Love in full bloom

Chapter 231 the husband's test

Last night, Mo Qinyu’s Skype made her welcome.

Tonight, Qin Yiman became popular.

She danced openly at the club, so sexy.

After Qin Yiman was dumped by Ru Chen, she was depressed, she often went to the club to kill time.

Though she had always played like a maniac, she had never been like this.

This time, she's shaking up the celebrity world.

Qin Yuhan flew into a rage, he wanted to enforce the family law, but he was stopped by Mrs. Qin’s
crying and screaming, he just let her copy a thousand times of the family law by hand.

Mo Qinyu remembered that Xu Nuofang said she will fight back. When she came over, Mo Qinyu
asked, "did you make it happened all about Qin Yiman?"

Xu Ruofang poured a glass of red wine for herself, and a sinister smile showed on her face, she did not
do anything instead adding something in her drink, "you are not in sympathy with her?"

"How can, she is the person with the first rank on my blacklist, I feel very relieved, I did not expect that
my sister-in-law is so good."

Mo Qinyu also poured a glass of wine and clinked it lightly with her, as if to thank her for taking it out on

Xu Ruofang took a sip of wine and looked at her faintly. "Sister, you are too kind. And I’m worried that
you can’t last a few rounds with Ru Chen”

"I'm worried, too." Mo Qinyu sighed, and a touch of sorrow lingered on her brow. "he's scheming and
very treacherous. Every time I use the self-hypnosis method you taught me, I try to tell myself that I'm
not Mo Qinyu, I'm Yi Ran, so I don't get caught."

"It's not enough. You have to reinvent yourself." Xu Ruofang said thoughtfully.

"How?" Mo Qinyu hurriedly asked, at the moment, she was also in hypnosis, pretending not to have
any relationship with Ruchen, pretending that Ru Chen had not exposed her, so Xu Ruofang won’t

"Change your makeup. Change your personality. Change your preferences. And try to be someone
totally.” Xu Ruofang's eyes glowed sharply in the light.

It was not only a suggestion, but also a test to see if Mo Qinyu really had no feelings with Ru Chen and
was determined to follow her brother.

Mo Qinyu nodded without hesitation. "it's a habit that can be hard to change. Ru Chen is a sharp man,
and if I change quickly, he'll see through it. I'll practice and get rid of all my old habits from now on."

Xu Ruofang smiled, although she was a psychologist, but also will have preconceived ideas.

In her eyes, Mo Qinyu was a naive and pure white sweet, no scheming, no sophisticated, so she will be
controlled by her brother easily.

The next day, Mo Qinyu prepared to return to the Yan city and she did not expect Xu Ruochen will call
her, he let her wait for him in the Jin city, he arrived at night.

He had come on the spur of the moment, and he could not let Ru Chen take his woman away.

Mo Qinyu took the little fellow to live in his villa in the Jin city.

She had only wanted to stay for two days, and she didn’t want to live in the villa. Since he was back, it’s
convenient for them to live in the villa.

For dinner, she cooked all his favorite dishes.

"Sister, you are such a good wife, not only on the business but also in the kitchen." Xu Ruofang stood
at the kitchen door and smiled.

"That's what a wife should do." Mo Qinyu smiled.

"The best thing my brother ever did was take you out of Ru Chen's hands." Xu Ruofang showed a trace
of mockery. "Some men are like that. When you're around him, he treats you like shit. When you left,
he felt reluctant and wanted to take you back. If you go back, you will become a shit again, tasteless
but wasteful to discard."

The words hit on the head and penetrated into Mo Qinyu's heart.

Once a person's heart was hurt, even healing, it will leave psychological shadow.

After three months of marriage, Ru Chen had left her with nothing but disgust, contempt, ridicule and

Don't say that she never felt a little warmth, even half a temperature was not there.

Every time she thought about it, her heart got cold.

Although he said he could start over, she didn't have the courage to try and wouldn't try again.

He will be both carrot and stick to let her back only because the dignity of the invincible devil was

Once she reentered the besieged city, he would show his true nature again.

He would not be good to her, never will be, he brought her only pain, hurt and torture.

She was an indifferent person by nature. Now her life was peaceful and wonderful. She was very
satisfied and did not want to change any more.

And Ru Chen's persecution was like a flash of lightning, piercing the clear sky to destroy her and her

"if i were given the choice again, I would have chosen never to meet Ru Chen, never to marry him. So I
don't have to worry about him getting me back."

When she said this, Xu Ruochen just came in and heard it clearly. Suddenly, his uneasy heart calmed
down a little.

"I’m here. He can't take you away."

He spoke in a low, firm voice that gave Mo Qinyu a slight jolt and turned with excitement and anxiety.

"Ruochen, you're back."

He stepped forward, took her in his arms, and kissed her deeply.

Xu Ruofang walked away wisely.

He kissed her for a long time before he let go of her. "I miss you."

"I miss you, too." She nestled against his strong chest and felt his beating heart.

Her heart was beating wildly, not only from excitement but also from guilt and worry.

She was afraid he knew about the photo.

Xu Ruochen did not mention it.

Last night, he had asked Xu Ruofang about this matter, Xu Ruofang also explained to him that it was
the child who connected with Ru Chen, but he was still not assured, he must come back in person.

"Ru Chen has been harassing you lately about his cooperation, hasn't he?"

"He was testing me, but I didn't give anything away." She dropped her eyes, and her long, thick lashes
hid her guilty, troubled eyes.

"Just don't show anything." He stroked her head softly, in a voice as low as a whisper.

"But he'll find out one day. I don't want to go back and live that life. I'm afraid. I’m so afraid,” She caught
his dress, and tears welled up in her eyes.

She was afraid that Ru Chen would take her back, even more afraid that he would divorce her and
never let her see her son again.

Xu Ruochen buried his head in her hair, his arms tightened slightly, as if afraid that if he let go, she
would be taken away.