Love in full bloom

Chapter 233 “She straightened me up”

Although Qin Yichen covered the abortion rigorously and nobody knew about it, especially Qin family
and Celebrity circles, but Ru Chen still managed to find some clues.

It was he who forced her abortively, which made her left in pain and despair.

He deserved to lose her!

Qin Yichen said unsatisfied, “Are you coming to ridicule me?”

Ru Chen did not answer but said quietly, “Xu Ruochen deserves the forever love of Mo Qinyu because
he loves her so much and Qinyu would be very happy now if I was more resolute and decisive at first to
take her away.” He suppressed his regret and said again, “In fact, Qinyu is a very simple woman who
will treat you well like you treat her. I remember that you never took her to a banquet but always took
your lover Anan, which made everyone laugh at Qinyu and you had never regarded her as your wife
but a random stomping plaything. You don’t deserve to be with her, that’s why you lost her forever.”

His said that angrily and even every word was like a dagger, fiercely pierced into Qin Yichen, which
twisted his handsome face in pain.

He really didn’t care about Mo Qinyu during the period that he was with her and didn’t want to know
about her. And he disliked her from the beginning.

Qin Yichen always thought that he could hold her firmly and no matter how he treated her, she would
obediently be his puppet and she also always thought that she was dispensable, it didn’t matter
whether she loves him or not.

It wasn’t until the moment he lost her that he found that Mo Qinyu had into his heart silently in the way
he hated.

Maybe she was different from the beginning.

Women was like a glass of water to Qin Yichen, which was colorless and tasteless and couldn’t get his
attraction. But Mo Qinyu could always make him out of control, make him angry and irritable, which he
didn’t realize that it was love because he never loved.

He grabbed the cup and sipped it, which was water in it not wine that could not alleviate his pain at all,
but only relieved the spasms in his throat so that he could make a sound, “Ru Chen, I know that you
also like Mo Qinyu.”

“No, I love her! I will be satisfied if she can be happy.” Ru Chen said lowly.

Qin Yichen sneered, “She didn’t belong to you.”

“You too.” Ru Chen said angrily and left.

Xu Ruochen took two cocktails and handed one of them to Mo Qinyu, “Let’s go to say hello to them.”
His voice was extremely low and controlled within the range of the two of them.

Mo Qinyu shivered gently, “Really?” she didn’t want to go to face Qin Yichen.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.” Xu Ruochen raised her shoulders and whispered comfort, which gathered
her courage and walked with him.

“Mr. Qin, long time no see.” Xu Ruochen smiled slightly but there was no smile in his eyes.

Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes slightly and a gloomy flame flickered quietly, “Xu Ruochen, have you
been secretly in love with my wife for a long time that you found a woman who looks exactly like her
from unknown place?”

Mo Qinyu took a deep breath and didn’t understand Qin Yichen.

Xu Ruochen was very calm, “Mr. Qin didn’t like Mo Qinyu at all and you shouldn’t miss your wife too
much and regard my wife as yours?”

Qin Yichen smiled and mocked, “I thought it was but now it seems not like that. Mo Qinyu never
dressed up so vulgar and be full of nasty perfume, what you found is just her low-end version.”

Mo Qinyu felt that Qin Yichen was scolding her.

Xu Ruochen shrugged and held her slender waist, “I never compared my wife with others, she is
unique and the best in my eyes. After that, he kissed her lips.

Qin Yichen was so angry that he wished to burn the man in front of him into ashes and he took a deep
breath, forcing himself to stay calm.

As Xu Ruochen wished, Qin Yichen accompanied him to play and also treated him with his own way.

Mo Qinyu was a little embarrassed and she knew that Xu Ruochen was intentional to stimulate Qin
Yichen who was a devil and he would anger to her if Xu Ruochen angered him.

She gently pushed Xu Ruochen with a shy gesture, “There are many singles here and it’s not good to
show off our love here.”

Mo Qinyu did a good performance that it ended the intimacy but made Xu Ruochen unhappy.

Xu Ruochen nodded and said, “Well, see you at home.”

Qin Yichen was expressionless but it was obviously that he was angry. He felt bad when he thought of
the picture that she and Xu Ruochen show love to him, which made him more angry.

“Xu Ruochen, aren’t you a gay and you like men? Isn’t it because of family pressure that you had to
marry her?” Qin Yichen said intentionally but Xu Ruochen forgot about it, “Men all tend to woo for fair

ladies and I was straightened since I met her.”

Qin Yichen said, “I heard from Mr. Xu that you have known each other for eight years but you
announced that you were a gay four years ago, it doesn’t seem to fit in time?” he asked with a careless
tone, as if he asked casually but hided questioning.

Xu Ruochen tried to keep calm, “Yes, we did know each other for eight years, but we were in a
relationship four years ago and only she was able to change my orientation.”

“Oh?” Qin Yichen said again, “I thought that you pretend to be a gay.”

What he had said was too rude and really hit the nail on the head.