qin Yichen did not deliberately hide Mo Qinyu and her son.

Qin Yiman has been paying attention to the news of Mo Qinyu all the time, so when Qin Yiman heard
that Mo Qinyu had been brought back by Qin Yichen, Qin Yiman immediately went to Qin Yichen's
mother to complain, since Qin Yiman would never allow Mo Qinyu to step into the door of the Qin's

Qin Yichen's mother was furious when she heard about it.

Mo Qinyu, the immoral and shameless woman, made her son so miserable, and disgraced the Qin's.
Mo Qinyu even dare to come back? Mo Qinyu's face seemed thicker than the city wall.

She would punish Mo Qinyu according to the family law, and then chase Mo Qinyu away from her son,
as she must never let Mo Qinyu hurt her son.

She and Qin Yiman stormed to the lakeside villa with their servants.

Mo Qinyu knew there would be a "fierce battle", so Mo Qinyu let the servant take the child to the
garden to play, lest he was scared.

"Long time no see, madam." Mo Qinyu said in a calm voice.

Qin Yichen's mother glared at her. "Don't pretend to me. Since you have decided to leave, you should
disappear forever and never appear again."

Qin Yiman really hoped her sight was like an arrow, so she could stab Mo Qinyu to death with one
arrow, and Mo Qinyu could never come back to life.

"Mo Qinyu, you are not only shameless, but also you have no bottom line. Since the Xu's doesn't want
you anymore, you want to come to the Qin's and do you think the Qin's is a garbage collection station?"