Love in full bloom

Chapter 243 Found Her Secret

Mrs. Mo missed her daughter. She waited for her downstairs.

When she saw them coming out of the car, she rushed to greet them.

“Xiaojun, this is grandma Mo.” Mo Qinyu introduced her to her son.

Xiao Naibao blinked at the woman before him. He called out politely, “Hello, Grandma Mo.”

“Hello.” Mrs. Mo showed her love and took them to the elevator.

Early in the morning, Mrs. Mo began to bake pancakes. She as well made a pot of blueberry and
strawberry jam.

She went into the living room and brought her pancakes to her grandchild.

“Grandma Mo, your pancakes are so delicious and crispy.”

Mrs. Mo stroked his head lovingly.

“Grandma Mo, what’s your relationship with Mommy?” asked Xiao Naibao while tilting his head slightly.

He knew that his mother was from Brunei. He thought she had no family in China, but now appeared a

“I’m a distant relative of your mother.” said Mrs. Mo.

Her heart was somewhat bitter. If her daughter couldn’t have her old identity back as Mo Qinyu, then
they wouldn’t be considered as family. This was not what she wanted to have.

After eating his pancakes, Xiao Naibao went to the bedroom to nap.

Mrs. Mo took her daughter’s hand and said, “Qinyu, you must have seen Yichen, right?”

Mo Qinyu nodded.

“Did he recognize you?” asked Mrs Mo.

“No…” Mo Qinyu shook her head. She couldn’t tell her mother of what happened between her and Qin
Yichen. Her mother would be worried.

“You can’t go on like this. Paper cannot contain fire. One day, he will know the truth.”

“I know. I’ll try get through like this first. I heard that the Qin family has chosen a woman for him.
Maybe, after she gets along with him, he will like her and forget about me.” Mo Qinyu said quietly,
lowering her head. She was not only comforting her mother, she was also comforting herself.

“That is for the best. These past four years, he will come here every month to visit your cemetery.
Sometimes, I can’t bear it.” Mrs. Mo sighed heavily.

Her mother’s words broke her peace. She felt her heart was a mess now.

“Mom, do you think it’s possible for me to go back with Qin Yichen?”

Mrs. Mo stroked her head, “Child, I don’t know what happened between you and Yichen that everything
turns out like this today. However, your happiness sure is most important.”

A dread look gradually appeared on Mo Qinyu’s face.

In front of Qin Yichen, she had no right to choose at all. She did not know how to get rid of the current
situation. She could only take one step at a time.

In the afternoon when Xiao Naibao woke up, Mo Qinyu and Mrs. Mo took him out to eat special dishes
of Jiangcheng.

They did not know that someone was peeping at them silently.

Mo Mengshan's mother happened to play mahjong in the neighborhood. She thought she saw
someone familiar, which was Mo Qinyu. When Mrs. Mo came downstairs to greet them, she thought it
was very suspicious. She hid outside and lobby and peeped.

Mo Qinyu walked into the elevator and took off her mask. Mo Mengshan's mother almost screamed
when she saw her.

Was that a ghost? Or was there something wrong with her eyes?

She lost her mood to play mahjong. She quickly found a secret corner and hid. She had to clear this.

After Mo Qinyu’s death, Qin Yichen asked for half of the dowry and split it to Mo Qinyu's family. She
was so angry that she felt like spitting blood.

This time, she found a strange thing. She was so curious that she wanted to find out the truth.

Mo Qinyu entered the car and took off her mask.

The aunt saw her face again.

It was really her, Mo Qinyu!

She’s not dead. She’s still alive! She even brought a baby back.

What’s going on?

She called Mo Mengshan to tell her what she saw just now.

Mo Mengshan was shocked, “Mom, are you sure that was Mo Qinyu?”

“It’s true. I saw her twice. She has a child, too.”

“Child?” Mo Mengshan suddenly thought of someone, Yi Ran.

She looked exactly like Mo Qinyu and she had a child too.

Mo Qinyu didn’t die at all. She orchestrated a car accident and pretended to die. Then, she went
abroad and changed her name into Yi Ran?

Mo Mengshan felt something clouded her mind.

Mo Qinyu couldn’t do such thing alone. Someone must had helped her.

That person must be Xu Ruochen.

Mo Qinyu didn’t know him before.

Xu Ruochen was not even on the same level as Qin Yichen.

It was ridiculous that she abandon her title as the lady of Qin family and ran away with Xu Ruochen and
became the lady of Xu family.

“I’ll be waiting for them here. They’re out for dinner now. I’ll catch Mo Qinyu when she come back.”

“Mom, you better go back now. Don’t worry about it. It needs a well-arranged plan. You can’t make a
fuss about it now.” said Mo Mengshan.

This was only a speculation. She must decide what she’s going to do next.

She went to see Qin Yiman and told him about it.

Qin Yiman was shocked that his nerves were twitching.

“Are you sure that Yi Ran is Mo Qinyu?”

“I’m not sure. That’s why I come to see you.” Mo Mengshan shrugged.

Qin Yiman clenched her fists. A sinister look flashed in her eyes.


The next day, Mo Qinyu came back to Yancheng with her child.

Qin Yiman and Mo Mengshan took the same plane. After getting off the plane, they went straight to find
Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu didn’t expect them to come looking for her again. Her eyebrows wrinkled. She asked the
front desk not to let them come in.

Two of them rushed to the parking lot and wait for Mo Qinyu there.

After Mo Qinyu came out of the elevator, they rushed over.

“Mrs. Xu, we’re sorry to disturb you. We want to invite you for a meal to apologize.”

Mo Qinyu was quiet.

When these two women got together, it must not be a good thing. Mo Qinyu guessed that they were
planning something in secret.

Mo Qinyu couldn’t be fooled.

“Excuse me. I have an appointment today.”

She was about to get inside the car but Qin Yiman stepped forward and stopped her, “Mrs. Xu, we
have something very important to tell you. If you don’t come with us, you’ll regret it.”