Love in full bloom

Chapter 235: The Last Lord Demon She Wanted to See

Mo Qinyu didn't live in Xus' house, but every morning, she would send the little boy there

Mother Xu hired the best tutor for her grandson from America.

Many children of rich families chose to have family education before they were four or five years old.

In the Qin family, mother Qin moved fast. Within a few days, she sent out the invitation letter.

Although it was a dance party in name, people in the circle knew it was a public audition for the young
lady of the Qin family.

The ladies and debutantes tended to spare no efforts to get an invitation.

The women who received the invitation danced happily and screamed excitedly, as if they were about
to marry into the Qin family.

Many rich families in Yancheng have received the invitation. Mo Qinyu naturally heard about it.

She hoped very much that Qin Yichen would choose one who was satisfied to his eye, so she would be

But someone didn't think so.

Mo Mengshan was like being hit by a thunderbolt and meeting a great calamity,

She called Qin Yiman all in a fluster. She couldn't imagine that the Qin family wanted to "act in bad
faith" and marry other woman instead of the woman of the Mo family.

Qin Yiman couldn't even be able to save herself, so she had no energy to manage her affairs.

She would have been locked up for half a year, but for the dance party, her father would not let her out.

She knew that the best way to get rid of her confinement was to pick out a boyfriend at the dance party,
and then to pretend to date with him, and deceived her father and everyone.

Otherwise, once the dance party was over, she would be locked in the guardhouse again.

Qin Yichen would not attend it at all. He disappeared the day before the dance party.

His destination was only one place, Yancheng.

When Mo Qinyu received his phone call, she was shocked. She hoped that she read the caller ID
wrong, but there was nothing wrong with every word: the last Lord demon she wanted to see.

This was her note to Qin Yichen in the address book.

Qin Yichen said only a few words on the phone, simple, direct and rude, "Come to Banshan villa."

It was his secret villa in Yancheng.

She was speechless. "I don't know Yancheng very well. Where is it?"

"Someone will wait for you in the parking lot." With that, he hung up.

She didn't want to go, but she had to go. Otherwise, she wouldn't come to a good end, if she provoked
the Lord demon.

When she got out of the office and went to the parking lot, a car came. It wasn't Finn in the car, but a
strange woman named Kai Luo.

She was afraid of getting into the wrong car. After confirming with Qin Yichen by phone, she dared to
get into it.

Banshan villa was in the outskirts. There was no one living within a mile. It was a good place.

Mo Qinyu walked in. Qin Yichen was leaning on the sofa. His tall body was wrapped in a royal blue
pajama. He looked lazy, but he was more like a enchanting monster.

"From now on, Kai Luo will be your secretary."


She was speechless. Wasn't that to put a spy around her and monitor her every move at any time?

"I have Aqi."

His eyes were cold, and a cold light came straight to her. "I'm not discussing it with you. It's an order,
you can only obey it."

She wanted to cry, "Qin Yichen, I have a happy family, a husband who loves me and a lovely child. Can
you spare me with compassion?"

This word was like a hurricane of twelve grades, which made a huge wave of anger in Qin Yichen's

The blue veins on his forehead stood out angrily, and each nerve was controlling an impulse. He
wanted to throw on the table the woman and press her on it until she begged for mercy.

He grabbed the frozen mineral water in front of him and opened it. He poured most of the water into his
throat to suppress his anger.

At the time, he had to put up with it!

He wanted to change his tactics to the little hedgehog and adopt a soft approach.

He took a few deep breaths and calmed his mood a little before he spoke slowly: "Little hedgehog, you
like sweet talk, don't you? Xu Ruochen said a few sweet words, and you fell into his love trap, and

eloped with him?"

Mo Qinyu wiped her sweat. "I am not such a person. At that time, I had only one idea, to escape the
hell where you were. As for marrying him, I decided to do it later."

Qin Yichen's mouth corner twitched. Her every word showed that she had no feelings for him.

So many women begged for him and longed for a trace of his love. Only this woman didn't care about
him, didn't take him seriously, and just wanted to leave him.

"Do you know how many women want to marry me?"

Mo Qinyu shrugged and said in a joking tone: "I know there are many, but Xu Ruochen is not bad. You,
Xu Ruochen and Ru Chen are known as the three young master in the east. You rank first. Xu
Ruochen and Ru Chen almost rank the same. No matter which of you I marry, I'm a winner in life."

A few light words seemed to put a wooden stopper into Qin Yichen's vent hole, which made his anger
that unable to vent and caused him serious internal injury.

"I thought you are stupid and naive, but I didn't expect you to be so smart." He said it with his teeth
clenched and his look was very gloomy.

She suddenly became brave at the time, so she chose to ignore his anger and summoned up courage
without fearing to fight against him.

"I am a very realistic person. I married a good husband who is gentle and considerate. He loves me
and dotes on me. Why should I choose an ex-husband who regards me as a grass mustard, who
tortures me and hurts me, who has never given me a trace of warmth, who has never brought me a
happy day? Those women who think that ex-husband tortured me thousands of times but I still should

cherish him and love him are fools, or they pretend to be sensible. I'm a normal minded woman, and
I'm not going to do anything stupid like that."

Qin Yichen's shoulders shook, as if he was hit by a stick silently.

A series of her words exploded in his ears like firecrackers, which made his head buzz and each nerve

He clenched his teeth, took a deep breath from the cleft of his teeth, tried to suppress his anger and the
emotion that was going out of control.

"I didn't ask you to be here to talk nonsense today."

"Nothing good will happen if you want me to be here." She curled her lip.

After that, he flicked her forehead unceremoniously. "From now on, you are not allowed to say anything
to ruin the scene, not a word. If you dare to say a word, don't expect to go back tonight." He looked
fierce, with a cold light in his eyes.

She raised her hand in horror and covered her mouth. "I'll stop talking."

"Close your eyes as well." He curved his mouth corner mysteriously.

"Why?" She was shocked. He wanted her to play the disabled?

"Just do as I said. Don't open your eyes." He ordered overbearingly.

She breathed in secret, not knowing what he wanted to do. However, she had to close her eyes first.