Love in full bloom

Chapter 257 Settled the Accounts

Qin Yichen whispered to her, “Stupid girl, when you hate a person, you should deal with her slowly. If
you stab her now, that will be too nice for her. Do you understand?”

Mo Qinyu loosened her grip and dropped the knife to the ground.

Qin Yiman lied on the ground, scared to death. She cried out, “I’m going to die! Help me! I’m going to

Mother Qin hurriedly asked people around to Qin Yiman to the hospital.

“If something bad happen to Yiman, I’ll kill this bitch!”

If it wasn’t because of Mo Qinyu who was hooking up with Ruchen, Qin Yiman would have been
married to him since a long time ago. Now, Qin Yiman was more a like leftover.

“She deserves to die for trying to kill a three years old toddler.” said Qin Yichen. He walked Mo Qinyu
inside and locked Mother Qin outside.

Mother Qin swore she would not allow Mo Qinyu stepped inside the Qin’s house while she’s still alive.

If she could not handle Qin Yichen, then she would let Qin Yuhan and Grandma Qin handle him.

In the living room, Mo Qinyu curled up in Qin Yichen’s hug. She was still trembling.

She was raging and being impulsive. She did not care about anything. Now, she’s afraid of what she’s

She almost killed Qin Yiman.

But, she didn’t regret it.

She would fight whoever dared to lay a finger on her child.

“Is she going to die?”

“It was a light injury. She won’t die.” Qin Yichen gently stroked her back.

She said, “I can’t live here, Qin Yichen. I’ll leave with my child.”

Qin Yichen cupped her face, “You’re not allowed to leave. Where I stay is where you belong. Do you

She sighed heavily, “The day I left Qin family, I was destined to never go back. You always regard me
and my child as enemies. We cannot get along peacefully. Now that I hurt your sister, your mother may
hate me even more. I cannot have a peaceful life here.”

“Mo Qinyu.” Qin Yichen looked at her deeply, “I lost you four years ago. It was a struggle to find you. I
will never let you go again.”

“Qin Yichen…” she was confused. She did not know what to say. She could only lower her eyes.

When Mother Qin arrived home, she told Grandma Qin the thing Mo Qinyu just did. Grandma Qin
called Qin Yichen immediately. She told him to bring Mo Qinyu back with him.

Grandma Qin knew that the affair between her grandson and Mo Qinyu must be settled soon.

Qin Yichen told Kai Luo to take care of the child. Then, he took Mo Qinyu back to the manor.

Mo Qinyu did not like this place. She felt depressed as soon as she was inside. The manor rarely felt
warm. It was always cold here.

Grandma Qin and Qin Yuhan were there.

Mother Qin’s face was ugly. She was angry. She knew that Mo Qinyu was a disaster. She knew that
she should not have been married to the Qin family four years ago.

“As nation has its own law, our house does too. She eloped with another man and tainted the name of
the Qin family. She also hurt Yiman. We shall deal with her today.” Mother Qin was ready to avenge her

Qin Yichen silently looked at her, “You took Qin Yiman to my house and caused a commotion. Qin
Yiman raised a three years old toddler up to the air and threw him to the ground. If I didn’t catch him in
time, he would have been killed. As a mother, if someone tried to kill your child, wouldn’t you do the

Mother Qin mumbled, “It was only an impulse.”

“She was careless about a human life. You, as a mother, stood by and watched coldly without saying a
word. You didn’t even try to stop her. You’re a bystander of a crime.” said Qin Yichen coldly. It was so
cold that Mother Qin shivered.

She found out that she completely lost her identity as a mother in the eye of his son.

“The child hit Yiman’s face. Yiman cherished her looks the most—” Mother Qin said, half shouting, but
Qin Yuhan stopped her, “You don’t have to explain. I know Qinyu won’t hurt Yiman for no reason. She
was raised well.”

Mother Qin’s face was complicated, “Even if there is a reason for her to hurt Yiman, but she and Xu
Ruochen eloped, which was a felony. It couldn’t be forgiven. She made this family a laughingstock. Our
family had always have a good reputation for generations. There had never been a shameless

Qin Yichen held Mo Qinyu’s hand, “She didn’t cheat on me. We signed a divorce paper in secret, then
she left. After she left, I repented and tore up the paper. She didn’t know that. She knew that we were
divorced.” he paused, “I’ve let people know that we were divorced four years ago. If you punish her,
that will be inappropriate.”

His words touched her nerves. Her son’s words were like a plug, blocking her respiratory system and
leaving her nothing but anger.

Mo Qinyu hurt her daughter. The doctor said that she might have a scar on her back. She would never
forgive her for that.

“You shouldn’t make excuses to protect her. If things were as you said, why did she fake her death and
changed her name?”

“I gave her two choices. First, she continued becoming the daughter-in-law of our family. Second, she
couldn’t marry anyone else and that she would die a lonely death. She knew if I found that she
remarried, I would not let her go. Do you think she dare to remarry under the name of Mo Qinyu?”

Qin Yichen sighed and turned the conversation around, “Actually, I know another reason she did this.
She wanted to revenge me because I killed our children with my own hand.”

Qin Yichen shocked everyone in the room, especially Mo Qinyu.

She did not expect for him to say something like that.

Qin Yichen told her to be quiet and let him do the talking. She obeyed and sat beside him in silence.

Grandma Qin held her cane, “Yichen, what do you mean by that? Can you explain?”