Love in full bloom

Chapter 226: Love Is The Light

She took a breath and said, "I ... didn't mean that, I just want to ask if you ever liked a woman?"

Qin Yichen's dark eyes glinted coldly, seemingly dissatisfied with her inexplicable questions.

"You're curious."

"I want to know more about you." She said. "We have been a couple for three months, but I don't
know anything about you. If two people want to get along well, they must understand each other well. "

"It sounds that it makes sense." His thin lips opened a seemingly slight arc.

"Of course...." She gave him a nasty look.

A sorrow of evil smile passed from his face, "I'm giving you a privilege because you still have done
well today."

"What privilege?" Her eyes lightened slightly.

"You can freely choose whether to turn on the tyrannical mode or gentle mode." He spit out a few
words slowly, making her messy and speechless.

Listening to this meaning, if she dared to resist, she must turn on the tyrannical mode, and if she was
obedient enough, she can enter the gentle mode.

"Can I quit the game?" She whispered, uttering two words very quietly.

"It seems you are going to choose the tyrannical mode?" His beautiful thick eyebrows were slightly
frowned, a little crimson lit the tip of his brows.

His low voice was like a breeze passing by the sea, and he bowed his head and kissed her lips ...

In the distance, on another yacht, Mo Mengshan took a telescope and kept peeping here.

"It has been two hours since the two of them entered the cabin, and they haven't come out yet. What
are they doing. Is Yi Ran that bitch seducing Qin Yichen?"

The nerves in her whole body twitched in jealousy. Finally, Mo Qinyu was dead as she wished, and a
remake was made. When would she be able to succeed?

Qin Yiman took the binoculars and glanced, "A man and a woman are in the same room. What else
can they do except doing that kind of thing? In the past four years, almost no other woman has been
close him. Now he is thirsty, as long as she provokes him, he could not control himself. "

The blue veins on Mo Mengshan's forehead rolled violently, "Yiman, shouldn't you want Qin Yichen to
bring a woman exactly like Mo Qinyu into your family?"

"I hate that woman at first sight, but it was impossible for her to enter our family, because she's not the
member of your Mo family." Qin Yiman shrugged, she's not too worried about this.

But Mo Mengshan was worried very much.

"Have you ever thought that she could pretend to be Mo Qinyu and become the authentic lady of the
Qin family. She looks exactly like Mo Qinyu. If she said that she is Mo Qinyu, no one would doubt it."
She was worried and said so.

"You worried too much, she's already revealed her identity with us, how can she pretend?" Qin Yiman
took out her mobile phone. "She's also a little bit well-known. I'll look online to see if I can find her news

It didn’t matter if she didn’t search it, she was really scared.

"OMG, she turned out to be Xu Ruochen's wife and she has a son."

"What did you say?" Mo Mengshan hurriedly came over and watched the news on her mobile phone.
"Why is she seducing Qin Yichen when she is married? If Xu Ruochen knew it, she will never be

"Does Yichen know her identity? I have to tell him quickly." Qin Yiman was about to call Qin Yichen's
phone, but she stopped again, thinking about it, it's impossible for him to not know such a big thing .

Shouldn't he have done it on purpose, seeing that Xu Ruochen married a woman who looked exactly
like Mo Qinyu, and he was jealous, so he seduced her and made Xu Ruochen disgrace?

Fuck, it's so exciting. If Xu Ruochen knew this, he would probably work hard with him.

Mo Mengshan also thought of this.

"Yiman, do you think we should cooperate with Xu Ruochen and let him discipline his wife."

"You're stupid, even if you want to tell him, we can't say it by ourselves, otherwise if Qin Yichen knows
that it is us who told the truth to Xu Ruochen, he would be furious, and he will kill us." Qin Yiman said

Mo Mengshan's eyes glowed with a gloomy cold light, "What are you going to do?"

"I do have a plan." Qin Yiman's mouth evoked a cunning smile.

In the past four years, her only change had been to become smarter, so called "another kill".

On the other side of the yacht, Mo Qinyu had turned into a pool of water.

She didn't know how to end it all, and she had no other ways.

Qin Yichen picked her up, went into the bathroom, and rinsed together.

As soon as they came out, the phone rang. It was from the little boy.

"Mum, my aunt and I are here in Jincheng. Why aren't you in the hotel?"

Mo Qinyu shook violently, and was shocked. "You have come to Jincheng? Why don't you call me in

"I want to give you a surprise, but you are not there." The voice of the little boy was obviously lost.

Mo Qinyu was guilty, like a thief, throbbing in her heart, "I'm talking to a customer and I'll be back in a
moment. Would you like to find a place to eat ice cream with your aunt, please wait?"

"Okay." The little boy replied obediently.

Hanging up the phone, she quickly asked Qin Yichen to sail the ship into the port, and she had to rush
back, immediately, or the "annihilation" was exposed.

Qin Yichen was very annoyed. He also arranged a lot of programs in the evening.

This was his first date, carefully planned, and it's finished like that. Damn it!

She was desperately applying concealer around her neck while the ship was ashore.

He liked to leave marks on her body, so if he went on, something would happen sooner or later.

"Sura Demon, can I discuss something with you? Don't leave evidence on me in the future?"

A gloomy cold light flashed from his eyes, "Mo Qinyu, you'd better figure it out for me, I'm your real
husband, you and Xu Ruochen betrayed me!"

He used several words in a row.

Xu Ruochen this bastard had stolen his wife, and he wanted to deal with him as he dealt with himself.

Back at the hotel, Mo Qinyu took a few deep breaths and forced herself to remain calm.

Xu Ruofang was an expert in psychology.

She can't show a slight expression, otherwise she would definitely notice that.