Love in full bloom

Chapter 265: Don't Expect to Replace Me

When she came into the room, Qin Yichen had already bathed. He was dressed in a patterned pajama
and looked like a charming monster.

She rubbed her hands and went to him, "I want to talk something with you."

Qin Yichen pulled her into his arms, "What is it?"

She pressed her lips, "Xu Ruochen has come to Jincheng. I want to take the child to see him

In Qin Yichen's dark eyes, an indescribable deep look flickered quietly, but he didn't say anything and
just shrugged, "let Kai Luo go with you."

She was a little shocked and a little surprised. She thought he would be angry or opposed.
Unexpectedly, he was so "magnanimous".

"Are you really not against it?"

After that, he flicked her forehead, "Mo Qinyu, I choose to believe you, and I hope you won't let me

She was a little flattered and put her arms around his neck, "Thank you, Qin Yichen."

He gently kissed like red lips which was like the red rose, "Either call me honey, or call my name. Do
not call my full name."

"I see." She smiled, and curved her eyes into two new moons.

The next day, she took the little boy to Xu Ruochen's villa.

Xu Ruochen had been waiting anxiously for a long time.

As soon as he saw her slender figure, he came running and hugged her, "Qinyu, I miss you so much."
He missed her so much that his heart even ached.

Mo Qinyu trembled softly and broke free from his arms.

At the time, she was Qin Yichen's wife, the young mistress of the Qin family. She was no longer his

She was grateful for Qin's trust and didn't want to let him down.

Her action hurt Xu Ruochen's feelings.

"Qinyu, have you forgotten me after you went back to Qin Yichen?"

"No." She shook her head, "I've gone back to the Qin family and became Qin Yichen's wife again, and
your first love also came back. We can't be together like before."

The words stabbed his weakness and let his face turn pale, "As long as you want, I can take you and
Xiaojun to leave and go back to the United States."

She sighed in a low voice, "Chen, we can't betray our families. Your parents have finesse. No matter
where we flee, they will find us. We can't escape. As for the Qin family, I am very grateful that they are
willing to accept me, regardless of my past. Since I'm Mo Qinyu again the daughter-in-law of the Qin
family again, I can't do anything to ruin the reputation of the Qin family."

There was a clear farewell note in her voice. She had made up her mind and would not leave with him.

His viscera twitched, "Don't you love me anymore?"

"It has nothing to do with feelings." Her expression was calm and her tone was calm. It was the fate's
choice before. At the time, it was her own choice. "Once I became Mo Qinyu again, it would be wrong

for us to be together. We won't get anyone's blessing. It will only cause public anger. It was elopement
if I leave with you. The Xu family will not let us go, nor will the Qin family. It is likely that we will hide
ourselves from place to place for the rest of our lives. This will have a great impact on Xiaojun. He
needs a safe and stable environment to grow up well."

Xu Ruochen felt like he was kicked into the cold Arctic Ocean and surrounded by despair.

He knew Mo Qinyu. She was a very rational person and would never be confused by feelings.

Leaving with him was the worst decision for her.

How could she take risks?

In fact, he was also very rational, but when he was locked in the Xu family and lived the life without her,
he was suffering.

He had planned everything, but he didn't expect that something unexpected came up suddenly and
destroyed everything.

The strong contrast made him unreconciled and almost go crazy.

"How should I live without you and our child?"

"I will often bring Xiaojun to see you." Mo Qinyu said in a very low voice.

The little boy stepped forward and hugged Xu Ruochen, "Daddy, I miss you very much. Although uncle
Demon became my new father, I still like you the most."

Xu Ruochen put the child in his arms, "Xiaojun, remember that you only have one father, and no one
can replace me."

He was the child's father and could never be replaced by Qin Yichen.

The little boy nodded and rubbed his face with his little face, "Okay, daddy is always daddy, the closest
daddy of Xiaojun."

"Good boy." Xu Ruochen kissed his son's little face.

Mo Qinyu looked at them, and felt a little sad. The little boy was always talking about when he would
see his father every day.

He and Xu Ruochen had a deep affection. Suddenly they were separated, which would cast a shadow
on his young heart more or less.

"Mommy will take you to see daddy whenever I have time, OK?" She stroked her son's head.

"Okay." The little boy nodded and said in a lovely voice, "When I can't see daddy, I'll have video chat
with Daddy."

Xu Ruochen fondly stroked his son's face, "In the future, before going to bed, daddy will tell you stories
and coax you to sleep just like before."

He was talking when there was a knock on the door.

He opened the door and saw it is Yi Ran. He said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm your wife. If you come to Jincheng, of course I'll follow you." Yi Ran pouted and walked in. When
she saw Mo Qinyu, her brows wrinkled, "Why are you here? Haven't you broken up with Chen?"

Mo Qinyu stood up and took his son's hand, "I brought the child to see him."

Yi Ran looked displeased, "I can send someone to pick up the child in the future, so you don't have to
come here in person, in case your husband will misunderstand."

Mo Qinyu could see the hostility in her eyes. Her intuition told her that the woman was not simple,
otherwise she would not appear suddenly to destroy their wedding.

"Miss Yi, although I pretended to be you, it doesn't mean that you can replace me and become Xu
Ruochen's wife."

Yi Ran's mouth corner twitched, "Chen is mine at the beginning. You are just my substitute."

Before she finished speaking, Xu Ruochen cut in and said, "Ran, we loved each other before. I have
arranged a lawyer to submit a divorce application to the court. Our marriage is invalid."

Yi Ran's whole body was convulsed violently, as if she was struck by lightning, "Chen, how can you do
this to me? Do you forget that you said that you will love me forever and will never change?"

"I didn't, and I kept my promise. When I went to the Amazon death zone, do you remember what you
said? I didn't break my promise. Now I want to live a new life. We are done." Xu Ruochen said

Yi Ran was in consternation and didn't seem to remember it.