Love in full bloom

Chapter 262 chapter

“Who?.....Who the hell are you?”

“Debt collector.” Ruchen said clearly and firmly. “Butcher’s must be paid back in his blood.”

He went to the bar and poured out a glass of wine. The red liquid was like blood. It was extremely

“Remove his eyes, cut his tongue, destroy his legs and hands. Finally, you can throw him into the wolf’s
den in the mountains.”

“Yes.” The man in black nodded.

There were a lot of wolves in the mountain. It was normal that people in the mountain were eaten. No
one doubted.

“Don’t kill me. I don’t make it. I didn’t drink. I make it for others.” The man was scared,then he cried.

Ruchen darkened his face. “Who?”

“I don’t know. I just know he is a big shot.” The man trembled with fear.

Ruchen beat on the table. “Tell me what happened. If you lie to me, you will be what I say.”

“Don’t kill me. I say... I say all of them.” The man knelt on the ground. He was terrified.


In Jincheng. In the Hubin villa.

A small boat was rippling on the lake.

Qin Yichen and Mo Qinyu sat in the boat. They enjoyed the tea and stars.

Mo Qinyu looked at the sky unhappily. “Niulang and Zhinv can only see each other once a year. They
are pitiful. But they are much better than the person whose lover is deaf. They have faith in their heart.
But some people will never see each other again.”

She thought of Shicong suddenly. On Double Seventh Festival, they sat by the South Lake and
watched stars together.

It was a happy time.

Her happiness was very happy. She could see him every day. She could sit by the lake with him to
watch the sunset, count the stars, play the ocarina...

It was enough. It was really enough for her.

But life was cruel. She had no simple happiness. Her lover died.

Qin Yichen understood her ideas and he was a little upset.

He was by her side, but she never noticed him.

A dead man can make her miss day and night.

"Mo Qinyu, can't you value me? If I die one day, you will mourn me by watching the sky. "

She was stunned and glanced at him. "What are you talking about? You are Devil. King of the hell is
afraid of you, so he dares not to kill you."

Qin Yichen took her hand. "Will you be sad because of my death?

She blinked. There's something in her eyes. "No, I'll remarry when you're dead."

He was shocked and sad. "You are so direct. You are exactly what I think."

He lowered his eyes. He seemed to be hurt, and his face was pale.

He swallowed difficultly. He lay down and looked at the dark sky. "IF you are dead, I will be very sad. I
don't want to experience it again. Therefore, I decided to die before you. It's good for everyone."

His voice was weak, with some decadence, and some bitterness.

She suddenly felt heartache. She felt sad at the thought that he had a stomachache from drinking. She
hugged him subconsciously. “I am just teasing you intentionally. Don't be so serious. Don't you want to
get my heart? You can’t give up halfway.”

Listening to her words, he immediately got a new life. It was like a good medicine.

His eyes were lit, and his face was radiant again. “You still have me in your heart. I am not a
transparent person, am I?”

She laid on him chest. At the same time, she listened to his wild heartbeat.

“I just need some time to adapt to these changes. You say that we will exchange our hearts when
Kadupul blooms. Let’s wait together.”

“Well, we agree on the question.” He gently hugged her. Then he lightly kissed her hair.

In the evening, they were in a very ambiguous atmosphere.

He slipped his slim fingers into her skirt. “Stupid women, give me a baby.”

She was stunned and astonished. “I... I am not ready.”

“You don’t have to prepare. It’s settled.” He smiled treacherously.

The boat swayed slowly...

The next day, Mo Qinyu went downstairs and saw that small boy was very depressed. He sat alone on
the sofa. His fluid black eyes were bewildered.

She hurried to him. “What’s the matter, baby?”

“Mommy, I miss daddy. When will daddy come to pick us up?”

Mo Qinyu was shocked. She hugged him and said, “daddy... He has gone abroad. He will come to see
us when he returns.”

She had no way to explain her and Xu Ruochen’ affairs. So she had to find an excuse to satisfy her

A drop of tears fell from his eyes. “Mommy, are you going to divorce dad?”

“Xiaojun...” Mo Qinyu choked. She was in great pain.

She didn’t want it to affect the child. It would bring shadow to his young heart. But he would know it one

Qin Yichen came. He knew that blood was thicker than water. Xiaojun was Xu Ruochen’s child. It was

“Boy.” Qin Yichen hugged him and said, “Your father will be back in a few days. I’ll take you back to Yan
city see him. OK?”

“Well.” He nodded and blinked. “Uncle demon, my sister-in-law say you want to live with my mommy.
You want to be my father. Is it true?” He asked in a low voice.