Love in full bloom

Chapter 263: Having a baby for you

"Don't you like Uncle Devil?" Qin Yichen caressed his little face.

"No." Xiao Naibao shook his head. "If you're my new dad, what about my dad?"

"Daddy is still your daddy. You can often go to Yan city to see your dad, and your dad will also come to
Jin city to see you." Qin Yichen said patiently, in a coaxing tone.

Xiao Naibao's thick, long eyelashes fluttered. "So I have two dads?"

"Yes, both dads love Xiao Jun." Qin Yichen kissed his pink little face. "Don't you like baseball very
much? Uncle will go and play baseball with you, won't you?"

"All right." Xiao Naibao nodded, bursting into laughter.

Children were like this, their emotions changing quickly.

Mo Qinyu looked at them, with a smile on her face.

She was relieved that Qin Yichen could accept her child.

She also finding that Qin Yichen was really changed, although he was still as domineering as before,
there was tenderness in his domineering.

At noon, Mo Xiaowu came over.

After Mo Qinyu arrived in Jin city, Mo Qinyu met with him. When he learned that his sister was alive, he
was thrilled for days before he calmed down.

"Xiao Jun, Uncle bought you a Lego battleship." He picked Xiao Naibao up, raised Xiao Naibao lovingly
above his head, and whirled around in the air.

Xiao Naibao then sat down beside him, opening the toy box. "Uncle, I'm a good Lego player, as I can
play Lego very quickly."

"You are really good. Uncle already knew Xiao Jun was a particularly clever child." Mo Xiaowu smiling,
caressed Xiao Naibao's head.

Mo Qinyu brought cakes and fruit. "Mo Xiaowu, are you still used to the internship in the hospital?"

"My internship was good, as I had a major operation with my professor the other day." Mo Xiaowu said

Mo Qinyu gave him a piece of pitaya to eat. "Mo Xiaowu, do you have a girlfriend?"

Mo Xiaowu made a face. "Sister, I am still young, so I have to work first, and I have no time to make a

Qin Yichen put his arm around Mo Qinyu's shoulder, raised the corners of his mouth, and said jokingly.
"As your brother is a famous handsome boy in college, the girls who like him are all over the
playground. Are you still worried that he doesn't have a girlfriend?"

Mo Xiaowu, with fruit in his mouth, mumbled. "Brother-in-law, a rich CEO like you can easily make a
handsome man lose his charm. Since every time you visit me, all the girls in our school go crazy and
become fanatics, shouting to have a baby for you."

Qin Yichen gently pulled Mo Qinyu into his arms. "Your sister and I are already planning to have a

Mo Qinyu choking, peered at him pettishly. "Be serious."

He raised his thin lips, smiling charmingly. "If this is not serious, what is serious?"

Mo Xiaowu blinked, as if thinking of something, he grinning. "Brother-in-law, there really is a very
serious matter that you two did not do."

"What is it?" Qin Yichen was slightly stunned.

"You ought to have a wedding, since you haven't had one four years ago. You can't wait for my sister to
have a baby in her belly and let her have a wedding with a big belly, can you?"

Mo Qinyu shivered slightly, she seeming to be pricked by the two words of “the wedding”.

Her heart ached at the thought of what had happened in the church.

Qin Yichen was keenly aware, so his thin lips slowly moved closer to her ear. "Xu Ruochen is not the
right person for you, so your wedding is ruined. Only I can take you to the church to get married."

She looked down, her long, thick eyelashes hiding a trace of sadness in her eyes.

She didn't have that confidence, as God seemed to enjoy playing tricks on her.

Seven years ago, she made an appointment with Shi Cong that after the summer vacation, she and he
would go to the civil affairs bureau to register their marriage. However, Shi Cong was taken away in a
car accident, leaving her in great pain.

Four years ago, she thought Qin Yichen would be nicer to her when she had a baby, so she could live
in peace. However, the baby she was carrying was not Qin Yichen's, she feeling as if she had fallen
into an abyss.

And now that when she's walking into a church with Xu Ruochen, Yi Ran was like "coming back from
the dead," forcing her from a wife to a lover.

As happiness was only a step away, it seemed that she could reach out to catch, but she would never

She did not know what would happen next, so she dared not hope.

"Eat the fruit, as it's your favorite orange." She picked up an orange and held it to his lips, as if to
change the subject deliberately.

He frowned slightly, took her hand, forbade her to escape. "Aren't you looking forward to the wedding?"

She sighed, a little bitterness rising in her heart. "I was afraid that something bad might happen. Since
every time I thought I was on the verge of happiness, a gust of wind would blow me away, sending me
back to hell."

Qin Yichen put his arm around her shoulder. "Don't think too much, fool, as if anyone dares to mess
with our wedding, I will make him feel miserable."

As he spoke, the doorbell rang.

The servant hastened to open the door.

It's Ru Chen.

Mo Xiaowu was meeting Ru Chen for the first time, he jumping up from the sofa, his eyes bigger than a
bronze bell. "Brother Shi Cong! You......You're alive!"

Mo Qinyu patted her brother on the shoulder. "He's not Shi Cong, and he just looks like Shi Cong. His
name is Ru Chen, the young master of the Ru's Group."

Mo Xiaowu touched his head with his hand. "Oh my god, they're so much alike! He and Brother Shi
Cong aren't long-lost twins, are they?"

"We might be." Ru Chen shrugging, smiled faintly.

Xiao Naibao, who was convoying the warship, got up from the crawl mat, running ahead of Ru Chen.
"Uncle Ru Chen, you haven't been to see me and mommy for a long time?"

Ru Chen caressed his head. "That's why I came to see you today and I also bought you Transformers."

After he finished speaking, he handed Xiao Naibao the toy in his hand.

"Thank you, Uncle Ru Chen." Xiao Naibao happily sat back on the crawl mat, unpacking the toy.

Qin Yichen glanced at Ru Chen coldly. "Why are you free to come to me today?"

Ru Chen shrugged. "Didn't I already tell you? I am to see Xiao Jun, since Mo Qinyu is my sister, and
Xiao Jun is my nephew. I naturally want to often visit them. "

Qin Yichen squinting his eyes, a hint of anger slipped through his eyes.

"Ru Chen, you'd better remember that she will always be your sister and there is no other possibility."

A subtle shade of gloom appearing on Ru Chen's face, he took a deep breath quietly, raising the
corners of his mouth with a sly sneer. "I heard Qin Yiman is getting married, congratulations." He
quietly changed the subject.