Love in full bloom

Chapter 241: The Mystery Woman

Mo Qinyu shrugged, then she said in a casual tone. "Mr. Qin made a phone call yesterday and said he
came to Yancheng. I asked him if he wanted to have a meal with me together, and he said there was
another arrangement. So I didn't ask more. "

"Where is he now?" Pang Xiaofan asked quickly.

"How could I know it, if he come here, he must live in the best hotel." Mo Qinyu said a little, in fact, it's a
psychological suggestion. At the best hotel, she could find Qin Yichen there.

Xu Ruofang thought for a while, her eyes darkened slightly, "Dear, how do you know these people
shortly after you returned home?"

Mo Qinyu took a sip of brown sugar water and said slowly: "Forgot to introduce, these two are Ms. Li
and Ms. Tang, who often go to the United States, are floweer's high-level custom customers, and also
painters. Now returning to hometown, of course, I need to contact them first. We all love art, and it's fun
to get together for coffee and painting.

"We don’t understand the world of your artists, or I will not bother you anymore."

Xu Ruofang waved her hand and greeted them, then she left.

Qin Yiman didn't want to stay longer, it was important to find Qin Yichen.

After they left, Mo Qinyu patted her breasts, relieved greatly.

On the road, Kai Luo noticed someone was following her. She could see the license plate and it was Xu
Ruofang's car.

She was anxious, then went to the supermarket to buy the tampon, and made them think that she was
in the physiological period, so it was impossible for her to have an improper relationship with Qin


Then she called Qin Yichen.

Sure enough, Qin Yichen did everything perfectly. He had been prepared for a long time and knew that
there would be "the day".

The women in the house were all his people, and cooperated with her in acting.

The so-called a foxy person has more than one hideout, it seemed that he was in Yancheng, and there
were still many secret properties.

Qin Yiman and her party went to the most luxurious five-star hotel in Yancheng, and booked a room, so
that it would not cause the hotel security to doubt it.

They went to the presidential suite on the 20th floor and knocked on the door. "Hello, room service."

The door was opened, and Qin Yichen was in a nightgown, and appeared lazily at the door.

When he saw the people outside, he froze slightly. "What's the matter with you?"

"Yichen, we came to Yancheng to play, and heard that you are there too, so come by and greet you."
Qin Yiman smiled.

"Who told you that I'm here?" Qin Yichen walked to the sofa, sat down, his expressions were extremely
condensed, and it seemed that he wanted to question them.

If they can't tell the truth, they're afraid it would be difficult to get out of here.

Qin Yiman blinked, and a bit of slyness flashed quietly. "Yi Ran told us, we had met her just now."

Qin Yichen's eyes narrowed, and a very cold light came out, "Do you guys think I can be fooled easily?"

Xu Ruofang took a secret breath. In her opinion, some things should be discussed directly.

"Actually they came here for you and my sister-in-law. They are worried that you will treat my sister-in-
law as Mo Qinyu, and have ambiguity with my sister-in-law."

"Nonsense." Qin Yichen murmured, "Don't say that I don't look down on that low-match version, even if
I do, what can you do?"

Qin Yiman twitched a muscle on her face. "I'm your sister. If you want to do something that would
damage the reputation of our family, I have the right to control it."

"Is your own scandal resolved?" Qin Yichen's thin lips evoked cold arc.

Qin Yiman's face was pale, "We're talking about your business now, don't mess about."

Before she finished speaking, Qin Yichen growled, "Get off now."

His tone was extremely cold, and the warm gas he spit out was frozen into ice crystals.

Pang Xiaofan and Mo Mengshan seemed to be frozen, hiding behind Qin Yiman and afraid to speak.

Qin Yiman glanced at the closed door, she knew that there was a secret inside.

She gritted her teeth, gathered courage, rushed forward, and opened the door.

Messy clothes were scattered everywhere.

A nude woman was lying on the bed, as if she had just "fought a battle".

Pang Xiaofan who followed later recognized that she was the deputy general manager of the jvlear
rock city branch Sally.

When she was at the headquarters, she was Qin Yichen's secretary.

At a young age, she quickly rose from a secretary to the vice president of a branch company. Many
people secretly guessed that she and Qin Yichen had an extraordinary relationship.

They did not expect that they did.

There was always such an unclear relationship between the president and the secretary, which was
well known to all the power circles.

Pang Xiaofan's eyes were almost protruding, why didn't Qin Yichen considerate her?

Sally wrapped her body in a bath towel and walked towards them. "Have you seen enough? I'm not
married and Mr. Qin is unmarried too, it's normal."

Qin Yiman's eyes widened, she didn't know what to say for a moment.

She thought that in the past four years, except for An'an, Qin Yichen had no other women.

"I said get out of my face." His's face was impatient and very dissatisfied.

Pang Xiaofan and Mo Mengshan were furious in their hearts, but did not dare to say anything, but only
walked out with Qin Yiman in a hurry.

When they came out of the hotel, they parted ways with Xu Ruofang, but they didn't plan to go back
and planned to stay for a few more days to observe the movement of Qin Yichen at any time.

Xu Ruofang thought that Qin Yichen can't give up trying to test Mo Qinyu, he would follow up.

Even if he didn't want her, he wouldn't swallow the hatred of this.

She had to remind Mo Qinyu, always be carful, and keep alert.

Otherwise, Qin Yichen would avenge her brother once he knew the truth.

At night, Mo Qinyu went to Qin Yichen's secret villa, and he was already waiting there.

"It's really dangerous today. If Kai Luo hadn't been tracked, we would have been discovered."

"There is nothing to worry about, you can be Mo Qinyu again."

Qin Yichen spread his hands, and if he was right, Xu Ruofang was an insider, so she would follow

Mo Qinyu looked at him with a serious and determined expression. "Now, I just want to be Yi Ran, I
don't want to be Mo Qinyu."

The corners of his mouth trembled, trying to say something, but didn't say anything.

After a long silence, he suddenly jumped from the sofa, turned and walked upstairs.

It was obvious to him that this sentence made him angry and didn't want to talk to her.

She stayed in place, a little confused.

The devil had a bad temper, and it's normal for him to be angry. As long as he was angry, he would
punish her, but it's the first time to run away when he was angry.

She hadn't seen him for four years, so his temper had changed?


She still needed to go upstairs to see it, or just went away silently?

In her hesitation, Qin Yichen came down again, and there was something more in his hand.

She was shaken violently, and was shocked.