Love in full bloom

Chapter 232 killed by you

"Ruochen." She buried her head in his arms.

Happiness should be visible, tangible, and she can feel this kind of happiness when she stayed with Xu

And for Qin Yichen, the destroyer of happiness, he will destroy everything she had now and sent her
back to hell.

As for staring over, he only drew a painting of future and tried to trick her?

He had been disgusted with her, and now that she had given birth for someone else, he was afraid to
dislike her even more from the bottom of his heart.

How could she get out of this situation, away from him?

At this time, the little fellow ran over from upstairs, "dad -"

Xu Ruochen let go of the people in his arms and picked up the little fellow. “baby, do you miss dad?”

"yes." The little fellow rubbed Xu Ruochen's face with his face. "I don't have anyone to play baseball
with when daddy's not here."

"Let's go out for a round now." Xu Ruochen kissed the little fellow's little face, his eyes were full of

The little fellow went up to change clothes and put on his baseball cap, then he found Xu Ruochen in
the yard.

"Darling, daddy hear that the day before yesterday you didn't get the permission from mommy and go
to Disney with your devil uncle?" Xu Ruochen asked in a casual tone.

"Dad, I know I'm wrong. I've promised mom I'll ask her permission before I ask my friends over." The
little fellow said in an extremely low voice, and feared it will make his daddy unhappy and was criticized

"Dad know that Xiao Jun is the most lovely and obedient child." Xu Ruochen stroked his head, "why do
you like devil uncle?"

"I like devil uncle and also like aunt Xiao Xia, they are my only friends in the Jin city." The little fellow
said in seriousness.

Xu Ruochen stroked his little face. "honey, you should play with children of your own age, not with

"Auntie Xiao Xia is only 12 years old. She is not an adult. I should have called her big sister, but she is
devil uncle's sister, so I must call her aunt." The little fellow explained it in his child voice.

Xu Ruochen put his arm around little fellow's small shoulder. "my dear, the devil uncle is a very fierce
person and often loses his temper. You should stay away from him in the future so that he won't get
angry and hurt you."

"No, devil uncle never lost his temper, he just doesn't like to laugh. I listen to aunt Xiao Xia, devil
uncle's wife died, he is particularly sad and doesn’t smile anymore." The little fellow dropped his eyes,
and a sad feeling passed over his eyes, as if he sympathized with Qin Yichen.

Xu Ruochen's brown eyes flashed in the sun, he knew that a three-and-a-half-year-old child wouldn't
understand though you told too much to him, he just petted his little face, "the devil uncle is an outsider
after all, not a friend of dad and mommy, you can't be too casual with him, you know?"

"Why isn't devil uncle daddy's friend? Don't you know each other well?" the little fellow puzzled his
eyes, he had always thought the devil uncle was the friend of his father.

"We just know each other, not friends." Xu Ruochen said.

The little fellow hung down the head and felt some disappointed, he hoped dad can make friend with
devil uncle, so devil uncle can often come to the house to play.

"Dad, can I invite devil uncle to come to be a guest?"

"You have to ask mommy's permission first." Xu Ruochen did not refuse the child directly, but in a
gentle way. He knew that Mo Qinyu would never allow Qin Yichen to come to the house.

How could the little fellow know his intention, he still thought he was agreed and smiled happily, "dad,
let's play ball."


The next day, there was a celebrity dance in the Jin city.

Xu Ruochen let Mo Qinyu wait for him in the Jin city was to attend the celebrity dance.

He wanted everyone in the Jin city's celebrities to know.

This woman was Yi Ran, his wife, not Mo Qinyu, and had nothing to do with Qin Yichen.

This was putting pressure on Qin Yichen.

As the heir of the Qin family, he had to take care of his public image. He had to be careful with this
married woman.

This time, the makeup look of Mo Qinyu was showy and enchanting, she also put on a little perfume of
mysterious which was completely different with the pure and fresh perfume before.

The expensive diamond necklace on her chest sparkled brightly in the light.

"You look like a goblin today." Xu Ruochen stared at her momentarily, with a smile of evil on his face.

"I was afraid you wouldn't like me dressing in this way." She smiled, revealing two lovely dimples.

" Endowed with natural beauty too hard to hide, no matter you put on what kind of makeup, I love them
all." Xu Ruochen kissed her forehead affectionately.

"Then I needn't worry. Ruofang said that I would completely change myself and stand under the
shadow of Mo Qinyu, so that I could be Yi Ran completely without arousing the suspicion of Qin Yichen
and others." Her long, bushy lashes suddenly parted with a sly look.

Even if Qin Yichen knew who she was, as long as no one else did, she would still have a chance.

It was said that Qin Yichen missed his dead wife and felt very grief, so he insisted on her as Mo Qinyu.

Xu Ruochen was very happy, she can be so painstaking to keep their marriage.

It showed that he was all she had in mind, not Ru Chen.

They went to the party together, leaving the nurse at home to look after the little fellow.

When they entered the banquet hall, they immediately caught everyone's eyes, and after all, someone
in the crowd remembered Mo Qinyu.

"So this is Mrs. Xu who never showed up. She really looks like Mo Qinyu."

"The face is a bit alike, but the temperament is completely different."

"Mo Qinyu is just an ordinary person. Mrs. Xu is the founder of FLoweer and one of the famous jewelry
designers. Of course she was different."


It was discussed in private.

Xu Ruochen's arm was resting on Mo Qinyu's waist, and they seemed to love each other very much.

Qin Yichen was not far away. He had seen them as soon as they came in.

This was the first time he saw Mo Qinyu and Xu Ruochen together.

She smiled, and was enveloped in a halo of what might be called happiness.

Her expression, her grace, was spontaneous, not a deliberate disguise.

She had never smiled so sweetly with him.

She was really very happy, so she was reluctant to leave, did not want to come back.

He had to admit that Xu Ruochen had won, he had succeeded in taking her heart that he never
seemed to go in.

Ru Chen came over with a glass of wine.

"She's a lot like Mo Qinyu, isn't she?”

"How do you know she isn't?" Qin Yichen's eyes were so dim that you could see no glimmer of light.

"Because Mo Qinyu is dead, killed by you." Ru Chen's voice mingled with angry.