Love in full bloom

Chapter 256 Eye for an Eye

Mo Qinyu tried to calm herself down, “I do not plan to go back to the Qin family. Please, don’t
misunderstand me.”

Her words got under Mother Qin’s nerves. Her eyes flashed with a cold light.

“The Qin family is not a place where you can come and leave as you will. You have to accept a severe
punishment according to the family’s law after you disgrace us.”

Kai Luo waved her hand giving a sign to the people behind her to take Mo Qinyu back with them.

Kai Luo came in with a team of men in black.

Qin Yichen was on guard. He knew that his mother would make a commotion. So, he asked Kai Luo to
take her men to protect Mo Qinyu’s safety in the villa.

“Madam, the young master will be here soon.” Kai Luo said casually.

Mother Qin, who was in the doorway, called Qin Yichen immediately.

Qin Yiman stamped her feet in secret. She knew that Qin Yichen would defend Mo Qinyu and that their
law couldn’t be enforced.

“Do you want us to rebel? Mother Qin is the main lady of the Qin family. She has right to punish her
daughter-in-law. Qin Yichen should follow the rules of the family as well.”

Kai Luo stepped before Mo Qinyu, “I only obey my master’s orders. He ask me to protect the lady. No
one shall take her away from me.”

Mo Qinyu could see the reason Qin Yichen was the first most powerful of all. It was not only that he
had a huge family behind him, he also had his own strength. There were a group of loyal subordinates

who would only obey him, no one could dispatch them. Even Mother Xu was afraid of these.

Qin Yiman was so pissed that her face became ugly, “What if I want to take this woman with me?”

“Then, we shall see whose subordinates are stronger.” said Kai Luo firmly.

Mother Qin’s mouth twitched. She was so angry.

Mo Qinyu stood behind Kai Luo while silently observing her.

She was different from Mother Xu.

Mother Xu was not content to only manage the internal affairs. So, she fought together with Father Xu
in the market. She was a great importance to Father Xu that he allowed her to use the family’s power at

Mother Qin was more of a powerless wife. Lu Yuhan restricted her from doing a lot of things. She
couldn’t use the family power at will.

Later, the servant came to the living room with Xiao Naibao.

Xiao Naibao looked at crowd in front of him and was afraid.

“Mommy, why there are so many people here?”

He wanted to run to his mother but Qin Yiman rushed forward, picked him up and ran to the yard.

“Mo Qinyu, I’ll take your son with me. If you don’t follow us, I’ll kill your son.”

Mother Qin was shocked by her daughter’s action, but she did not stop her.

She knew that she must take Mo Qinyu away before Qin Yichen came, otherwise, Qin Yichen would
definitely stop her.

Mo Qinyu could feel her body tremble. She rushed out to the yard, “Let of of my child. I’ll come with

Xiao Naibao knew that these were bad people. They wanted to hurt his mother.

“Bad woman, let me go!” his little hand hit Qin Yiman in the face.

Qin Yiman loved her looks so much. She was very angry when Xiao Naibao beat her. She hated him
even more because he’s the child of Mo Qinyu’s.

“Kid! How dare you hit me in the face?! Go die!”

Qin Yiman raised him up in the air and used all her strength to smash him down the ground.

“Xiaojun—” Mo Qinyu screamed. She ran to Xiao Naibao to catch him. Kai Luo and others followed.

They were all behind, but the child did not fall to the ground. He fell into an embrace.

It was Qin Yichen.

He just came and saw the scene. He rushed over and caught the kid.

“Uncle Demon, I know you will come and save me.” Xiao Naibao lingered his arms around Qin Yichen’s
neck. He was crying while shivering in fear.

“It’s okay, Xiaojun.” Qin Yichen caressed his head and comforted him.

“Uncle Demon, she’s a bad woman. She’s going to take Mommy.” Xiao Naibao pointed his little finger
to Qin Yiman. Her face was full of anger.

“Uncle, you must teach her some lessons.”

Qin Yichen stared at her coldly.

Qin Yiman shivered as she ran to hide behind Mother Qin.

Mo Qinyu clenched her fists. She was filled with resentment.

Qin Yiman tried to kill her son four years ago, now she wanted to throw her child to death. If Qin Yichen
was not there to catch him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

She turned around and stormed back to the hall. Everyone was in yard. No one paid attention to her.

She took a knife and walked to Qin Yiman.

Qin Yiman was paying attention to Qin Yichen for fear that he would punish her. She did not notice Mo
Qinyu at all.

“Yichen, he’s nobody. If he dies, then so be it.”

Her words got under Mo Qinyu’s nerve. It only fueled her even more to stab her.

Women had a strong motherly instinct that one would sacrifice her life to safe one’s child.

“Qin Yiman, go die!” Mo Qinyu stabbed Qin Yiman on the back.

Blood flowed out of her back.

She screamed like a slaughtered pig, “She kills people. Mo Qinyu wants to kill people! She tried to kill
me just now!”

Mo Qinyu threw a stone to her head. She fell to the ground. She tried to get up, but failed.

“Qin Yiman, you dare touch my child. Today, I’ll settle everything with you.” Mo Qinyu walked slowly
toward her.

She was furious. Her fingers tightly held the handle of the knife. There was blood dripping from the tip
of it.

Whoever dared to harm her child, she would come and fight the person.

Mother Qin was frightened. She tried to stop Mo Qinyu, but she pushed her away and fell to the

Mother Qin was pale. She was afraid if Mo Qinyu swung her knife the second time, Qin Yiman would
be dead. She shouted desperately, “Yichen, this woman is crazy. She is going to kill Yiman. Stop her!”

Qin Yichen handed the child to Kai Luo. He rushed forward and grabbed Mo Qinyu’s wrist, “Qinyu, calm
down. Put the knife down. If you kill her, you’ll only get your hands dirty.”

Mo Qinyu’s fingers were clenched tightly. Her bearing was cold. Her intention was not easy to be
waived away.

“This is not the first time she wanted to kill my child. She has not changed at all for the whole four
years. She’s still vicious, but I have changed. I will never let her bully me again.”