Love in full bloom

Chapter 254: I want both her and her child

"Very well." Qin Yichen raised his thin lips complacently.

When Xu Ruochen's mother heard that he was coming, she thought he had come to question her, so
she felt uneasy.

After all, as it was her son's fault, the Xu's was not reasonable.

Qin Yichen walked in with holding Mo Qinyu's hand, Xu Ruochen's mother shaking violently. "This
woman has nothing to do with the Xu's, so you may take her."

Qin Yichen put his arm around Mo Qinyu's slender waist, looking domineering. "Of course I want to
take this woman, but your son cheated my wife, so how can we solve it?"

Xu Ruochen's mother's mouth twitched. "This woman seduced Xu Ruochen, so you should settle this
with her."

Qin Yichen's eyes turned cold, looking like ice, but his tone still sounding calm. "Your son has been
coveting my wife for a long time, since he pretends to be gay, deceiving everyone, and subsidizes
medical expenses by sending my brother-in-law to America for treatment in order to obtain my wife's
gratitude. Finally, he created the fake death of my wife, turning my wife into Yi Ran, so how could these
things have been done without careful planning?"

The veins on Xu Ruochen's mother's forehead throbbed.

Was her son mad, trying so hard and doing so much to get a married woman?

"Even in that case, it takes two to tango."

Qin Yichen seemed to exude a chill that seemed to drive the temperature of the hall below freezing.

"It would be unwise to try to pass the buck now."

Xu Ruochen's mother swallowed, trying to keep calm. "How do you want to solve it? Come straight to
the point."

Qin Yichen put his slender fingers on Mo Qinyu's shoulder and picked up a wisp of her hair, playing
with her hair as if by accident.

Mo Qinyu kept her head down, remaining silent.

She could not interrupt them, but she could find that Qin Yichen had been dominant.

"I heard that the Xu's Group has invested tens of billions of dollars in a project, so if something goes
wrong with this project, it will affect you more than the failing of BKK Merger and acquisition, right?"

Xu Ruochen's mother jumped off the sofa as Qin Yichen spoke.

That hit the nail on the head, and that was what she and Xu Ruochen's father feared the most.

"Although the Qin's is the richest family, the Xu' is not easy to mess with."

Qin Yichen raised the corners of his lips coldly. "Then we'll see who's better."

Xu Ruochen's mother took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down for she knew there was no
advantage in confronting Qin Yichen.

"As we should be scrupulous in separating public from private interests, this is a private matter
between you and Xu Ruochen after all, so it's not good to get involved in the internal affairs of the
Group. What do you think?"

Qin Yichen's big hand touched Mo Qinyu's face, rubbing her face gently.

"A private negotiation is also possible."

Xu Ruochen's mother's eyes lit up slightly, saying quickly. "Would you please suggest a solution?"

Qin Yichen compressed his thin lips, his voice sounding low and clear. "The boy upstairs, let me take
him with me."

Xu Ruochen's mother shook violently. "How is that possible? Since Xiao Jun is my eldest grandson, he
can only stay at the Xu's."

Qin Yichen shrugged. "Of course he is the grandson of the Xu's, as I have no interest in raising a son
for anyone else. The child's custody is jointly owned by Xu Ruochen and Mo Qinyu, but the child
should live with Mo Qinyu."

Xu Ruochen's mother hesitated for a moment. "If I agree, you won't pursue the matter with us again?"

Qin Yichen's dark and icy eyes flickered in the light. "I will release the news that Mo Qinyu and I have
secretly divorced four years ago."

Xu Ruochen's mother's eyes lit up.

It was easy to solve all the crises by his simple words.

If Mo Qinyu had divorced, his son and Mo Qinyu's marriage would not be looked down upon by others.
As for why Mo Qinyu changed her name, they could simply find a reason to explain.

"Well, do as you say."

She called for the child to be taken downstairs.

Xiao Naibao sobbed and rushed into his mother's arms, his little body still trembling with fright.
"Mommy, I thought I'd never see you again."

Mo Qinyu picked him up, tears streaming down her face. "Baby, we'll never be apart again."

Qin Yichen didn't waste time, as he went straight to the airport, taking Mo Qinyu and her son back to
Jin city and letting them stay at his lakeside villa.

Xiao Naibao was in low spirits, keeping his head down, tearful and silent.

Mo Qinyu touched his head, comforting him in a low voice.

"It's all right, baby. Since we're in Jin city now, Grandma won't take you again."

Xiao Naibao blinked, a tear running down his face. "Mommy, why is Grandma suddenly so fierce? Are
you and dad getting divorced? So will I never see my dad again?"

Mo Qinyu's eyes were moist with tears, and her heart was as painful as being cut by a knife.

"Daddy will come to us, so we're just staying with Uncle Devil."

Xiao Naibao put his head in her arms. "Then you're not going to get divorced, are you? In the past,
since Alice's parents had divorced, she could only see her father once a month, and I don't want to be
like her. I want to see daddy every day and live with daddy, and I don't want to live with a single

Mo Qinyu's heart seemed to wring up.

She could not tell her child the cruel truth that their home was gone and that she and Xu Ruochen
could no longer live together.

She couldn't let him fall out with his family and lose everything for her.

"Dad will come to Jin city in the future, so Xiao Jun will see dad every day."

Xiao Naibao looked up at her. "So we're moving to Jin city?"

"Well, we'll be living in Jin city."

Mo Qinyu's mouth was stiff, she trying to smile.

She could not let her child find that she was sad and lonely.

Qin Yichen picked Xiao Naibao up, letting Xiao Naibao sit on his lap. "May I ask Aunt Xiao Xia to come
and play with you tomorrow?"

"All right." Xiao Naibao sniffed, bursting into laughter.

As the child was innocent, his mood changing quickly.

Then Finn came in. "Boss, you should go back to the hospital."

Mo Qinyu then remembered that Qin Yichen was still ill and had not been discharged from hospital.

His face looking very pale, it was obvious that he was not well yet.

"Qin Yichen, go back to the hospital first. Don't worry about me."

Qin Yichen waved his hand. "I'm not going, since I hate hospitals. It's the same with resting at home."

Finn grimaced. "Because your wife will take care of you at home, which is better than you staying in the
hospital." With that, he turned his eyes to Mo Qinyu. "Remember, madam, he must not be allowed to
drink wine, even a drop of wine."

Qin Yichen looked a little impatient. "Stop talking nonsense and get out of here."

Finn smirked. "I know that Boss was very disciplined, so you won't drink as long as you doesn't quarrel
with your wife."