Love in full bloom

Chapter 261: Finding out the murderer

Qin Yichen choked, apart from the woman in the hotel, she was the only woman he had sex with.

But he didn't want her to know.

She was unique and irreplaceable in his heart.

In her heart, he was of no importance.

It's so unfair.

"As I said, you need your heart for mine." He seizing her hand, laid it on his chest.

Through his hard muscles, her palms felt his fierce, wild, and fast heartbeat.

She seemed to hear her own heartbeat, so sad, so helpless, and so powerless.

It being full of holes, she did not know if she could still love anyone, so how could she exchange with

When he saw her silence, a little disappointment seemed to appear on his brow.

"You won't exchange with me? Since you don't want my heart, do you want to sleep in the same bed
but dream different dreams and appear united outwardly but divided at heart with me all your life?" His
voice rose slightly, mingling with hurt.

She bowed her head, gently moving the gravel at her feet. "You said that Xu Ruochen was just sweet-
talking, tricking me into coming to him. No, it took me four years to let him into my heart and become
one of the most important people in my heart, so I don't know how long it will take me to let you into my
heart. If I promise you at will, I am only deceiving you."

He took her face in his hands, the heat of his palms warming her cheeks. "I can wait for you. It doesn't
matter if it is four years or ten years, since we still have a lifetime."

His eyes were firm and persistent, his tone sounding solemn and sincere.

She did not know how to respond, her big eyes full of complexity and confusion. She could not
understand him since he was like a riddle, and she could not tell whether his feelings for her were true
or not, as for a man in a high position like him, what he couldn’t get was always the best.

He bowed his head and kissed her, he giving her no opportunity to escape from him.

He believed that one day her heart would open to him.

Qin Yichen's mother was visiting her daughter in the hospital at the time. As Qin Yiman heard Mo Qinyu
returned to the Qin's, Qin Yiman was very angry.

"That bitch almost killed me, but dad and grandma were willing to let her go back to the Qin's. Are they

"That mean bitch, full of scheming, you are too impatient, so how can you fight her?"

Qin Yichen's mother patting her daughter's hand, to her, her daughter was innocent and kind, but had a
bad temper, so her daughter was misunderstood by everyone.

Qin Yiman had nowhere to vent her anger, so she grabbed the glass from the table, throwing it at the
wall. "I'm going back to kill that bitch. I want to disfigure her with sulfuric acid, and then see how she
still seduce men?"

Qin Yichen's mother put her arm around Qin Yiman’s shoulder. "Don't be impulsive now, since the most
important thing for you now is to repair your relationship with Qin Yichen. Qin Yichen now treats her like
a treasure, and he would give his life for her now, so if you kill her, he'll even pull out your skin."

Qin Yiman's face seemed twisted. "I shall have no peace until she dies."

Qin Yichen's mother caressed her head, saying in a soothing voice. "You're just too direct. There are
many haters of her, so if you want to deal with her, why should you do it yourself? If you get your hands
dirty, you won't be able to clean them."

A very cold and gloomy light flashed in Qin Yiman's eyes. "You are right, since Mo Mengshan, Pang
Xiaofan and Ann will never forgive Mo Qinyu. If they unite to deal with Mo Qinyu, am I afraid Mo Qinyu
will not die?"


Yang city.

It was getting late.

Ru Chen sat alone in the window, staring out at the waning moon.

He was already drunk.

It's Valentine’s Day again.

But the woman he loved was in someone else's arms.

He wouldn't have missed her!

They wouldn't have separated!

He leaned his head against the window, his thoughts seeming to reach as far as the sky.

A cool breeze was blowing by the silent lake.

Together they lay on the grass, looking at the stars.

"Shi Cong, where are Altair and Vega? Why can't I find them every time?"

Her white face looking innocent, perfect, pure, bright, and childish in the starlight, her big twinkling eyes
were like the brightest stars above her head and her eyes were so beautiful and bright that seemed to
darken the stars around her.

He took her hand, pointing to a misty band of light in the sky. "You have to find the Milky Way first, and
then you have to find the shoulder pole star, which you call the Altair, and opposite it is Vega."

"I found it." She smiled, revealing a pair of lovely dimples in her face. "I will make a wish to Vega that I
will stay with Shi Cong for the rest of my life and never part with him."

"Silly girl, even if you don't make a wish, I will not be separated from you." He kissed her gently on the
forehead, his eyes full of love.

She laid her head on his broad shoulder, her long, thick eyelashes seeming to twinkle cunningly. "I
heard that in college, a lot of girls like you."

He smiled, gently scratching her nose with his finger. "All the people in my college know I have a
girlfriend and she is the only one in my heart, as I can't put anyone else in my heart anymore."

She grinned, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him with her red lips. "You are the only one I
love, and always will be."

“Mo Qinyu.” His slender fingers caressed her beautiful face. "When you go to college, we'll get married,

"All right." She smiled, her eyes brimming with happiness.

"I love you, Mo Qinyu."

"I love you, too, Shi Cong."

They kissing deeply, their eyes only see each other, and in their hearts, they only love each other,
everything seeming to be behind them.


When he came to his senses,he drained the wine in his hand.

May we all be blessed with longevity and May we still love each other in our hearts.

Mo Qinyu, I came back.

Would you come back to me?

Just then there was a knock at the door.

It's his assistant, Carl.

"Master, the man you were looking for has been found, and he's been held outside."

A sinister and cold light flashed through Ru Chen's eyes. "Bring him in."

Outside the door, two men in black forced a man to come in, and the man was covered with black
headgear, his whole body shaking.

Ru Chen putting on a silver mask, let the man in black take off the man's headgear.

The man looked at him in horror. "Who are you and what do you want?"

Ru Chen picked up the knife on the table, throwing it violently. The silver light flashing, the knife hit the
bull's eye on the opposite wall. "Do you remember that there was a car accident on the Jiang city
bridge seven years ago?"

The man shook violently. "That......That was a long time ago, and I...I was in prison and I've turned over
a new leaf."

"You've turned over a new leaf? Is there any chance for the person you hit to turn over a new leaf?" Ru
Chen sneering, he punched the man furiously, the man falling to the ground with blood all over his nose
and mouth.