Love in full bloom

Chapter 248: Cut The Wrist And Commit Suicide

"No--" Mo Qinyu's heartbreaking and screaming, she felt that her world was collapsed, as if she was
kicked into the abyss of a thousand feet, and was apart, and her soul was scattered completely.

What's the difference between this and killing her?

"Qin Yichen why do you do this to me? Why?"

"Let you recognize the reality, don't make useless fantasy anymore." He spit out word by word.

He was high above her. He was the golden finger of Wall Street. It seemed that there was nothing in
the world to make him difficult to get. Only this woman, she can't be conquered, and continued to bring
him various frustrations, let him confuse.

A faint smile appeared on the corner of Mo Qinyu's mouth, and despair was like a black billowing
turbulence, enveloping her one by one.

This time, must Xu Ruochen see the video?

Even if he couldn't see her face, she could imagine how angry, disappointed, how sad he was ...

He wouldn't want her again, and there would be no wedding any more.

"Bang", a loud noise in her head was the sound of her world collapsing.

Her marriage, her family, her happiness and joy all seemed to have come to naught, and were blown
away by the wind.

"Qin Yichen, even if I die, I will never be with you."

A desperate expression on her face, like ice from the eyes to the bottom of her heart.

She struggled to get up, like a wooden people, dressed mechanically, and then staggered towards the

Qin Yichen glared at her back staringly, his internal organs were twisting, the unspeakable frustration
and incomprehensible sorrow swallowed him up.

Mo Qinyu locked the door and looked at herself in the mirror.

Did Xu Ruochen called a lawyer, and was drafting a divorce agreement, the Xu family would not let her
see child again, right?

She was a shameless woman and was not qualified to be a child's mother.

The biggest mistake she had ever made was to marry Qin Yichen.

He was Satan, Lucifer, the devil who destroyed her happiness. If she was destined to be tortured in her
life, she would rather die.

Anyway, without Xu Ruochen, without child, did it make no sense to live?

She grabbed the shower gel on the counter and slammed it in the mirror.

The mirror cracked, and a piece of debris fell on the sink.

She tremblingly picked up the fragments and put it towards the pulse without hesitation.

The toilet door was opened by violence.

Qin Yichen rushed in like a hurricane and grabbed her hand, "Stupid woman, are you crazy?"

The glass had opened a hole in her wrist, blood was pouring.

He quickly bandaged her with a towel to stop bleeding.

Her pale face had no trace of blood, her eyes were hollow and devoid of spirit, as if she had lost her

She lowered her eyes, then she looked at him coldly, with a sad smile in the corner of her mouth, "I am
dead, and all the torture is over."

A stroke of injuries flew into Qin Yichen's eyes, and the intense pain burned throughout his body, as if
to burn him to ashes, "Being with me, really makes you so painful?"

"I just want to be with the person I love." Her voice was weak, as if all strength had been drained.

Qin Yichen seemed to have suffered a sap, and his shoulders shook violently. "You said, you haven't
fallen in love with Xu Ruochen."

She shook her head. "No, I love him. He and Xiaojun are my most loved people, the most important
people to me, and everything I have. But now there is nothing left and everything is destroyed by you. "

Desperate tears slipped from her eyes, with deep hatred, "Qin Yichen, you succeeded, you sent me
back to the hell again."

Qin Yichen's complexion turned pale and pale, as if dying.

A gust of wind blew from the door. The wind seemed to bring the extreme cold currents of Siberia into
his vest , freezing his heart, his blood, his soul into ice crystals.

His body shook a bit, and suddenly, he had a kind of clarity that had never been before.

He really lost her.

No matter how hard he tried, there was no way to recover.

This clarity shattered his heart and made him fall to the bottom of the frozen Arctic Ocean, and never
found any vitality.

He gritted his teeth and put up with the pain. He hugged her horizontally and walked outside.

Her eyes were bleak and desolate, like a dying people waiting for the call of death.

"Qin Yichen, you don't need to save me, you can save me this time, and you can't save me the next
time. My life is meaningless, you want me, take my body."

"You won't die, I will die first if you want to die." He panted heavily, like an injured beast struggling.

For the past four years, although he was still alive, he was only a soulless walking dead.

She came back, he thought he could come back to life, but he didn't expect to be back in time.

She was a kite with a broken line, a ray of sand lingering in the palm of his palm, he wanted to keep it
well, but he cannot hold it.

He took the medicine box out of the cabinet and tried to treat her with medicine. But he was pushed

Because of the excessive force, the blood flowed out again and dropped on the floor.

"I don't want to live anymore, it's meaningless."

On his handsome face, countless nerves were twitching. "I didn't send the video to Xu Ruochen." His
voice was hoarse and low, with extreme sourness and pain.

"Really?" She was shocked, her dim eyes lightened slightly, as if she had been reborn.

This expression was a handful of salt, sprinkled on Qin Yichen's wound.

"Stupid woman, you are stupid hopelessly." He grabbed her uninjured hand and pulled her over.

Fortunately, he arrived in time and stopped her. The wound was not cut deeply, otherwise she would go
to the hospital to have a needle.

"Qin Yichen, why do you lie to me? Is this fun?" She was angry.

After he applied the medicine, he bandaged her with a hemostatic gauze. "I really can't compare to Xu
Ruochen at all in your heart?"

"Not the same. We have only been together for three months, and I have been with him for four years.
We have child. That is a real home." She said lowly, to her, family was much important than anything.

Qin Yichen's mouth seemed to contain a piece of Coptis chinensis, and the indescribable bitterness
spread from the tip of his tongue to the internal organs.

He was silent, silent for a long time.

His perfect facial features were distorted, as if experiencing a very complicated, extremely contradictory
and extremely painful struggle.

After a long while, he spat out a few words, "You can go."

Mo Qinyu was stunned, lest she heard wrong, "Are you really willing to let me go?"

"Hurry up before I change my mind."

He stood up, turned around, turned his back to her, his eyes gradually became rosy.

Mo Qinyu can't see it, he buried all the pain in the shadows, he silently endured, silently digested

"Qin Yichen, thank you for letting me go." She turned and walked outside without any hesitation.

When the door was closed, a drop of tears slipped from his eyes.

He knew that if he let her go it would be a lifetime.