Love in full bloom

Chapter 239 “Go together”

Qin Yichen didn’t attend the ball on the next day and all of the ladies were disappointed.

According to Mo Qinyu, Mrs. Qin chose ladies for Qin Yichen and finally she picked up three ladies. Lin
Manjun was the one Mrs. Qin liked most who was the daughter of Lin family and the other two as

Qin Yiman chose a man casually in order to lift the confinement to go out at any time. At that time, Mo
Qinyu was lying on chairs in the garden and watching the stars with Qin Yichen.

“You didn’t attend the ball, which would made the ladies disappointed because they all want you.” Mo
Qinyu said in a ridiculous tone.

“I can’t find the second woman who doesn’t care about me like you.” Qin Yichen stretched out his hand
and rubbed her head.

“The wife is worse than the concubine and the concubine is worse than someone carry on a
clandestine love affair but the one he can’t be with is the best, isn’t it?” she said with a bit of sorrow.

Qin Yichen said, “It turned out that you are trying to leave me at large the better to apprehend me, you
are indeed a scheming woman.”

She glanced at him and said, “No I don’t.”

“Well, congratulations. You did it.” His fluttering tone was like a passing night wind with a bit of
depression and self-deprecating.

He wanted to conquer her but didn’t expect to trap himself in it.

Mo Qinyu was poisonous!

But she didn’t understand him.

She succeeded?

She was forced and threatened by him every day, which could not mean that she succeeded.

No! he didn’t like her and just wanted to avenge her and torture her miserably. Qin Yichen said again
while she was thinking. “Little hedgehog, you should add another series to your sweet words.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Poisonous love series, such as poppy and mandala, which was your true portrayals.” Qin Yichen said
sarcastically, which shocked Mo Qinyu and it was obviously said that she was poisonous but her
toxicity was nothing to him.

He was the drug lord! Once contaminated, not only would he become addicted, but he would also be
sucked into the soul and lose his mind and die madly.

Mo Qinyu had heard many rumors before that a lady confessed to Qin Yichen but she only got a cold
eye, which made the lady reconciled and showed love by cutting her veins but he didn’t care.
Fortunately the lady was alive but suffered from depression.

That was not the only example and the lady who fell in love with the cruel man were all enchanted.
What the most terrible thing was that they were liking smoking poppies and they couldn’t extricate
themselves. Such as Mo Mengshan and Pang Xiaofan.

“I think it is a good idea. Love is an antidote but also a poison, and people like to pursue alternatives.
Maybe this design will become very popular.” She said deliberately and shifted the topic.

He smiled, “You need to be thankful to me and I am your source of inspiration. If it weren’t for me, there
would not be the sweet words series.”

“Thank you.” She made a grimace to him and said.

“You have to do something for me.” He changed his evil charm and kissed her lips. He had already
planned and he believe that she would put away her sharp thorns tomorrow and melt into a cute ribbit.


Pang Xiaofan also participated in this ball and she was well-dressed, wanting to attract Qin Yichen but
he didn’t come, which made her very disappointed. She went to the health club for a spa in the early
morning of that next day, but didn’t expect to meet Anan who was a secretary of the Emperor.

Pang Xiaofan said contemptuously, “You haven’t become a full member as you followed Yichen for a
long time, would you feel sad?”

“I’m fine and don’t worry about me, Miss Pang.” Anan said slightly.

“Even if Yichen would marry another woman and it may be the one like Mo Qinyu who was innocent.”

“No woman can control Yichen and I knew that he would not go to the prom yesterday.”

Pang Xiaofan shook violently, “What do you mean?”

“Yichen went to Yan City a few days ago.” Anan shrugged her shoulders and said in a casual tone but
she shut up immediately as if realized that she said something wrong.

She was not stupid and the reason why she asked Qin Yichen to let her enter the Emperor was not for
work, but controlling his movements any time and she could know his whereabouts as long as she
wanted to know. She was thinking about how to spread the news but unexpectedly met Pang Xiaofan
who was shocked, “What did he go Yan city?”

Anan pretended to be fooled, “Did I say he was in Yan city? You may be misunderstand and I said

After that, she hurriedly went out. It was no need to say something clearly and the person who was
interested could discover the clue.

Pang Xiaofan quickly thought of Yi Ran who was paying attention to every move of Qin Yichen, how
could she not know the rumors between him and Yi Ran who looked like Mo Qinyu, which would be
confused Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen would not go to Yan city without any reason and he could have seen Yi Ran secretly, Xu
Ruochen went to Europe, which was the best time for them.

Pang Xiaofan quickly called Qin Yiman and asked her to “catch adultery in the act.”

Knowing that Qin Yichen went to see Yi Ran, Qin Yiman agreed without saying a word and called Mo

She was not a nonsense this time and she had the responsibility to prevent Qin Yichen from doing
ridiculous things to maintain the reputation of the family.

Yi Ran was the woman who didn’t abide by the women’s way and the Xu family would certainly not
spare her if they really did something ridiculous.

But they need a powerful “helper” to do it, which was Xu Ruofang.


Mo Qinyu came out of the company after lunch and went to the underground parking lot where Kai Luo
was waiting for her. After they drove away, Xu Ruofang followed them with Qin Yiman, Mo Mengshan

and Pang Xiaofan sitting in the back seat.

“It’s so early to go out and it seems that she can’t wait to see Yichen and she is even cheaper than Mo
Qinyu, she seduced other men after got married.” Qin Yiman snorted.

“Yes, she must want to seduce Qin Yichen.” Mo Mengshan was angry and she wanted to catch them in
bed today.

At that time, Xu Ruochen would kill Yi Ran.

Xu Ruofang stunned them from the rearview mirror, “ You better have conclusive evidence, otherwise I
can’t explain to my brother.”

“Qin Yichen sneaked into Yan city just want to look for her.” Pang Xiaofan pouted.