Love in full bloom

Chapter 264: They are flirting

Qin Yichen's dark and icy eyes seemed to glisten in the darkness. "You should find a woman to fall in
love with."

Ru Chen shrugged. "Without your sister to make trouble, I can find any woman I want."

That's true, since for four years, Qin Yiman would stop at nothing to deal with the woman who showed
up at his side, and Qin Yiman would not rest until the woman was forced to leave.

Last time, when he was injured on the golf course, Qin Yiman infuriated Ru Chen's mother, who
publicly announced that she would never let Qin Yiman step into the Ru's door.

Ru Chen's mother's words was a blow to Qin Yiman.

From that time on, the Qin's decided to choose another good husband for her, no longer let her do what
she wanted.

Mo Qinyu smiled. "Brother, I hope you can meet your true love as soon as possible."

A trace of bitterness passing through Ru Chen's heart, she was the only woman he wanted to marry,
and he would never fall in love with anyone but her.

He tried to raise the corners of his mouth, showing a stiff smile.

"If the destiny of true love does not come, it is no use for me to ask, and if the destiny of true love
comes, I cannot refuse, so let it be."

Mo Xiaowu has been secretly watching him. As Ru Chen was so similar to Shi Cong, it reminded him of
all the memories of Shi Cong.

He also noticed that Ru Chen seemed to like his sister.

If Shi Cong was still alive, Shi Cong must be married to his sister by now, living a peaceful and happy
life together in Jiang city.

Nor could his sister's life have been so full of ups and downs.

While he was thinking, Mo Qinyu spoke in a low voice. "Brother, you can eat here tonight and I'll cook
your favorite dish, sweet and sour pork with pineapple."

When he heard this, he startled slightly. "Brother Shi Cong loves sweet and sour pork with pineapple
made by my sister. Ru Chen, do you like this too?"

Ru Chen smiled. "Yes, I like sweet and sour pork with pineapple best, but I have an appointment
tonight, so I can't stay. I'll be sure to come and eat some other day."

When he had finished speaking, he kissed Xiao Naibao's pink cheeks and left.

Qin Yichen looked after him, his mahogany eyes narrowing, a little gloom slipping through his eyes.
"Mo Xiaowu, are Ru Chen and Shi Cong really alike?"

"They're so similar, that they're just like the same person." Mo Xiaowu nodded like a chicken pecking

"As a doctor, do you think it's possible for two unrelated people to look so much alike?" Qin Yichen said
in a joking tone.

Mo Xiaowu touched his chin. "Although it is possible for people to look alike, it is unscientific that they
can look so alike without blood ties. In the world, only clones and identical twins can look exactly alike."

Qin Yichen picked up a cup from the tea table, taking a sip. "Shi Cong is his parents' own child, isn't

Mo Qinyu pursed her lips. "Shi Cong is of course his parents' own child. He's a year younger than Ru
Chen, so there's no way they could be separated identical twins."

Qin Yichen shrugged. "I'm just asking, since I don't care about other people's business." When he had
finished speaking, he raised his hand, holding the tip of her chin. "You are my wife now and you will be
my wife in the future. Xu Ruochen and Shi Cong are in the past, so you must stop thinking about

His voice sounding very domineering, the devil was still the devil, just as his domineering nature will
never change.

Mo Qinyu peered at him pettishly. "As my mind settles as still water, I don't think about anything."

"You can't think of nothing, since you must think of me." He raised his thin lips charmingly.

Mo Xiaowu broke into a laugh. "Brother-in-law, you are the standard rich President. But I tell you, my
sister can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force, so you must charm her with sweet

"I knew that she loved sweet talk." Qin Yichen sounding a little sarcastic in his tone, his eyes showing
the meaning of the word: superficial.

Mo Qinyu felt as if she were messy in the wind.

She knew that although she had explained to him, he still believed that she had fled with Xu Ruochen
because she had been seduced by Xu Ruochen's sweet words.

She's just a shallow woman who couldn’t stand sweet talk.

"Qin Yichen, you are excellent, perfect, and you are good in everything, but you have only one flaw."

"What is it?" Qin Yichen raised his eyebrows.

"You having a sharp tongue, it is as if poison, instead of honey, were on your mouth." She wrinkled her
nose slightly, sounding a little defiant.

Bing a rebel by nature, she was wild, which was just like that he would never change his domineering

Qin Yichen's mouth twitching, he was silent for a moment. Turning suddenly, he went to the refrigerator,
taking out the honey.

Mo Qinyu freezing, she was about to ask him what he was going to do when he unscrewed the lid,
dipped his finger in some honey, and put some honey on his own mouth.

"Wife, are you satisfied with this?" Mo Qinyu felt that she wanted to vomit blood, it seeming that a row
of black crows croaked and flew by. "Qin Yichen, you..." Before she could speak, he leaned forward
and kissed her, the honey from his mouth touching hers.

She was so shy that she was blushed, she raising her fist, and she punching him hard on the shoulder.

As her brother and Xiao Naibao were all around, how could he be so reckless?

Mo Xiaowu covered his mouth and grinned, it seeming to him that they were flirting, and that the
affection between them seemed to be growing.

Xiao Naibao tilted his head, looking at them curiously. "Uncle Devil, are you licking my mommy's
mouth? My dad likes to lick mommy's mouth, too."

Before Xiao Naibao could finish, Mo Xiaowu reached out his hands and covered Xiao Naibao's mouth.
Xiao Naibao couldn’t just say that casually, as brother-in-law would be uncomfortable after hearing.

Qin Yichen was indeed stung.

As an extremely possessive man, he naturally hoped to possess Mo Qinyu completely.

But he lost her after all.

All he could do was make up for her.

So from now on, no one could covet her.

"Your mommy will be mine from the tip of her hair to the tip of her toes, and no one will touch her
except me." He said insolently.

Xiao Naibao was a little surprised. "Can't I touch mommy, too?"

"You can." Qin Yichen caressed Xiao Naibao's head.

Mo Xiaowu smiling, picked Xiao Naibao up in his arms. "Come on, let Uncle take you to play in the
yard, and don't be a third wheel."

"What is a third wheel?" Xiao Naibao tilted his head, looking at him confusedly.

"You'll know when you grow up." Mo Xiaowu grinned, walking out with him.


In the evening, after Mo Qinyu took a bath, when she came out of the bathroom, the phone rang, the
Skype message sounding suddenly.

It's from Xu Ruochen.

Xu Ruochen's mother finally let him out, then he went to Jin city right away.

"Qinyu, I miss you and Xiao Jun."

Mo Qinyu's heart seemed to shake violently. "Xiao Jun misses you, too, and he keeps asking when you
can come and see him."

"I'm coming to Jin city, so can you come tomorrow with Jun?"

Mo Qinyu hesitated for a while, sending the words. "All right."