Love in full bloom

Chapter 244: The Delicious Dinner Got Away

Kai Luo stepped forward, wanted to pull Qin Yiman away, but was stopped by Mo Qinyu. "A meal is not
necessary. How about finding a teahouse and having a cup of tea?"

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan looked at each other, and a sneer raised from the corners of their

They went a British tea restaurant and Mo Qinyu ordered a private box.

"If you have anything to say, don't beat around the bush."

Qin Yiman winked at Mo Mengshan, and Mo Mengshan said, "I heard that Mrs. Xu went to Jiangcheng.
What did you do in Jiangcheng?"

Mo Qinyu was slightly shocked in her heart. These two women were really well informed. Did they
secretly send someone to tail after her?

Were they beginning to doubt her identity?

"We are not family. What did I do has nothing to do with you." She smiled coldly.

Mo Mengshan curled her lip and said, "You are right, but if you went to see my second aunt, there will
be a problem. You are not my sister Mo Qinyu. How can you know my second aunt?"

Mo Qinyu kept her contenance, trying to keep calm, "Miss Mo, are you kidding? I did go on a business
trip these two days, but I haven't been to Jiangcheng, and I won't know your second aunt. But it's
unimaginably queer that you care about my whereabouts so much. What do you want?"

A muscle on Mo Mengshan's face twitched, "I'm not interested in your whereabouts at all. It's just that I
have a relative who happens to live in that neighborhood. He was so surprised to see you and thought
that he saw a ghost, so he called me right away."

Mo Qinyu kept a calm look all the time, "Are you sure the person he saw was me?"

"She looks the same as you. If she is not you, who is she?" Mo Mengshan used a questioning tone.

Mo Qinyu took a sip of tea unhurriedly and smiled, "Don't you have a relative who looks like me? Of
course, what he saw was her. How could it be me?"

Qin Yiman showed her impatience, "OK, let's cut to the chase. Are you Mo Qinyu or not?" She always
liked to be straightforward.

Mo Qinyu sneered, "If you come here to ask such boring questions, please go back. We have nothing
more to talk about."

Qin Yiman rolled her eyes at her sulkily, and said word by word clearly and powerfully: "Now we have a
very bold assumption that Mo Qinyu is not dead, but pretends to be dead. She eloped with Xu
Ruochen, ran abroad, and changed her name into Yi Ran."

Mo Qinyu clapped her hands: "Miss Qin, I admire your imagination. It's a pity that you are not a

Qin Yiman snorted in a low voice, "My imagination is well founded. First, you look exactly like Mo
Qinyu. Second, Mo Qinyu was ambiguous with Xu Ruochen before, so it was completely possible for
her to elope with him."

"It doesn't matter. You can continue to give the rein to your imagination. I don't mind." Mo Qinyu said,
stood up and walked out.

One was bound to have a slip of the tongue if he talked too much. She didn't want to talk to them too
much, so as not to expose herself.

Qin Yiman looked at the view of her back and bit her teeth, "If she is really Mo Qinyu, she will give
herself someday."

A week later, Xu Ruochen came back.

He looked gloomy and depressed, as if the M&A plan didn't go smoothly.

"What's the matter, isn't the M&A going well?" Mo Qinyu asked with concern.

Xu Ruochen pulled off his tie and threw it on the sofa. It seemed that it made him suffocate and very

It was that the M&A didn't go smoothly. It just failed. Vol company replaced them.

He never thought that their delicious dinner would get away.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Vol company was intentional, and they interfered to
target at the Xu Group.

"I must find out who is behind all this."

Mo Qinyu poured him a glass of frozen juice. "Will the Xu Group be affected?"

Xu Ruochen took the cup and took a swig.

The news of failing to acquire bkk quickly spread to the country. Affected by it, Xu's stock fell slightly.

The Xu Group was fully reinforced and it would not be affected by a failed merger.

Only Xu Ruochen, as its successor in the future, would be questioned.

"I'll take it as that I was bitten by a dog." He reached out, pulled her into his arms, put his arms around
her, and laid his chin on her shoulder.

"Seeing you and our child, no matter how terrible I feel, I will suddenly get better."

She gently stroked his head, as if to comfort a child, "In my heart and Xiaojun's heart, you are always
the most excellent."

"Yes, no one is better than dad." The little boy was sitting nearby, and was nodding his head quickly.

Xu Ruochen smiled, "I'm hungry. Let's eat. I haven't eaten the meal my wife made for a long time. The
meal outside is so terrible that it can't be compared with what my wife makes at all."

Mo Qinyu smiled, "What I made today are all your favorite dishes."

Although there were servants at home, she would cook by herself whenever she had time. Both of
them loved her cooking. Whenever she made the meal, they would eat more bowls of rice.

She picked up a duck leg for Xu Ruochen, and another for her son, "Dive in."

The Father and son picked up chopsticks and started to eat, and Mo Qinyu felt warm

Her family was very warm.

She wanted to keep it and not do anything to destroy it.

But such a simple wish seemed to be hard to achieve.

As soon as her identity was exposed, everything would be destroyed.


This night, Xu Ruochen did not return to his room, but slept with her.

"Ran, promise me never to leave me." He gently held her in his arms and murmured. He has lost her
once and didn't want to lose her again.

Mo Qinyu's feeling were churning, as if the tsunami were happening in her heart.

She felt pain, ashamed, and a strong sense of guilt.

"Chen, if one day I did something sorry to you, would you forgive me?" Her voice was small, like that of
a mosquito.

But Xu Ruochen still heard it, shaking violently, "Did Qin Yichen find anything?"

"No, I mean, if one day he discovers my identity and forces me to do something sorry to you, will you
forgive me?" She buried her head in his chest, afraid to look at him for fear of seeing his angry and
disgusted eyes.

"Qinyu." He called her real name, "As long as you are not voluntary, as long as you are willing to stay
with me, I don't care about anything." His voice was so gentle, so firm, just like a pair of big hands,
stroking her tempestuous heart lake, smoothing all the rough waves.

"Chen." She hugged him tightly. "I won't leave you. I'm your wife, unless you don't want me."

He bent down and kissed her on the lips for a long time.

She could feel the change of his body clearly.