Love in full bloom

Chapter 247: I Am Not Afraid

She screamed desperately, and she had been exhausted, but there was nothing but the sound of wind
and birds.

"Miss Yi, should you eat first?" Kai Luo comforted.

"Kai Luo, can you help me to call someone? Or just send a text message, please," she begged.

"Sorry, Miss Yi." Kai Luo said apologetically, walked towards the backyard, and soon disappeared into

Mo Qinyu didn't want to eat, she wanted to go on a hunger strike to protest.

But when she thought about it, she remembered that she wouldn’t have the energy without eating. At
that time, she couldn’t escape if she wanted to.

She was eating, and she felt that her body was hot, like the air conditioner was broken, and no cold
wind sent out.

She felt more and more uncomfortable, her body seemed to be hollowed out little by little.

This feeling once happened before, and that was in the bathroom, Qin Yichen drugged her.

Did he repeat his tricks?

She was so terrified that she dropped the chopsticks and ran towards the bathroom.

She needed cold water, as long as she kept flushing, she should be able to stay awake.

She jumped into the bathtub, opened the shower, and let the cold water drip from her head.

The bathroom door was quietly pushed open.

Qin Yichen walked in, propped his hands on the bathtub wall, looked at her quietly, his eyes shone

"You're useless like this, what you need is not cold water, it's me."

She squinted at him, her eyes blurred and messy.


When Mo Qinyu wake up, it's noon the next day.

"Qin Yichen, you are a rotten, shameless asshole."

"I just inspired your potential." Qin Yichen sneered.

She pulled up the quilt and wrapped her body, "Let me go?"

"Let you go to a wedding with another man?" The flames of rage flashed under his eyes.

"He is not another man, he is my husband." She said clearly and forcefully.

He smashed into her side with a punch suddenly. "What about me? What am I?"

"A former husband who hated me and wanted to take away my happiness," she said, gritting her teeth.


She used this word more than once.

This word like bullets, hit hard on Qin Yichen's death hole.

His handsome features were twisted, his knuckles clenched suddenly, and they creaked in the air.

"I don't want to play games with you anymore, today I will make you completely desperate."

He got up and got out of bed, sat on the sofa, took out his mobile phone, there was a ten-second video
in it.

She flushed blushingly. "What do you want to do?"

"Send it to Xu Ruochen, let him know, who is your real husband." His voice fluttered softly, but it was
like a gust of wind, which made her run through the fierce convulsions.

"No--" she screamed in horror, her flushing disappeared, she became paler than paper, and her lips
lost color.

The extremely cold smile was hanging on the corner of his mouth, and his finger slid across the phone

She jumped out of bed in horror and tried to snatch the mobile phone, but her legs were soft and she
fell to the ground. She struggled a few times and tried to get up, but failed.

She reached out her hand and begged in pain, "Don't send it, Qin Yichen, please, don't send it."

"I did everything, I'm afraid that he would know it?" He mocked and despised.

"I was forced by you, you are a devil!" She growled angrily, exhausting her strength, "If you want to
destroy me, kill me, just kill me!"

Qin Yichen's handsome face twitched.

"Let me see how much he cares about you."

Tapped his finger lightly and the video was sent out.