Love in full bloom

Chapter 242: Use Your Heart To Change My Heart

He took a pot of plants!


Wouldn’t he be going to kill her with this pot of plants?

Qin Yichen slowly walked in front of her, and put the plant in his hand on the coffee table.

"Do you know this?"

She looked carefully and shook her head, "I don't know, what is the flower?"

Qin Yichen stretched out his hand and flicked her forehead. "You don't know it, how was that series

She froze fiercely, and her eyes widened instantly, "This ... this won't be ..."

"Kadupul, your flower queen." He said lowly and clearly word by word.

She was both wrong and surprised, her voice couldn't help but rise, "It turned out to be the legendary

Qin Yichen stretched out his iron arm and pulled her to sit on the sofa together. "You used kadupul as
the flower queen, but you haven't seen it at all, can you count it as a deception?"

She took a secret breath. She imagined Kadupul in the shape of night-blooming cereus.

Although night-blooming cereus was beautiful, its meaning was not good.

It's often used to describe the ephemeral beauty.

Customers wouldn't like it, especially as a wedding ring.

So she thought of kadupul, which was mysterious and magical, almost no one had ever seen it, and
everything can become a legend.

In her propaganda, she called kadupul the flower of Eros. If anyone was lucky enough to see it, she
would be blessed by Eros, and she would grow old with her lover and love her life.

This was actually a legend from the night-blooming cereus.

But it's undeniable that kadupul was indeed priceless, because no one can accurately capture its
mysterious and short flowering period.

She used it to compare the preciousness of love, which was in line with the psychology of the public.

Everyone hoped that in the heart of their lover, they would be the most precious.

"I haven't seen it, but I checked a lot of information, and still have some understanding." She spoke in a
hurry, and quickly turned her tone, "how do you have kadupul flowers?"

"I bought it." Qin Yichen shrugged and said lightly.

Dukadupul belongs to the cactus family and only grows in Sri Lanka. He sent people to Sri Lanka to
search across the country and finally found one.

"Where did you buy it? I want to buy one too," she asked quickly.

"It's enough to have one, don't be too greedy." He gently wiped her nose.

Her eyes moved to the green leaf. "This is yours, not mine."

"When it blooms, it's yours." He suddenly held her hand, his eyes softened, as if all the ice had melted
and turned into a spring of water in a flash.

"Mo Qinyu, if I can make it bloom, you try to open your heart and accept me, okay?"

His voice was very gentle, like the evening wind whispering, making her dazed and drunk.

She was a little confused, a little impassive, and even a little flattered, wondering what to do. Opened
her eyes and stared at him as if looking at an unsolvable and inexplicable mystery.

"Qin Yichen, what are you talking about?"

She couldn't believe it, she was afraid that she heard it wrong or had hallucinations.

He held her face, with a solemn expression, solemn and sincere, "You said, whoever sees kadupul, will
be blessed and stay with his lover for a lifetime. I want to stay a lifetime, with you. When the flowers
bloom, please try to love me, okay? "

Every word he spoke so clearly that she could hear it clearly.

But she still couldn't believe it. She felt like a twelve earthquake happened in her heart, turning all the
previous memories and all the impressions on him upside down and 180 degrees.

Her deep, lingering, staring at him momentarily, his gentle eyes constantly enlarged, enlarged,
enlarged before her eyes ... finally seemed to fill the entire hall.

Her sight, her mind, and only his left in her consciousness, she could not hold anything anymore.

"Qin Yichen ..." Her lips were trembling, filled with a certain emotion, could not say a word, and
somehow there was tears in her eyes.

His shadow was hidden behind the water mist, hazy, like an unreal phantom.

OMG, was the person in front of her really Qin Yichen?

Should she suddenly fall into a parallel world?

Swallowed hard, and she made a low voice, "Emotions are mutual, and you can't love me."

He took her hand and rested it on his chest. "Use your heart to change my heart." His voice was like a
gentle spring flowing in the water, enclosing her gently, letting her warm from the inside out.

If it was four years ago, if she hadn't married Xu Ruochen, this gentle would surprise her and move her,
as if the gate of hell suddenly opened, and she could see the light again.

Unfortunately, this world didn't have if!

She lowered her eyes, and a faint color of fascination gradually emerged from her face.

But she said nothing.

At this time, if she say anything outrageous, Qin Yichen must be furious, and he might smash the
flower pot.

She was still quiet.

Qin Yichen touched her cheek gently, "If you don't speak, then you mean to agree me."

"No, I ..." She wanted to say something, but before she said it, he quickly blocked her lips, and he
would not give her a chance to refuse.

Uh ...

The next day, Qin Yiman went to the presidential suite upstairs to find Qin Yichen, but she did not
expect that he had left.

For a few days, Mo Qinyu's mood was difficult to calm down. She had been thinking of his words.

She originally thought that she didn't care about him at all, no matter what he said or did, it would not
affect her mood.

Now she found herself wrong.

She can't stop her heart.

Although there was only a short three-month marriage, Qin Yichen still left something in her heart after

In the evening, she called her mother. Mrs. Mo was now in Jiangcheng alone, and Mr. Mo went to
Jincheng to visit Xiaowu.

She decided to go back to Jiangcheng to see her mother.

The little boy had never seen his grandma.

She came out of the airport and wore a mask and sunglasses. She had to be careful to avoid meeting
her acquaintance and being recognized.

And the little boy came to Jiangcheng for the first time.

His mother said that she would come to see a relative and keep it secret. He couldn't tell anyone. He
was very curious and didn't know who he was going to see.

The Mo family had moved to a new house and no longer lived in the same place.

Mo Qinyu didn't know it. When she walked into the community, she was seen.

This world was never short of gossip people.