Love in full bloom

Chapter 230 No relation between them.

"I’m not very good. You tortured me for a full three months. We are even now. I don’t owe you. You
don’t owe me, either. From now on, we’ll live our own lives, ok?"

She talked so plainly, so ruthlessly, as if she didn't have any attached to him.

This was undoubtedly to add salt to his wound.

He let go, lest he lose control and crush her chin.

Then he rushed to the counter, poured a glass of wine, and drank it. He needed the power of alcohol to
anesthetize his painful nerves.

After a while, his stomach was convulsed by the stimulation of alcohol.

He snorted, and bent down subconsciously, but did not stop the urge to drink. He poured another glass,
prepared to pour into his mouth, as if deliberately tortured himself.

Mo Qinyu rushed over and snatched the cup away. "You have a stomachache. You drink so lot. Do you
want to have a gastrorrhagia shock?"

His breathing was heavy and quick, like a wounded beast gasping, "You should wait for me to die. If I
die, you will have freedom."

Her fingers holding the wine glass tightened slightly. She raised her head sharply and drank the wine
for him.

It was hard liquor, not red wine. She coughed, tears flying.

"Stupid. Why do you drink it?" He picked up a bottle of mineral water and threw it to her.

Her throat was dumb. It was like a burning pain. She almost drank a large bottle of mineral water to
ease the pain.

"Qin Yichen, you have a tyrannical tendency, not only torture me, but also torture yourself." She said in
a husky voice.

Qin Yichen grabbed her shoulder. A deep pain spread in his eyes, spreading over his face, "You are
heartless. You are the person who specifically tortured me."

"What? I didn't do anything." She pouted.

Where there was oppression, there was resistance.

She just wanted to live her own life, and that was all. He refused to let her go, and wanted to turn her
back into a puppet and continue to torture her.

She couldn't obey.

He glared at her straightly. He endured a spasm in his stomach, then swallowed his saliva, relieved his
tight throat, "Then you don’t come back. If you come back, you have to be my wife again. I won't give
you the right to choose. I won't let you run away again, even if you blame me and hate me, I won’t
regret it! "

He knew very well that once he let go, she would leave like a kite without controlling and would not look

So he couldn't let go. As long as he could get her back, he could force her. He didn’t care whether she
was willing or not.

She doesn't need him. Without him, she could live happily, but he needed her. He couldn't have any
other woman except her.

If he lost her, he could only be lonely for life.

Mo Qinyu's back was soaked by fearing.

She did not continue to challenge him, because this would only make him more irritated. Instead, she
changed to a gentle way.

"Can't you think for Xiao Jun? He likes you so much. If you take his mum away, he will live with a
vicious stepmother. He will be tortured in every way. Will you bear it?"

Qin Yichen’s lips moved, as if those words worked for him.

Thinking of Xiao Jun, it overflowed with an inexplicable and affectionate emotion in his heart. Xiao Jun
was too young, only three and a half years old. He could not leave his mother's care.

"You want to thank you for having a good son. If it wasn't for him, you're in the little dark house now.
Can you still dazzle outside?"

"You said you would help me think of a perfect solution. If you can't think of it, you are not allowed to
force me any more." She took the opportunity to say it.

He squinted slightly, revealing only a little black-eyed, and looked very deep, "Since I promised you, I
will never regret it. You must remember my requirements."

After that, he grabbed her and threw her onto the sofa.

She understood his intention. She was a little speechless.

"Don't you have a stomachache? Why are you thinking about this?"

"You are the best analgesic." He smiled with evilly charming.

With embarrassed and helpless, she flushed. She curled up, because she couldn’t find anything to
cover her body.

"You are such a bastard."

"You have two choices. First, I’ll go straight, then we can save the time, but you will definitely not be
comfortable. Second, you know that."

She wanted to die on his chest.

"I ... choose the second." She felt humiliated and felt like she was asking for the mercy of her guests.

With sly smile, he started. He could not conquer her heart, but he could have sex with her first.

After more than an hour ...

After a long breath, she calmed down.

She weakly got up, went to his bathroom, took a shower briefly, wiped away all traces of evil, and then
got dressed.

"I should leave, Mr. Qin."

"We'll meet again soon." He smiled evilly.

Her heart was cold. She went out in a panic.

Although she had been away for more than two hours, A Qi did not feel that time was passing slowly,
because she drank tea in the conference room and chatted with Finn.

Finn was a handsome, funny and extremely attractive man. It was inevitable that women would be
deeply attracted by him.

Seeing Mo Qinyu coming, she quickly got up and ran over.

"Finn, we’ll leave first." Mo Qinyu smiled and greeted him.

"Miss Yi, you are welcome to come often." Finn emerged a subtle and intriguing smile.

Mo Qinyu didn't want to come again. Once she entered Qin Yichen's territory, she would be plundered.

At this time, Xu Ruochen, who was in Europe, had seen pictures of his circle of friends.

An angry flame was burning in his eyes.

Mo Qinyu was his. Qin Yichen don't expect that he could get her back!