Love in full bloom

Chapter 227 She was interrogated.

"Mommy, you're home." Xiao Naibao rushed into the arms of Mo Qinyu excitedly.

She picked him up, "Darling, do you miss mummy?"

"Yes." His pink face brushed against hers. It was the first time he had ever been separated from her.

She lovingly kissed his little cheek, "have you eaten yet?"

"My aunt took me to an Italian restaurant for pizza." Xiao Naibao licked his little beak.

Mo Qinyu led them back to the room. Xu Ruofang had been looking at her as if looking for something.

A man will always feel guilty if he has done something bad.

She swallowed to herself, tried to keep still, and kept all her feelings hidden from her face.

She accompanied Xiao Naibao to play chess after she went in, so that she could stabilize her mood
and adjust her thoughts to cope with Xu Ruofang's questioning.

Although Xiao Naibao is young, he is very good at chess especially chess and go.

If she did not think about it carefully, she would lose.

After a game, he went back to his room.

He wanted to call Qin Yichen on qq to tell him the good news that he had come to Jin Cheng.

Xu Ruofang took a sip of coffee, then she looked at Mo Qin yu, "Sister-in-law, what clients did you meet

Mo Qinyu pursed her lips, and then she looked up at her, "Ruo Fang, This client is actually Qin Yichen.
He wanted to invest in Floweer China with me, and if I didn't take it, he wouldn't let me stay in China.

Lu has a monopoly in the jewelry industry, so I have to accept it."

During her four years in the United States, she also studied psychology, which is to make it easier to
manage companies and increase her emotional intelligence.

Now she was playing a psychological game with Xu Ruofang.

If she was secretive, it made Xu Ruofang suspicious, and sooner or later Floweer's collaboration with
Jvlear was going to be announced.

So she might as well confess,so that she looked honest.

Xu Ruofang pursed her lips, " He is personal revenge. Does he already know who you are?"

"He's been doubting me, but he's not entirely sure, so he's testing me. In fact, I know he wants to
approach me deliberately through this cooperation, but I can not refuse. Otherwise Floweer is
screwed." She smiled helplessly and sadly.

He agreed that she would remain as Yi Ran, so he would not reveal her, nor would he let the Xu
siblings know that he had identified her.

He liked to have affairs with her.

As the saying goes, a concubine is better than a wife.

Xu Ruofang began to study, "he didn't force you to do anything else, did he?"

"Not until he knows who I am. If one day he knows who I am, he may chain me up and put me in a dark
room. There is nothing in the world he cannot do." She frowned and sighed.

Her deep eyes twinkled in the lamplight, "does my brother know about this?"

"I don't know. Do you think I should confess or conceal?" She deliberately threw the problem to Xu
Ruofang, and let her to solve.

A man needs a thousand lies to tell a lie, and then he will fall deeper and deeper.

What could she do?

Even if she was coerced.

If Xu Ruochen knew, he would divorce her and deprive her of the custody of the child, and forbid her to
see the child again.

She made a mistake. Even if they go to court, the court won't back her up.

Xiao Naibao is her lifeblood. She'll die without him.

She was silent for a while as if thinking. After a long time, she whispered, "don't tell my brother yet.
He's had some trouble recently with the merger, so we can't distract him."

She was shocked, "Isn't the European merger going well?"

"It seems so, but he'll take care of it." Xu Ruofang shrugged and said lightly.

Mo Qinyu stood up, "I go to the shower, you go to bed early. Tomorrow we'll take Xiao Jun to walk
around in Jincheng."

"I can't go tomorrow. I came to Jin Cheng to attend a psychology seminar." Xu Ruofang shook her head
apologetically. She spied on her whereabouts in case her brother was worried.

"Then I'll take him alone." Mo Qinyu smiled and went into the bathroom.

In the room, Xiao Naibao was chatting with Qin Yichen, "Uncle devil, I arrived Jin Cheng."

"How about I take you to Disneyland tomorrow?" Qin yichen sent a smiling expression.

"Good , my aunt also can come with us?" Xiao Naibao was so happy.

"Your aunt went to the summer camp, she can't come."

"What a pity.I only come here once in a long time, and I can't see my aunt."

"You'll have plenty of chances." Qin Yichen comforted him.

Xiao Naibao put down his ipad when he saw mommy coming in.

Mo Qinyu picked up the book and told him a story. Every night she told him a story to put him to sleep.

"Mommy, I want to go to Disneyland tomorrow. Is that all right?" He looked at her with big winking eyes
and an imploring look.

"OK, honey." She fondled his head doting.

Now, he was everything to her. She could do anything for him, even as a sinner.

The next day, she and jun had just come out of the hotel gate when he drove over.

She was shocked when she saw his overbearing and charming face through the window, "Qin Yichen,
what are you doing here?"

"I promised Jun to take him to Disneyland. Of course I've come to get him." He shrugged his shoulders,
and his mouth curved in a narrow arc.

Qin Yichen found that Xiao Naibao would help him.

Xiao Naibao grinned, "Mommy, I didn't tell you yesterday that I asked uncle devil to go with us. Are you
surprised to see him?"

She smiled awkwardly.


It should be shock.

Qin Yichen opened the door, "Mrs. Xu, if you don't want to go, I can take Jun by myself."

Mo Qinyu glared at him. He gave her a choice, but she had no choice at all. He took her son with him.
Can she not go?

"Thank you, Mr. Qin." She said this through gritted teeth, and then she sat down with Xiao Naibao.

Children's mind is the most simple, his happiness is also the most simple.

The driver is Finn. Xiao Naibao sat in the middle of them and took out his ipad for a group photo.

"Honestly, you're like a family." Finn glanced at them in the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Fortunately, the boy looks more like his mother." Qin Yichen stroked Xiao Naibao's head gently.

"Boss, have you noticed that the child's eyebrows and eyes are very similar to yours?" Finn said in a
casual voice as if he didn't mean it.