Love in full bloom

Chapter 240 “Catch them!”

“Maybe they are for business, Di Jue has a branch in Yan city.” Xu Ruofang said casually.

“I don’t think so. Your sister-in-law will hook up with other men as long as you brother is not at home
and I’m sure he will be very angry if he knows it.” Qin Yiman said.

Xu Ruofang shrugged with a faint expression, “It’s just your corollary not the truth.”

They kept a distance for fear that Mo Qinyu would found the.

Just seeing Mo Qinyu turned a corner at the intersection and stopped at China Resources
Supermarket, which seemed that she was going to buy something. And Xu Ruofang also drove into the
parking lot and waited quietly.

After a while, Mo Qinyu came back with two plastic bags in her hands and it was not far from Xu
Ruofang that they could basically see the contents inside, which was fruits and sanitary towel.

Seeing them left, Xu Ruofang quickly followed them and drove to the suburbs, finally stopped in front of
a villa.

Mo Qinyu walked in with a bag of fruit and the other bag seemed to be left in the car, which bought for

Mo Mengshan immediately opened the door, “Let’s go.”

Qin Yiman grabbed her, “They would have a hundred excuses to persuade if we are in now, Let’s go in
half an hour to catch them in bed.”

Pang Xiaofan nodded, “I agree, it’s better to wait a moment.”

They waited bored in the car.

Suddenly a shadow appeared in front of the window of the room on the second floor, which was Mo
Qinyu who closed the curtains and covered the entire window tightly. It seemed that they were going to
do something shameful.

“Mo Qinyu is a bitch who is going to seduce Yichen.” Qin Yiman cursed.

Xu Ruofang frowned and she had been suspicious but didn’t expect that Mo Qinyu really betrayed her
brother. “Wait more five minutes.” She said lowly.

They looked at the watch and immediately opened the door in five minutes later. Pressing the doorbell,
there was someone who they didn’t know opened the door, “Who are you looking for?”

Qin Yiman thought that she was a housekeeper or servant and pushed her away, running upstairs,
Pang Xiaofan and Mo Mengshan followed.

They thought that Mo Qinyu must be having sex with Qin Yichen.

“Who the hell are you and dare to broke in my house, I called the police.” The woman picked up the
phone angrily and called police but stopped by Xu Ruofang, “Sorry, we are here to looking for Yi Ran
who is my sister-in-law and we’re in a hurry to find her.”

The woman didn’t calm and glared at her fiercely with her hands on her hips, “It’s so rude even if you
are in a hurry and you're trespassing, which I can sue all of you.”

Qin Yiman heard the voice of a woman in the room and broke in.

The door was not locked and she was shocked when she came in. there was a glamorous model inside
who didn’t wear clothes and doing very ambiguous moves.

Mo Qinyu and a woman with flax-colored were sitting in front of the drawing board, which seemed to be
drawing. There were only a few outlines on the drawing paper. Obviously, they were interrupted shortly

after they started.

The model quickly picked up her robe and covered her body while the woman with flax-colored hair
jumped up and rushed to the door, “Who are you? Who let you in?”

“We are looking for Yi Ran.” Qin Yiman questioned.

Mo Qinyu said, “It’s Miss Qin, do I know you well and you came to see me specifically? What did you
do for me? How did you find me? Her series of questions were like fierce bullets from a machine gun
that shot to her.

“We are actually looking for Yichen, where is he?” Mo Mengshan said.

Mo Qinyu laughed, “Are you sick?”

Xu Ruofang came in and said, “Yi Ran, they said that Yichen came to here and we drove to here for
catching him in bed.”

At this time, spreading out the problem was the best way to solve the problem, which they could see
the reaction of Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu frowned with anger and mockery on her face,” I don’t know the Miss who behind you, but I
know both of you who was lack of love and lack of men, which could be called a kind of psychological
and you could know it as you are a psychiatrist, how could you follow them?”

She said unceremoniously, which seemed to rebuke Xu Ruofang.

Mo Qinyu knew that she couldn’t solve this problem and the only way was to confront them, otherwise
it would made Xu Ruofang suspect.

Xu Ruofang was embarrassed and said, “I know and I followed them because I’m afraid that they would
make things in trouble.”

Mo Qinyu walked to the table and took the cup of water, which was a strong smell of ginger in the
tincture, which Xu Ruofang remembered that she bought sanitary towel in the supermarket, she smiled
and asked, “Yi Ran, is your period coming? No wonder you are easy to be angry.”

“Don't switch the subject.” Mo Qinyu pursed her and asked, “How did you find here?”

Xu Ruofang said lowly, “We came with your car.”

The anger on her face gradually turned into disappointment, Mo Qinyu said, “Ruofang, they are
outsiders and I can’t control what they want to do but you even doubt me, which made me so
disappointed and said.”

“I’m sorry.” Xu Ruofang apologized, “You looked like Qin Yichen’ s dead wife and I am afraid that he
would treat you as her and do something bad for you.”

Of course, the following words were for others.

Mo Qinyu snorted coldly, “Mr. Qin often said that I was more tacky than her wife and I was a low-profile
version of his wife.”

“Yes you are and you can’t compare with Mo Qinyu.” Pang Xiaofan pouted her lips.

“Well, none of them was good.” Qin Yiman was angry when she thought of Mo Qinyu and hated Yi Ran
because she looked like Mo Qinyu.

Mo Mengshan had the same feeling as Qin Yiman, “Qinyu, how can you paint this kind of painting as
you are an honest person.”

The woman with flax-colored hair was furious when she heard that, “Do you understand art? This is
called body painting, such a group of vulgar women.”

“How can you dare to say that I am vulgar? Do you know who I am…”Xu Ruofang quickly interrupted
her, “Well, we’re not here to quarrel.”

Mo Qinyu sat back on her chair, “You can go if there is nothing else.”

“Yi Ran, did Yichen call you?” Xu Ruofang asked and she confirmed that Qin Yichen could find Mo
Qinyu since he came here.

It was impossible for her to give up sounding out Mo Qinyu.