Love in full bloom

Chapter 228 She had to have two children to pay him back.

"No, you should go to theophthalmology department because you have eye problems." Qin Yichen
stared at him angrily.

It was rubbing salt into his wound.

Cute as Xiao Naibao was, he was still Mo Qinyu and xu ruochen's child and a thorn in his heart.
Normally, it doesn't hurt when it's not moved, but it's painful once it's touched.

If only he had had a baby with Mo Qinyu, none of this would have happened.

He really hated Xu Ruochen.

Xiao Naibao turned his head and looked at him with a kind of hurt and gloomy eyes, "Uncle devil, Do
you think my eyebrows and eyes are ugly, so you don't like the way I look like you?"

He lowered his eyes and his young pride was badly hurt.

Qin Yichen choked. Child's mind was the simplest and most direct.

He touched Xiao Naibao's head, "You're handsome. Uncle means that you don't look like uncle, like
your mommy. All children should look like their father or mother, or it will be bad."

Xiao Naibao's eyes blinked and he looked puzzled, "what happens when you don't look like daddy or

"If you don't look like mommy or daddy, you look ugly." Qin Yichen gently pinched his face.

If you don't look like your parents, you are not biological, which is impossible to tell him. Qin Yiichen
could only politely answer him.

Xiao Naibao grinned and his big eyes lit up. The mood of the child changes very quickly, "Uncle devil,
you don't dislike me, do you?"

Qin Yichen picked him up and put him on his lap, "How can uncle not like you? I like you best."

The child can't help making Qin Yichen love him. It was a feeling that puzzled him.

How could he feel a paternal affection for Mo Qinyu's child with another man?

He must be crazy.

It could be love me, love my dog.

Xiao Naibao put his arms around his neck and kissed his cheek as if in a pettish way, "I like uncle devil,
too. My favorite person is uncle devil except my daddy."

Mo Qiinyu sat beside them with her hand on her forehead. She was speechless.

He was as cold as an iceberg from the North Pole with no temperature or smile. What did her son like
about him?

Xiao Naibao was so happy while taking Qin Yichen with one hand and taking Mo Qinyu with another at

When there were many people, Qin Yichen pushed him to his shoulder. They were like father and son.

Mo Qinyu walked silently behind them and watched them.

She could see that Qin Yichen was really gentle to Xiao Naibao.

He is a cold person who does not pretend to be emotional, because it is not necessary.

He is so noble that only others please him, he has no need to please anyone.

After playing for a while, they found a place to sit down and let the child eat fruit.

"Mo Qinyu, you're gonna have a baby with me. No, two, I must surpass Xu Ruochen." His voice was so
low that only the two of them could hear him.

Mo Qinyu choked heavily and coughed several times before breathing in.

With the child nearby, she could not quarrel with him loudly, so she glanced at him and said, "Mr. Qin,
I'm not going to have another child."

She did not speak in a low voice because it was not something ambiguous.

Xiao Naibao looked up at her and said when he heard that, "Mommy, didn't you tell daddy you'd give
me a baby brother or sister next year?"

A word of innocence hit him like a bullet in Qin Yichen heart, at the same time, it caused anger in his

She is a damn women who don't want to have kids with him and want to have baby with Xu Ruochen!

Has he been so gentle lately that she wants to turn the world upside down?

He leaned slightly, his thin lips against her ear,"Give up the idea as soon as possible, or I'll ligate you,
so you can't have anyone." He squeezed every word through his teeth.

He means what he says and does it without hesitation.

He only gave her one chance and if she dared to challenge his boundaries, she would never see the
light of day again.

A chill crept over her back, "He talks nonsense. I'm not going to have one." Her low voice was as soft
as lip language.

A cold light flashed under his eyes, "You are a capital offense that can only be forgiven if you have two
children with me."

His patience was limited, and he had the means to deal with her.

One day when he is impatient, he will just pack her up and throw her into the deserted island captivity
to have a baby with him.

She was too pale to gaze into his cold eyes for fear of being stabbed.

She could only focus on her son and change the subject, "Honey, mommy peel a raisin for you, okay?"

"Mommy, I can eat it myself." Xiao Naibao said solemnly.

He is a independent child. Although he was less than four years old, he did not need her much in his
daily life.

"Xu Ruochen got stroke of luck." Qin Yichen had to admit that he was full of envy.

Xiao Naibao tilted his head and looked at him with puzzle, "Did dad step on poop?"

"Yes, and he stepped on a lot of them." Qin Yichen said darkly, sullenly, angrily.

If he hadn't been lucky, he wouldn't have had such a lovely baby!

He blinked and didn't understand him at all, "My dad is in Europe. How could he step on poop?"

"He stepped on it before you were born." He picked up the frozen mineral water on the table and drank
most of the bottle to relieve himself.

Xiao Naibao suddenly laughed, "Uncle devil, you and dad must be good friends. That's why you know
he stepped on poop once before I was born."

Listening to their conversation, Mo Qinyu felt a flock of black crows croaking overhead and a flock of
grass-mud horses galloping wildly at her feet.

"Jun, eat your fruit. We'll play after we eat."

She had to help them end the conversation, she would die if she let them go on.

There was a man in a deserted corner holding a mobile phone pretending to be playing a game, but he
was secretly photographing them.

He wore black sunglasses and a black mask to hide his face.

He was sure someone would be interested in seeing the photos.