Love in full bloom

Chapter 249: The wedding

He satisfied her, but could not satisfy himself.

Qin Yichen rushed to the bar, picked up a bottle of whiskey and poured it down his throat.

He felt that his heart was hurting with the unbearable pain, and he was dying of pain, he needed to be
drugged with alcohol, otherwise he would not survive.

His stomach was burning like fire, accompanied by violent convulsions.

But he paying no attention, as if he tried to commit suicide, he poured the whole bottle into his stomach
as if he were drinking water instead of wine.

His face was dreadfully white without any redness of the skin, and even his lips were pale.

What he saw in his mind seemed to be all about Mo Qinyu, disorderly and unsystematic.

He reached out his hand, trying to catch them, but they slipped through the gap in his fingers like

He stumbling to catch up, he fell to the ground in the darkness, a mouthful of blood spurting out of his

At the other end of Yan city, Xu Ruochen and other people searched the city for Mo Qinyu, he
searching for Mo Qinyu for nearly a day and night.

He was anxious, like the ants on the hot pot, thinking that even if Mo Qinyu was kidnapped by
kidnappers, kidnappers should call him now.

Mo Qinyu looked weak and distressed when she came back.

He rushing over, flung her into his arms.

"Where have you been? What happened?"

"Qin Yichen kidnapped me..." Her voice being low, like a mosquito's, she didn't say the rest, but Xu
Ruochen understood, he going into convulsions as if he had been run over.

Last night, he thought it might have something to do with Qin Yichen, but he wasn't sure, it turning out
that it was actually Qin Yichen.

He picking her up in his arms, started upstairs.

In the room, he put her to bed, pouring a glass of milk for her.

Her face was pale without any redness of the skin, she looking so weak that the wind seemed to make
her fall.

"Does Qin Yichen know everything?"

She did not answer, but said in a low voice. "He probably won't come to me again...I cut my wrists,
telling him I would die in front of him if he didn't let me back, so he let me go..."

Xu Ruochen then noticing the wound she had hidden in her sleeve, he was so distressed that he gently
held her in his arms. "Fool, how could you do such a silly thing?"

“Xu Ruochen.” She rested her head on his warm chest. "We having a home, I want to keep it safe and
not let anyone break it up."

“Mo Qinyu.” He felt trembled in his heart as he kissed her hair. "No one can take you away from me,
and I won't let it happen no matter who want to do this."

She belonging to him, she had already belonged to him four years before.

Qin Yichen couldn’t expect to get her back.

After she drank the milk, he brought the medicine box, changing it for her with medicine. "Does it still

"It doesn't matter, and as long as we can get rid of Qin Yichen, the injury is nothing." She smiled

She was a conservative woman.

Qin Yichen didn’t think of her as his real wife, nor did she wanted to fill the role as his wife, so their
marriage was not the real marriage in her heart.

But Xu Ruochen was different, as Xu Ruochen, her child and she form a real home. They and the
home were the most important part of her life, more important than herself.

Xu Ruochen carefully bandaged her up, then holding her face in his hands and looking at her gravely
and seriously. "Silly girl, no matter what happens, you can't hurt yourself. You wait for me to save you,
as I will save you in time."

She nodding, as she suddenly thought of the child, she asked. "Where is Xiao Jun? Is he asleep?"

"He's at mom and dad's house, since I didn't pick him up yesterday."

He touching her head, he had suspected that she had been taken away by Qin Yichen, so he didn't let
anyone know about it so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Mo Qinyu understood what he meant. "I won't go to the office for two days, concentrating on preparing
for our wedding."

"All right." Xu Ruochen kissing her lips, his eyes were full of tenderness.

According to custom, the bride and groom couldn’t be together the night before the wedding.

So, the day before the wedding, Xu Ruochen's mother came to take her son away.

Xu Ruochen was reluctant to part with his beautiful wife. "Wife, I will be back tomorrow."

Xu Ruochen's mother was nearby, laughing at him. "I never thought my son would miss his wife so

"You now know that I couldn't help but miss her so much, so what should I do?" Xu Ruochen was with
a funny smile.

Xu Ruochen's mother poked him gently on the forehead with her finger. "Come on, let's go. You need
to go to bed early tonight, because you need to look your best to get married."

After he left, only Mo Qinyu and Xiao Naibao remained in the house.

She used a fruit juicer to squeeze two cups of juice, one for Xiao Naibao.

Xiao Naibao took a sip, smacking his lips. "Mommy, I wish Uncle Devil could come to your wedding, but
he can't, because aunt Xiao Xia said on Skype that he is very ill in hospital. No wonder I texting him on
Skype, he didn't reply."

Mo Qinyu shaking violently, the day before yesterday when she left, Qin Yichen was still well, so why
did he suddenly fall ill?

"What happened to Uncle Devil?"

