Love in full bloom

Chapter 250 The bad woman took daddy away.

The guests were in an uproar.

Mo Qinyu was shocked. It seemed to her that this woman must have been sent by someone with an
ulterior motive, and if she denied it, this woman could not continue.

But she saw that Xu Ruochen's eyes were wider than a bell, and that his face was as shocked and
incredulous as if he had seen a ghost when she turned her head, .

She had no time to read his mind, and she looked at the woman calmly, "We don't know each other,
miss. Chen and I welcome you if you're here for the wedding. If you are not, please get out

The woman came slowly, "I am the real Yi Ran and I should be Chen's bride."

Then she suddenly put her arms around Xu Ruochen, " Chen, I've come back. You haven't forgotten
me, have you?"

Xu Ruochen did not move as if he were still in shock.

It was as if a thunderbolt had fallen from the clear sky and hit the ceiling of Mo Qinyu's heavenly body,
crushing her with a violent spasm, shaking her fingers so violently that the rose fell to the ground.

Now she knew why he was so surprised.

She always thought that Yi Ran was the new identity Xu Ruochen created for her and that there was no
Yi Ran in the world.

Unexpectedly, she is real and she is his ex-girlfriend!

The guests were in an uproar. Then Chen's mother asked, "Chen, what's going on? Who is this

Then Xu Ruochen recovered himself and hurriedly pushed the woman's hand away, "You...... You can't
be Yi Ran. She's dead."

"I didn't die. I floated in the amazon for days and was rescued by a mysterious indigenous tribe. I had
lost my memory because of a head injury and had been living in an indigenous tribe. Perhaps because
god had pity on me, I thought of you and of many things, and then I came to find you in the rock city."
The woman sobbed and tears fell from her eyes.

Xu Ruochen looked at her straight, deep, unblinking. For a moment he was confused that he did not
know what to say or do.

Yi Ran was the woman he had loved the most. He originally thought that he would never fall in love
with others in his life until he met Mo Qinyu.

She was just a pawn, but she slowly went into his heart, into his soul and became an indispensable
part of his life.

But it does not mean that he has forgotten Yi Ran, she still has a complete space in his heart and no
one can replace.

Mo Qinyu felt dizzy and her world was falling apart in a flash.

The guest seemed to be staring at her and questioning her identity.

She is not Yi Ran, and she just a fake.

The family did not belong to her, and the man before her was no longer her husband.

What should she do?

Where should she go?

She hoped that a sudden gash in the ground would allow her to jump in and hide in order to escape the
terrible reality and to escape all the sharp eyes.

But there was nothing wrong with it.

There will be no miracles in this world.

Ru Chen rushed over and grabbed Xu Ruochen by the collar, "Don't be stunned. Tell her to get lost
whoever this woman is."

Xu Ruochen moved his lower lip as if to say something, but he did not speak.

His reaction was to push her into the ice, to chill her hands and feet, to chill her heart, to freeze her
passion into ice crystals.

She trusted him very much.

He was the person she trusted most in the world.

She did not care even if she had guessed that there was a woman in his heart, because she believed
that he loved her.

He wouldn't lie to her even if the whole world were lying to her.

She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

It was only then that she realized with dismay that perhaps he had seen her as a substitute. A
substitute for Yi Ran.

He never loved her!

"The wedding is over." She turned and picked up Xiao Naibao, who was standing next to her, and
headed outside.

Ru Chen followed her out.

“Qin...” Xu Ruochen tried to stop her, but the words choked on his lips. What should he call her, Yi Ran
or Mo Qinyu?

Yi Ran was afraid he would run out and hug him again, "Chen, We won't be separated again, will we?"

His parents' faces darkened. What had been a good wedding turned into a farce.

The most ridiculous thing is that they don't even know who their daughter-in-law is.

Ru Chen took the child from Mo Qinyu outside the church.

"Qinyu, go to my house first."

Mo Qinyu said nothing. Suddenly, she found herself homeless and didn't know where to go.

She had no home and no husband overnight.

Xu Ruofang ran out of the church after Mo Qinyu.

"Sister-in-law, Yi Ran appeared so suddenly that my brother was at a loss. Give him time and he'll
fingure it out."

A sad smile came over Mo Qinyu's face, "Ruofang, you knew about him and Yi Ran, right?

He was with me because he saw me as a substitute for Yi Ran. He doesn't like me, does he?"

"No, she's been dead for years. My brother has forgotten about her." Xu Ruofang explained with a low
voice as if lacking confidence.

She scoffed, "Ruo Fang, you studied psychology, but you can't lie."

"Sister-in-law......" Xu Ruofang wanted to say something but Ru Chen stopped her, "Ok, Ruofang,
Qinyu needs to calm down too. I'll take her and the baby to my villa until Xu Ruochen thinks it over."

Xu Ruofang sighed. That's all they can do.

Xiao Naibao huang his head sadly as he got into the car. Young as he was, he knew what happened.

A bad woman ruined daddy and mommy's wedding and tried to take daddy away.

"Mommy, don't let bad women take away daddy, okay?"

Mo Qinyu was so upset that she carried the child into her arms。

If Xu Ruochen chooses Yiran, she must take the child away and not allow him to live with his

He glanced at them from the rear-view mirror, "Xiao Jun, Dad loves you and Mommy more, he won't be
with bad women."