Love in full bloom

Chapter 253: The battle for her child

Xu Ruochen's face twitching, a trace of determination flashed in his eyes quietly. "Maybe it's for the
best, so I don't worry about getting the Xu's into trouble anymore."

He did not hesitate when he said this, because when Mo Qinyu left the church, he understood that it
didn't matter whether it was a business game or anything else, as she was the only person he wanted.

Xu Ruochen's mother was extremely shocked and furious as she could not have imagined her son
would have given up his family fortune for a woman.

"I won't let you fool around." She shouted. "Somebody quick." Five bodyguards came in from outside.
"Take the young master down."

"All right." The bodyguard stood in front of them, menacing.

"Mo Qinyu, you stand aside." Xu Ruochen clenching his fist, it was not difficult for him to deal with the
bodyguards, but he didn't want Mo Qinyu to get hurt if they did fight.

What he didn't realize was that the bodyguards were prepared, and they weren't going to fight him, they
picking up the gun, and with a bang, they shooting an anesthesia bullet in his leg.

Xu Ruochen couldn't believe his mother would do such a thing to him.

Mo Qinyu was also shocked, rushing to Xu Ruochen's side. "Xu Ruochen, are you all right?"

She realized that Xu Ruochen's mother, who appeared to be gentle and peaceful, was in fact a brutal

"Mom, you've gone too far." Xu Ruochen fell to the ground, unable to move.

Xu Ruochen's mother was a kind of underworld princess in Southeast Asia, as her father was the
biggest arms dealer in Southeast Asia. So for her, the tranquilizer gun was no big deal.

Xu Ruochen's mother didn't want to do this, but she was prepared for the worst, since her husband had
given her the mandatory order to take her son back today, or else he would disown her son.

She couldn’t let that happen.

“Xu Ruochen.” Mo Qinyu shivered and caressed Xu Ruochen's face, a tear rolling down her cheek.

At this point, she no longer doubting Xu Ruochen's feelings for her, it's just that they couldn’t be

She could not let him fall out with his parents for her.

"I love you, and no matter where I am in the future, you just need to remember I love you."

"Mo Qinyu, don't be afraid, as I will come back to find you. I will come back to find you, so you have to
wait for me..." Xu Ruochen wanted to say more, but his muscles were too stiff to move.

The bodyguard picking him up, led him out.

Mo Qinyu wiped the tears from her eyes, looking at Xu Ruochen's mother.

"Don't worry. I'll leave."

She went upstairs, packed up her things and her child’s things, and came down with her child.

Xiao Naibao's big eyes were wide open as he looked around for Xu Ruochen. He didn’t understand
why he had to leave as soon as he got home.

"Mommy, where are we going? Where's daddy? Why don't I see daddy?"

Before Mo Qinyu could answer, Xu Ruochen's mother rushed forward, grabbed her grandson's hand
and pulled him into her arms. "The child is the blood of the Xu's, so you can't take him with you."

Mo Qinyu seemed to go through a severe spasm.

"Xiao Jun has never left me, as he is too young to leave me."

Xu Ruochen's mother looked indifferent and cold. "As you are like the mud bodhisattva crosses the
river and cannot protect yourself. No one knows what the Qin's will do with you, so if Xiao Jun falls into
the hands of the Qin's, it is a great threat to the Xu's."

On hearing this, Xiao Naibao realized that there was a big problem between mommy and daddy.

But he didn't know what the problem was, and he was just scared that mommy and daddy would split

With all his might, he shook off Xu Ruochen's mother's hand, running to Mo Qinyu's side. "Grandma, I
want to be with mommy and I don't want to be separated from mommy."

Mo Qinyu hugged her son tightly. "I'm not going back to the Qin's, and Qin Yichen already knew about
me being with Xu Ruochen, he saying he would oblige us."

Xu Ruochen's mother snorted. "Even if he would, the Qin's might not. Even if they can let you go, since
Xiao Jun is my grandson, how can you take him?"

Mo Qinyu retreated to the door with her son. "Since Xiao Jun is everything to me, what's the difference
between taking him away from me and killing me?"

Xu Ruochen's mother looked at Mo Qinyu coldly, her eyes looking like ice with no warmth. "You are not
worthy to be the mother of him for seducing Xu Ruochen to do such immoral things. He will no longer
be your son, so he has nothing to do with you, and you will never see him again."

After she finished speaking, she commanded the people at the door to separate Mo Qinyu and her

"Auntie, please, don't take my child, please!"

"Grandma, I want to be with mommy and I don't want to leave mommy."

Mo Qinyu held the child tightly, the child also tightly clutching her clothes.

Xu Ruofang sighing heavily, if her brother had seen this, he would have been very sad.

"Mom, let Xiao Jun go with my sister-in-law first, and why should you make such a scene?"

"Shut up! I haven't settled with you yet." Xu Ruochen's mother glared at her.

Xu Ruofang shut up, daring not speak again.

Since the bodyguards were very strong, Mo Qinyu and Xiao Naibao were no match for them at all, so
they were soon separated by them.

“Xiao Jun——”


The child's cries and Mo Qinyu's piercing screams seemed to shake the walls.

Xu Ruochen's mother turned a deaf ear. "Throw this woman out."

The bodyguards dragged Mo Qinyu, throwing her outside the iron gate.

"Give me back my child. You give me back my child..." Mo Qinyu shook the iron gate desperately,
screaming at the top of her voice.

She was so afraid that she would never see her child again.

Not far away, a light shone down on her.

She turning her head, saw a black car pull up to the side.

As the door opened, the person inside rushed in front of her.

"What's the matter with you, stupid woman?

Through her tears she could see his face, and he was Qin Yichen.

She grabbing his hand as if he were a life-saving straw, it didn't matter what he was doing, and whether
he was coming to beat her, scold her or punish her, as long as he could help her get into the house.

"Qin Yichen, can you help me? They've taken my child and won't let me see my child. Can you help
me, please? Please!"

She looked so helpless, hopeless, and miserable with tears all over her face.

Qin Yichen felt that his heart was wrung, he remembering how she had cried, screamed and begged
him when he had forced her to have an abortion four years earlier.

"Is that Xu Ruochen? How dare he do this to you?"

"No, it was his mother, and Xu Ruochen was taken away by her. I can leave Xu Ruochen, but I can't
live without my child. I can't live without my child, so please help me, and no one can help me but you."

Qin Yichen raised his hand, brushing the tears from her face."I can help you, but promise me one

"Whatever it is, I promise you." She did not even think, saying without hesitation.

As he was like the only floating board in the sea, and the last drop of water in the desert, her life and
death were in his hands.