Love in full bloom

Chapter 252 Broke Them Up

Xu Ruochen came to the villa.

He looked thin and decadent.

Yi Ran’s appearance did not surprise him. It brought him anxiety and ambiguity, instead.

“Qinyu, I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was alive.” He wanted to touch her hand but she moved away.

“Xu Ruochen, tell me honestly. Have you always regarded me as the substitute of Yi Ran?”

Xu Ruochen was slightly shocked. His intention was not absolutely pure, but he never regarded her as
anyone’s substitute.

“Qinyu, Yi Ran for me is the same as Shi Cong for you. It’s all in the past. You and her are two different
people. How can I regard you as her substitute?”

He was solemn, sincere, and frank. He put his arms around her shoulder, “Qinyu, I love you. You are
my wife. You’re the most important person to me now. You don’t need to replace others and no one can
replace you.”

Mo Qinyu’s heart was a mess.

Everyone in their circle talked about her now.

She was condemned by the public overnight.

After returning to her identity as Mo Qinyu again, she was embarrassed.

She’s not divorced yet. She was still the member of the Qin family and Xu Ruochen was a man with a

If she decided to stay with Xu Ruochen, she’d completely become a mistress.

Her children would also become illegitimate.

“Ruochen, what should I do now? I’m not your wife anymore.”

Xu Ruochen seemed sad and troubled, “Qinyu, you come home with me first. Give me some time. I’ll
deal with Yi Ran.”

Ruchen came down from upstairs, “It’s not appropriate for Qinyu to come home with you now. You
should divorce Yi Ran as soon as possible, then you can take her home.”

Mo Qinyu was silent. She did not know where to go. She felt like a stray dog. There was no place
where she belonged.

Xiao Naibao ran over and hugged Xu Ruochen.

“Daddy, you’re here! I thought you don’t want me and Mommy anymore.”

Xu Ruochen picked him up and kissed his little face, “You and Mommy are the most important people
for Daddy now. How can Daddy abandon you? Daddy has come to pick you up. Can you help Daddy
ask Mommy to forgive Daddy and come home together?”

“Mommy, let’s go home. I want to go home. I cannot let the bad woman take our home away.”

Mo Qinyu’s heart was softened. She put all her concerns away.

Her child needed a home now.

She could sacrifice her reputation, fame, everything. What were the importance of these things

As long as Xu Ruochen did not regard her as substitute, then she had nothing to contend with.

“Let’s go.” Mo Qinyu said in a low voice.

Xu Ruochen breathed a sigh of relief. He held his child with one hand and Mo Qinyu with his other
hand, “Let’s go home.”

Ruchen tightened his hand.

He could see that Mo Qinyu went home because of her child.

He knew if he tried to stop her, he couldn’t change her mind.

Back home, Xu Ruochen pushed the door open. He saw Mother Xu and his sister were sitting on the

It seemed that they had been waiting for a long time.

Mother Xu asked Xu Ruofang to take her grandchild upstairs. She would not allow adult matter to affect

After the door upstairs was closed, Mother Xu asked Mo Qinyu, “Are you really Mo Qinyu, the
daughter-in-law of the Qin family?”

Mo Qinyu was about to answer when Xu Ruochen said, “I’m sorry, Mom. It’s all my idea. It’s none of
Qinyu’s business. I didn’t expect for it to turn out this way.”

It was the same as revelation of Mo Qinyu’s true identity.

“You’re really bold.” Mother Xu looked at her son angrily. She was a very reserved person. She couldn’t
accept such behavior.

She used to like Mo Qinyu, but now, she was disgusted.

It was immoral for her to get intimate with her son while she was someone else’s wife.

Leaving her husband to elope was even more disgraceful.

She had put the Xu family into crisis.

Son of the Xu family abducted the daughter-in-law of the Qin family and everybody knew it now. She
tainted the name of the Qin family. It was strange that the Qin family could swallow all these

Xu Ruochen didn’t dwell on his thoughts. He only wanted Mo Qinyu to stay with him.

“Mom, I’ll take care of Yi Ran. Don’t worry.”

Mother Xu poked his forehead, “It’s a small thing. The problem is the Qin family. She hasn’t divorced
Qin Yichen yet. Now, you two are together. You live together illegally. It is not justifiable according to the
law. Although this matter has been suppressed among the commoners, people in our circle knows it all.
Whether she’s divorced with Qin Yichen or not, you two must be separated. You should not be together

“Mom, let them say what they want to say. I don’t care about gossip at all. I have lived with Qinyu for
four years. We have a child. We are real couple. No one can break us up.”

Mother Xu slammed the table, “Nonsense! I don’t care what you can or cannot do. The Qin family will
not let this matter rest. Your father has long suspected that this problem is orchestrated by the Qin
family. I’m afraid they have found out about you and Mo Qinyu. Qin family’s power in the market are
beyond our reach. It’s not good for our family to compete with the Qin.”

Mo Qinyu felt like she had been hit. Her shoulders were shaking uncontrollably.

She realized that this was not personal. It was more of a business of a two powerful families.

Mother Xu was right. Qin family wouldn’t spare her and Xu Ruochen easily.

They might not care about her, but they cared about the reputation of the family.

Xu Ruochen hugged her shoulder. He regretted his decision. He shouldn’t take her home. If he stayed
in the US, none of this would happen.

“I will take Mo Qinyu and our son back to the US tomorrow. The gossip will subside with time.”

Mother Xu murmured, “How simple your plan is! Unless you escape the earth, the Qin family can still
find you. Your father has made a decision. If you don’t break up with this woman, you will be cut off
from your inheritance right and from the Xu family. You will no longer have a father.”