"Aunt Xiao Xia said that he had drunk a lot of wine, and his stomach bled, so he passed out in the villa.
Luckily, he was found in time and sent to the hospital, otherwise he might have died." Xiao Naibao held
up both cheeks, sighing sadly. "Mommy, why does Uncle Devil like to drink so much? Isn't he afraid of
stomachache? The stomachache was so bad. For example, last time when I ate ice cream, as I ate too
much, I had a stomachache, and I couldn't help crying."

Mo Qinyu's hand shaking violently, the cup slipped down and fell on the carpet, the juice splashing.

Qin Yichen, was he drinking because of her?

Was he really prone to violence? He couldn't abuse her, so he abused himself. As he abused himself
until his stomach bled, he abused himself into the hospital!

In her stupor, Xiao Naibao's voice sounded nearby. "Mommy, as the juices spilled, I'll get a mop."

"No, mommy will do it myself. As it's getting late, it's time for you to go back to your room, going to bed.
We all have to get up early tomorrow." She touched her son's head.

"Okay, good night, mommy." Xiao Naibao stood up, kissed her cheek and went upstairs.

Mo Qinyu picking up the cup, she felt her heart could no longer keep calm.

Although she didn’t love Qin Yichen, she was married to him, so she still hoped that he could find a
suitable wife, be happy, and didn’t waste time and feelings on her.

This night, she did not sleep well, because she always dreamed Qin Yichen, she dreaming that he had
taken her away, and he was lying in the hospital, motionless, as if he were dead...

The next day, she got up early, putting a facial mask on her eyes to avoid black eyes.

A wedding only happened once in a lifetime, so she must be at her best, she having to be the most
beautiful bride to Xu Ruochen.

After breakfast, the makeup artist came to do her hair and makeup.

A Qi was her bridesmaid.

Her only family member was Ru Chen, her brother.

At the moment, only Ru Chen could know what was going on in his mind.

It was as if he had a mask on his face, covering up all his emotions.

Mo Qinyu's bridal makeup looked very simple, because she didn’t like to wear heavy makeup. As the
more simple the makeup was, the more her natural beauty could be seen.

"Mo Qinyu, you are very beautiful." He kept looking at her.

Mo Qinyu would be a bride, but the groom was not him.

He had missed her for so long that he had missed all her best years.

Mo Qinyu smiled. "Brother Ru Chen, you should also find me a sister-in-law."

"If I can find another woman who looks exactly like you, I won't hesitate to accept her." Ru Chen
shrugging, smiled slightly.

Mo Qinyu did not say much, thinking he was joking.

Xiao Naibao ran in, looking very handsome in a small suit and bow tie.

"Mommy, it's time to go, since Daddy must be waiting for us at church."

"All right, we're ready to go." Mo Qinyu smiling and touching his head, her face was full of happiness
and joy.

Ru Chen saw all this in his eyes, feeling a dull pain in his heart.


The wedding was held in St. Anthony's cathedral in Yan city.

As Mo Qinyu and Xu Ruochen had discussed, the wedding was held in a low-key way. They only
invited some relatives and friends instead of feasting guests.

After all, she having a special status, if they get married in a high profile, they may attract some people
who were dissatisfied with them to make trouble.

Xu Ruochen's parents thought they would have a make-up wedding, agreeing.

Mo Qinyu's only regret was that her parents and brother could not attend her wedding.

It was a sorrow that one could not be himself.

But it was sadder for her to be herself.

The church was full of guests.

Mo Qinyu holding the bright roses, walking slowly on the red carpet, she looked at the groom standing
in the distance.

The bridegroom also looked at her.

At this moment, in their eyes, they only saw each other, and in their hearts, they only thought of each
other, the universe, and the guests seeming to be ignored.

When she came to him, she smiled, he feeling that his heart melt into spring water. Mere words like
excitement and ecstasy could not express his feelings.

The priest began the wedding speech. "We are gathered here today, in the presence of God and
guests, for the holy matrimony of Miss. Yi Ran and Mr. Xu Ruochen..."

After he had finished speaking, he turned to Xu Ruochen. "Bridegroom, will you marry the bride? Will
you stay with her forever, rich or poor, healthy or ill?"

"I will." Xu Ruochen looks at the woman with love next to him.

Then the priest turned his eyes to Mo Qinyu. "Bride, will you marry the bridegroom? Will you stay with
her forever, rich or poor, healthy or ill?"

"I will." Mo Qinyu said without hesitation.

The priest smiled. "Well, if anyone knows any reason why this marriage should not work, speak up, or
remain silent forever."

There was a moment of silence in the church, and just as the priest announced the exchange of rings,
the door was suddenly opened.

A strange woman came in.

"I am against. This woman is not Yi Ran, so she cannot marry Xu Ruochen!"