Love in full bloom

Chapter 251 Hit Someone When She’s Down

The only thing Mo Qinyu needed right now was a place to cry.

She trusted Xu Ruochen so much that she never thought he would cheat on her for a whole four years.
He even made her a substitute for Yi Ran.

She went to Ruchen’s villa, took off her wedding dress, and put on his clothes. There was no woman’s
clothes there, she had no option.

Ruchen asked the assistant to take Xiao Naibao to play in the yard. He took a juice box from the fridge
and handed it to Mo Qinyu. She needed to calm down.

But, Mo Qinyu didn’t want the juice box, she wanted alcohol.

She felt uncomfortable. She decided to rely on alcohol to make her feel better.

“Whiskey, neat.”

‘It’s too strong for you. I’ll make you something else.”

Ruchen made her cocktails.

Sha grabbed it fast and chugged it down, “Another glass, please.”

He shook his head, “This is enough. It’s concerning for you to drink alcohol. It’s not a good thing. It will
only make you sad.”

“I just want to get drunk, so I don’t have to think about anything.” Mo Qinyu rushed to the bar and
chugged a large bottle of brandy. Ruchen tried to stop her but she pushed him aside, “Leave me

Ruchen sighed, “Okay. Put it down. I’ll make another glass of cocktail for you. You have to drink it
properly. Otherwise, it will only burn your stomach.”

Mo Qinyu suddenly remembered Qin Yichen. He drank himself to sickness. Now, he’s lying on the
hospital bed.

“I thought to myself once, that I should leave Qin Yichen. I couldn’t see my future with him, so I told
myself that I should escape, or die trying. I couldn’t let my life be ruined. I met Xu Ruochen, who was
warm and considerate. We lived together for four years. I thought he love me, but now I knew he only
fed me dreams. He and Qin Yichen were the same, one made me a puppet, and the other one made
me a substitute.”

She fell to the ground and cried. Her grief and anger turned into a painful cry, like a flood, which was
hard to be stopped.

“Qinyu!” Ruchen embraced her in his arms, “I will always be on your side. I will never hurt you.”

Xu Ruochen and Qin Yichen, both, shouldn’t be her lover. He was the only one who loved her so much.

Ruchen promised that he would make up for what he missed. He would never let anyone take her
away again.

The wedding stories took no time to spread to their whole circle.

Qin Yiman was almost certain that that woman really was Mo Qinyu.

She wouldn’t miss the chance to push Mo Qinyu into the abyss.

She hired someone to spread news on the internet and sent various posts to attack Mo Qinyu.

Yi Ran or Mo Qinyu was now an abandoned daughter-in-law of the Xu family.

The abandoned woman of the Qin family eloped after faking her death. She was nothing but unfaithful
to her husband.


The Xu’s had long informed the media not to spread rumors about the wedding or anything related to
Mo Qinyu.

As soon as the posts were published, the media deleted them in seconds.

But, Qin Yiman had another way. She posted it in her social media. She wanted to ruin Mo Qinyu’s
reputation and phased her out of their circle.

She did not care if the commoners did not know about the scandal, but she wanted the important
people to know about it.

The same day at the hospital.

Qin Yichen did nothing but staring at the ceiling, eating, drinking, and talking since he was sober. He
felt like a walking corpse.

It was hard to let go.

Mother Qin guessed that he might had known the true identity of the young lady of the Xu family.

She told everyone not to tell him about the wedding. She was afraid that he might come and tangle with
Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu was a scandalous woman. She eloped after faking her death. She tainted the face of Qin
family and caused Qin Yichen to suffer from stomach disease.

She would never let her step into the door of the Qin family’s house again.

Some people differed her. Some thought that Mo Qinyu might cheer the boss up.

After Mother Qin left, Finn came inside the ward. He said near Qin Yichen’e ear, rather quietly, “Boss,
you’ve been lying for too long. It’s been a mess outside.”

Qin Yichen did not move or blink his eyes. It seemed that he shut down control over his five senses
and shielded himself from any information from the outside world.

Whatever happened outside, it had nothing to do with him.

Finn immediately knew that he shouldn’t have said that.

“The wedding of the Xu family was a mess. Everyone now knew that the bride was Mo Qinyu, not Yi

After Finn said that, Qin Yichen jolted down the bed.

He moved with too much force that the needle on his hand was pulled out. Blood ran out of his vein.
Finn quickly took the hemostasis stick and stuck it up for him.

Qin Yichen was not in the mood to pay attention to his little wound. He grabbed Finn’s collar, “What

“A woman came to the wedding, claiming to be the real Yi Ran. Mo Qinyu used Yi Ran’s identity to
marry Xu Ruochen. If the real Yi Ran showed up, then their marriage was invalid. Xu Ruochen and Mo
Qinyu were not a husband and wife now.” Finn explained.

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes, “The woman. Was she really Yi Ran?”

“Judging from Xu Ruochen’s reaction, it was really her. I have done my own investigation, too. Yi Ran
was Xu Ruochen’s first lover. She loved travelling. She once travelled to Amazon Rainforest and was

claimed to be disappeared, she was not found but there was a possibility that she’s still alive. “Finn
paused, “But, she did not show up sooner. She showed up during Xu Ruochen’s wedding, which was a
little unusual.”

Qin Yichen didn’t have the time to think about it. He just wondered how Mo Qinyu was doing right now.

“Where is Mo Qinyu?”

“She’s in Ruchen’s villa now.”

Qin Yichen stood up near his bed. His stomach was still aching, but he didn’t care. He thought that Mo
Qinyu was far more important than himself.

Finn knew what he wanted to do, “Boss, you haven’t fully recovered. You can’t leave the hospital.”

“Everyone knew that she’s my wife. How can I not care?” Qin Yichen was so excited that he’d love fly
to Mo Qinyu’s side right about now.