Love in full bloom

Chapter 229: Is Such a Woman Worthy of Being Called My Wife

In the evening, as soon as they went back, Xu Ruofang came.

"Xiaojun, where did you play today?"

"I went to Disneyland with mommy and Uncle demon." The little boy grinned, showing a row of white

Xu Ruofang was shocked, and a sharp look flashed quietly in the bottom of his eyes, "Uncle demon?
Why did he go with you?"

"I invited Uncle demon. He and aunt Xiaoxia are my only friends in Jincheng. I wanted to invite them to
hang out together. But aunt Xiaoxia went to the summer camp and she couldn't come. So Uncle demon
came alone." The little boy said seriously.

Xu Ruofang stroked his head, "If you invite your friends to come and play, you have to tell mommy
first." She said tentatively.

She wanted to see if Mo Qinyu didn't refuse and agreed to let Qin Yichen come.

Children were the most innocent. It was impossible for them to know the small tricks of adults and to
lie, "I was afraid that my mommy would not agree, so I didn't tell her. When I came back, mommy
blamed me."

He looked down and looked very aggrieved.

Mo Qinyu naturally wanted to "teach" her son a lesson. She couldn't let him be too familiar with Qin

She picked up the handkerchief and wiped her son's forehead, "You are sweating, go and take a bath."

The little boy went into the bathroom, and drew water for the bath. He did not need his mommy's help.

After he left, Mo Qinyu made a pot of tea, poured two cups, and handed one to Xu Ruofang. "I know
that we should keep the child away from Qin Yichen, but he is smarter and wiser than other children,
and he will certainly get to the root of the matter. Maybe Qin Yichen will know this, and he will doubt
about it. She simply let it be and just told him to bite his lip."

She said in a casual tone, as if she didn't take it seriously. After all, the child knew nothing about her
past and wouldn't disclose any secrets.

Xu Ruofang held the tea cup and took a sip of tea slowly. Her eyes were deep and reserved. "It's true
that talking too much makes you look guilty. The child can't lie. Maybe he will tell Qin Yichen everything

"After signing the contract tomorrow, I will take the child back to Yancheng, in case anything bad
happens." Mo Qinyu shrugged, frowned slightly with a trace of melancholy.

To stay away from here was the only way to escape.

But some people wouldn't let her leave peacefully. A few ambiguous photos have been sent to the

Although Qin Yichen's men responded quickly and urgently and they asked Facebook to delete the
photos and banned the account, many people saw the photos.

Mo Qinyu also saw those photos. She was very annoyed. Someone always wanted to make waves and
disturb her.

No one else knew about her relationship with Qin Yichen in Jincheng, except Qin Yiman and Meng

It must have something to do with them.

Early in the next morning, Xu Ruofang came over, "Why are you so careless that someone secretly
photographed you?"

"The day before yesterday, I met Qin Yiman and Meng Moshan. They are the only people who know
that Qin Yichen and I met. It's hard for them to change their nature, and they will deal with me."

A cold light flashed in Xu Ruofang's eyes, "You are the Xu family's daughter-in-law now, so you should
be strong-willed and fight back firmly."

"I have no evidence, so I can't settle accounts with them." Mo Qinyu sighed.

"Leave it to me. I have an idea." Xu Ruofang's mouth corner was full of treacherous smile.

At this time, Qin Yiman went to Qin Yichen's mountain villa, the love nest where he kept the mistress.

An lived here.

Qin Yiman came here for the first time, which surprised An a little. She didn't know the purpose of her

"Miss Qin, what's the matter?"

"Have you heard about what happened to Yichen and Yiran? I've seen that woman. She looks like Mo
Qinyu. You've been with Yichen for so long, but you're still in a tepid relationship. You need to be
careful, in case others take him away." Qin Yiman said in a tone of reminders and sympathy.

An's expression was very calm. "I like our present relationship and I'm easy to be contented. I didn't
want too much."

Qin Yiman took a look at her sulkily. The woman really did not know how to appreciate favors. "Don't
pretend. Your trump card is to pretend to be innocent. It's impossible to be with Yichen for such a long
time without playing tricks."

An was still calm, just like a pool of stagnant water. No matter what others did there was wave, "As long
as Yichen is happy, I will be happy."

"Then wait for your miserable end." Qin Yiman left angrily.

An stood in front of the window, silently watching her back. An indescribable darkness flashed across
her face.

Of course, Qin Yiman was unreconciled. She wanted to find another person, Pang Xiaofan.

In the past four years, Pang Xiaofan has never given up.

She believed that Pang Xiaofan would not sit passively for her end.

In the afternoon, Mo Qinyu went to Di Jue to sign the cooperation agreement with her assistant Aqi.

After that, she went into Qin Yichen's office alone.

"I'll be back in Yancheng tomorrow."

"In such a hurry?" Qin Yichen frowned.

"Or I should stay to be slandered?" She pouted her mouth. With the two clowns making waves, She
couldn't live in peace for a moment.

He stretched out his strong arm, reached for her slender waist, and pulled her into his arms, "Are you

"I am guilty, I am a sinner, and I will repent!" A trace of melancholy appeared on her face.

If Xu Ruochen saw these photos, she didn't know what he would think.

A cruel cold light flashed in Qin Yichen's dark cold eyes, "If you want to repent, you can only repent to

She bit her lower lip, and her stubborn and untamed wildness emerged in her bones, "Qin Yichen, I
don't owe you anything. When I left, I left you with a divorce agreement. I know why you were angry,
because I offended your invincible dignity. In your eyes, I should be a puppet. I should always be
obedient and have no right to resist. But you forget that I am a person, not a pet, I don't need you to
raise, nor ask for anything from you. Without you, I will live better. So, I don't owe you anything.
Whenever I find a chance, I will leave. Because by your side, I will never be happy."

Every word she said was like a bullet shot from a machine gun, which hit his weak spot severely. The
intense pain spread out and devoured his every nerve and cell.

He slammed her on the office table and grabbed her chin, "Are you qualified to be a wife? Your heart
and soul are not mine. When you married me, you are an incomplete shell. Is such a woman worthy of
being called my wife?"

His words sounded like firecrackers in her ears, which made her head dizzy and her insides churn.

She could not deny that it was a truth.