Love in full bloom

Chapter 238: To Melt Your Heart

She was speechless, "I can’t go to Jincheng from Yancheng without any reason. Besides, people who
will be present are single debutantes. What am I, a married woman doing there? If I show up, it is like
making a confession without duress and committing our adultery."

"It sounds reasonable, so don't go. Stay with me." He said slowly and his hands overlapped, holding
the back of his head.

She was shocked, "Aren't you going?"

"I never waste my time." He curved his mouth corner coldly. Just as he said it, his phone rang. It was
mother Qin who called.

She has been worried that her son would not come.

"Yichen, where are you now? You must come to the dance party tomorrow."

"This is Qin Yiman's dance party. It has nothing to do with me. You'd better pay more attention to her,
and find a good husband for her quickly. Otherwise, she'll become an old girl." Qin Yichen made no
secret of his potential of saying poisonous words.

Mo Xiaoya took a breath in the dark. She knew how gloomy mother Qin's look would be at the moment
without imagining it.

In fact, mother Qin looked gloomy and was also very angry. "If you don't come, I can help you choose.
Then you have to agree even if you don't want to."

"If you think you can really do this, try it." Qin Yichen said this and hung up coldly.

Mo Qinyu was sure that he would not go.

Once the devil has decided, he would not change his mind. No one could change his mind.

"How disappointed should those girls be tomorrow? Will they destroy Jincheng?" She said in a jest.

He stretched out his strong arm and pulled her into his arms. "Are you secretly being happy in your

She wiped her sweat.

Why would she be happy?

She was as calm as water!

"Qin Yichen, to be honest, from the bottom of my heart, I hope you can find a suitable woman to spend
the rest of your life with you, really!" She said it seriously which made Qin Yichen angry.

What a heartless woman. She didn't even have a place for him in her heart, so she would be jealousy.

He raised her chin and stared at her with deep and fierce eyes. He looked so fierce, as if he was about
to eat her up. "Mo Qinyu, in your heart, is Shi Cong important or Xu Ruochen?"

He deliberately didn't mention himself, because he has known the answer. Compared with them, he
was the least important one.

But he said this on purpose.

He wanted to know how deep was the affection between she and Xu Ruochen.

Shi Cong was her first love. The one she used to love most. If her feelings for Xu Ruochen were not as
deep as her feelings for Shi Cong, he may win.

Mo Qinyu didn't know his small charade. She was shocked and a little surprised.

She didn't think about it. It seemed that this question had nothing to do with him.

"One of them is my first love, the other is my husband. There is no comparability."

"Who is on earth more important?" His fingers clenched slightly, as if he had to pursue the matter and
make a detailed inquiry.

Mo Qinyu was speechless. Did it have anything to do with him?

"Why are you asking this?"

"Cut the crap. Tell me honestly." His tone was very domineering, like a king giving orders.

She swallowed her saliva fiercely, "Shi Cong is my dearest love. He will live in my memory forever.
Ruochen is the person I want to spend my whole life with, the father of my child. Now for me, he is the
most important person."

She said it quite frankly, without any trace of perfunctory, which made Qin Yichen depressed and mad,
as if a thunderbolt fell from the sky and hit him hard on his head.

"Are you in love with Xu Ruochen?"

He clenched his teeth, crunched his words and said this word by word. His chest fluctuated heavily, in
which the huge, tsunami-like waves that almost rushed out.

Mo Qinyu felt that her body was shaking with him. She guessed that if she dared to say another word
that offended him, she would be strangled on the spot.

"Love is not necessarily needed between husband and wife. There are friendship and kinship between
I and Ruochen." She said carefully.

Qin Yichen's chest trembled wildly, and then slowly recovered, as if it was soothed by something. "You
haven't fallen in love with him, have you?" He needed to make sure again. He had to make sure.

"We respect each other. We are friends as well as family. Our relationship is better and stronger than
simple love." She mumbled.

Qin Yichen curved his mouth corner coldly. His handsome face came up, and he almost pressed his
cheek against hers. He said, "Mo Qinyu, you are not allowed to fall in love with Xu Ruochen."

She shrugged, with a trace of mockery on her face. "I can't even control my feelings, let alone you?
Even if I haven't fallen in love with him now, I may suddenly fall in love with him someday."

Qin Yichen's fingers clenched slightly and suddenly put a little strength on his fingers. The dull pain
came from the tip of her chin, making her frown.

"If you can't control it. I'll control it for you."

His tone, with warnings and threats, made her shiver.

"Qin Yichen, how about you? Can you control your feelings?"

The words went straight to the heart of the matter and made him shake violently.

He couldn't.

If he could control his feelings, he wouldn't fall in love with this fool.

But he couldn't let Mo Qinyu know this.

"Only you, a paramecium, have no self-control. You can be deceived by a few sweet words."

"I... I won't. You look down on me too much." She curled her lip. She had self-control, so she would
never fall in love with him, and would not seek her own doom.

"Do you have anything to look up to?" He made a mockery of her and flicked her forehead.

She was a little bit hit, and in his eyes, she was always a useless woman.

"No, I don't. anyway, I have self-knowledge and I don't expect to be liked by you."

Qin Yichen's eyes were slightly overcast, as if she hurt his feelings, "Someone likes you, so you don't
care, do you?"

She was a little helpless, "It's two different things. You won't like me at all. Do I have to flatter myself?"

"How do you know I don't like you?" Qin Yichen asked.

"It's a fact known all over the world. In your eyes, I am a humble grass. " She looked down. Her thick
long eyelashes under the white eyelids reflected a sad shadow.

In the three months when she was in the Qin family, she had been living in the gap between inferiority
and self-esteem and lingered out a feeble existence.

He sighed.

Finn was right about one thing. The stupid girl was passive when she met emotional matters. She
needed to be melted, and so did he.

When they were together, they were like two stones. Only one of them softened could they be
integrated together.

And the one could only be him.

Because he was a man!

He should make a good plan, send a big gift to her, and let her heart melt in front of him like her body!