Love in full bloom

Chapter 234: Find Your Second Love

Xu Ruochen's mouth corner twitched, and he still smiled, "It's all old memories. I have a wife and a son
now. I'm also a big winner in life. I hope that Mr. Qin can find your second love as soon as possible."
After that, he left with Mo Qinyu to avoid Qin Yichen to go into the whys and wherefores.

A stern, forbidding look flashed in the bottom of Qin Yichen's eyes. Xu Ruochen was the first one who
dare to fight against him. He would let him know what was "regret"!

As soon as Xu Ruochen and Mo Qinyu sat down, Ru Chen came over.

The relationship between Xu Ruochen and Ru Chen has always been good. They could be considered
as good friends.

Ru Chen would not have thought that Xu Ruochen would have a crush on Mo Qinyu, and "boldly"
snatched Mo Qinyu away from him and abducted her from him.

"Xu Ruochen, I warn you. I don't want to pursue any matter. No matter who she is, if you dare to treat
her bad and fail her, I will not let you go. " He said in a solemn, serious, firm tone.

"She's my wife. It's a matter of course that I love her and spoil her. How could I treat her bad?" Xu
Ruochen shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

Mo Qinyu smiled, "Mr. Qin, don't worry, I'm doing great."

Looking at her, Ru Chen felt sorry and unwilling. Their love has already ended before they could fall in
love with each other.

They were destined to meet but not fated to be together?

If Xu Ruochen did not take her away, would their ending be different?

Xu Ruochen has long known that he also liked Mo Qinyu, but his means were too lukewarm. With Qin
Yiman, this big trouble, around him, and he was doomed to miss her.

This night, Qin Yichen didn't sleep all night. He desperately smashed the sandbags to vent his anger.
His mind was full of the intimate pictures of Xu Ruochen and Mo Qinyu, which was more painful than
putting him to death.

There was an endless rage in his heart. So he smashed thirty sandbags.

In the afternoon, mother Qin called and asked him to go home.

Grandma Qin left hospital and went home.

It was time to announce the last part of grandpa Qin's will.

According to the will, if the daughters of the Qin family died without having children, Qin Yichen did not
need to marry another daughter of the Qin family. Instead, the Qin family gave the Mo family 5% of the
shares as compensation.

"I discussed with your father and grandmother. Give 5% of the shares to Mo Qinyu's parents. Then the
Qin family's debt to the Mo family is paid back."

Looking at her son, mother Qin said earnestly, "Mo Qinyu has been gone for four years. It's time for you
to find a new wife. Your grandmother and I...... "

Before she finished speaking, Qin Yichen interrupted, "Mom, don't worry about it. I won't remarry." His
tone was firm and it was impossible for him to waver.

Mother Qin was very sad. Qin Yiman has told her about his relationship with Yi Ran. She wouldn't allow
him to mess up with a woman who already got married. Besides, that woman was the young lady of the
Xu family.

"Many people in the celebrity circle are passing on the story about you and Yi Ran. She looks like Mo
Qinyu, but she is not Mo Qinyu, she is Yi Ran. Even if she is, she has already married and given birth
to child. She has become a member of the Xu family and has nothing to do with you and the Qin

Qin Yichen pressed his thin lips. It was clear at a glance that he was determined and unshakable.

Even if Mo Qinyu married someone else, he would take her back.

"Mom, don't worry about my business. I'll deal with it myself."

Grandma Qin sighed heavily, and she knew that her grandson would regret it sooner or later. But even
if the treasures filled their home, he could not buy a regret medicine. "Yichen, why bother doing this?"

Mother Qin really didn't understand what her son was thinking.

"Don't you like Mo Mengshan more than Mo Qinyu? If it wasn't for Mo Mengshan's unruly behavior, you
wouldn't drive her away, would you?"

"When Qinyu was alive, I never saw you take her seriously. Now, she died and was gone. You tortured
yourself so much. Why did you do this?" Qin Yuhan sighed heavily.

Her son was intelligent and capable, but he only had little wisdom about emotional matter and was
always late to catch on.

Grandma Qin patted her grandson's hand. "Yichen, you are doomed to separate. It can't be retrieved.
Mo Qinyu is gone. You can only look forward."

As if a pot of boiling iron slurry was upset in Qin Yichen's heart, their words were like sprinkling a
handful of salt on his bloody wound.

"If she's not dead, if she's alive?"

"Even iff she is really alive, after all these years, we haven't heard from her. It means that she doesn't
want to come back. In fact, I have known before that she has no confidence in your marriage. The child
looks delicate and weak, but she is stubborn. If you don't try to grasp her heart, she will leave sooner or
later. " Grandma Qin sighed.

Mother Qin curled her lip, "Mo Qinyu is not a popular role. You two come from families of different
status. Anyone of so many ladies is better than her. Yichen, mom will hold a dance party and tell them
all to come over, so that you can choose a good one."

"I just want Mo Qinyu! She lives, I want her. She dies, I want her soul." Qin Yichen said word by word
determinedly, and turned to go out.

Mother Qin almost felt like spitting blood. "Why is everyone like this? Yiman is unwilling to give up Ru
Chen. Yichen is unwilling to give up that dead woman and to remarry. Are they all obsessed?"

Sima Yuer's voice was low. "I'm afraid that Yichen will take Yi Ran as Mo Qinyu..." She didn't finish her
words, but everyone understood.

"He may have already thought so, so he felt that Mo Qinyu is not dead." Mother Qin was worried. If
there was any scandal, it would be terrible.

"The idea of the dance party is feasible. You prepare it and invite not only famous ladies from all over
the country, but also young talents, so that Yiman can choose one. After all, Yichen is a man. It doesn't
matter if he gets married late. She's a woman. She can't do that." Said grandma Qin.

"You're right. I'll do it now." Mother Qin nodded.

At this time, Xu Ruochen has taken his wife and child back to Yancheng by plane.

He only stayed for one day and received a phone call from the European branch. The senior
management of BKK company was willing to cross over to Vol company, and the progress of the
merger and acquisition was full of twists and turns.

Vol company appeared all of sudden. Originally, M&A plan of the Xu Group was very smooth, but they
appeared all of sudden and wanted to interrupt their plan.

He seriously suspected someone was behind this.

The background of Vol company was very mysterious, and the big guy behind it has never been

"Tomorrow, I'm going back to Europe. Remember to stay away from Qin Yichen." He exhorted.

"Is the M&A plan not very smooth?" She asked with some apprehension.

Xu Ruochen put his arm around her shoulders. "It's OK. Don't worry. I won't be gone for a long time. I'll
be back in a week at most."

In Jincheng, someone didn't think so.

He wouldn't let him come back so soon to disturb him and disobedient women to talk about the old